2016 highlights! 

Without sounding too corny 2016 has literally been the best year of my life! 2016 was the year we became parents to Baby E ! What more could we have asked for than our perfect little girl. Parenthood is a great adventure but to on top of that we have had some great travel adventures with her already! 

We have been back to the UK 3 times visiting family in birmingham and having city breaks in Henley and Oxford and spending her first Christmas in Yorkshire! 

We’ve been on a Med cruise – visiting Rome, Toulon, Palma, Corsica and Valencia and had a Christmas city break in Stockholm! 

And the diary for 2017 is filling out already! 

So on this New Years Eve I am thankfully for my daughter and the adventures we’ve already had together and promise you many more in 2017! 

Happy new year everyone! I’d love to hear your 2016 highlights and plans for 2017! 

This is a monthly feature to let you know where we are travelling to in the following month. We are hoping this page will keep our readers informed, get us recommendations from other travellers about our upcoming locations and let any potential partners know locations of where we are going should anyone want to partner with us while we are there (please contact wandermustfamily at wandermustfamily.com for any potential partnership work).

That being said in January  we will be in:

  • Doha for the most part as we have guests in town. Me and Wandermust Granny are also thinking of doing a Doha staycation or beach day – where do you think we should go? 
  • At the tennis – the Qatar open arrives every January and being a tennis fanatic this is one of my favourite January activities! Even better as Murray is coming this year! 
  • Wandermust daddy is escaping parenthood for the weekend and travelling to Kolkata to see the cricket while staying at the beautiful Lalit hotel. I’m not jealous at all! Honest! 

We have lived in Qatar for almost three years and think we’ve got to know it pretty well! I know there are a lot of misconceptions about Qatar and people think there aren’t many things to see and do in Doha. So here I have compiled my three years of knowledge into the ultimate A-Z list of Things to See and Things to Do in Qatar!  View Post

Staycation Babymoon

I have never really been one to stay in my own country for holidays. Something that I actually regret now we live in a country that is only 11,000km. But when I hit the point of no return mark – aka the airlines will not let you fly anymore, Wandermust Daddy and I decided that we would do a Doha staycation to enjoy one of our last baby-free weekends!

Before being pregnant, I would never have considered staying in the place I live for a stay cation but it was amazing how relaxing it was. No airport queues, no travel tiredness, no worries about hospital or travel discomfort – third trimester stay cations in your hometown i think are a definite winner!

Our Suite, Intercontinental Doha

For our staycation we decided to spend the weekend at the Intercontinental Doha Hotel using a buy one get one free Entertainer Qatar Voucher .  The first nice surprise when we arrived was that they upgraded us to a suite which was bigger (significantly) than our flat in London.

The Intercon boasts a lovely pool, plenty of shaded seating and a beautiful beach. Being so close to popping, we made use of the pool and covered beds to provide me with some respite from the Middle East sun.

The Pool and Beach, Intercontinental Doha

You are not short of food and beverage options at the Intercon. Our favourite place to have lunch being the Greek restaurant Mykonos which overlooks the pool and has a tasteful Santorini inspired décor and a reasonably priced menu. I would thoroughly recommend the calamari and the mousakka! The vast mocktail menu also meant that I had something more interesting than fizzy pop or water to drink.

Despite, being under refurbishment – the spa provided a lovely prenatal massage which provided welcome relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. I look forward to returning when the new spa is opened.

The benefits of a staycation towards the end of pregnancy mean that you can get away right before the baby is due, without worrying about being away from your hospital of choice and means you can get away really close to your due date.

The Intercon Doha is definitely a family favourite and I can’t wait to return to test the children’s facilities in the Autumn.

Exploring Northern Qatar

As expats in Qatar many of us can be guilty of not getting out of the city but there is more to Qatar than Doha!

Our day started by driving 1 hour and ten minutes out of the city as we headed towards al Ruwais! Al ruwais is the port town of Doha. With 4000 inhabitants it is more a sleepy fishing town than what you would imagine a commercial port to be like.

We loved seeing the old dhows and fishermen at work. We particularly enjoyed watching this from the beautiful Abu Dhalouf Park ( open for families only with restrictions to women on Tuesdays and Wednesday).

View from abu dhalouf park

After a brief stop at the park we headed towards Zubarah. By driving from al Ruwais to Zubarah you drive along the coast and visit sone of the less well known and less preserved forts such as al thugab and rakiyat to name just two. Important – you will probably want a 4×4 to visit these. 

The final fort you come to is zubarah – the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Qatar.

Zubarah fort

Old meets new at al zubarah fort

The fort is small but contains a small but interesting exhibition which tells you about the fort’s history and trade links.

The day we went, there was a vintage car rally on displaying 80s Nissan cars. Everyone was very friendly and Wandermust Daddy was in his element. It was really nice to see so many people at the fort and we got some great pics of old versus the new especially with the camels.

I think every expat should really make the effort to go out and see more of the country than currently call home as there is lots more to Qatar than Doha. Keep watching this space for more  Qatar day trips!