Five places that have inspired our future family travel plans 

There’s always that moment before you go on a trip where you wonder if you have misjudged your plans – this is even more true when you are traveling as a family. I remember sitting on the plane before doing our big med trip last year and wondering if it was going to be as successful as we hoped. I’ll admit there were some hiccups along the way – I’m looking at you earthquake – but our trip in particular our experience in Rome inspired us in our future travels (you can read about our big trip planning here). So here is a low down of places we’ve been and how they have inspired us for future travel with our baby contrary to what people have told us! 

Future Family Travel Inspiration 1

What we’ve been told: You can’t do a big city with a baby

Place of inspiration: Rome

Wandermust Family in Rome


What we’ve learnt: there are plenty of places in cities that make it easy for families to travel to cities! It’s easy to get supplies and lots of places for down time.

What it’s inspired us to do: since this trip we’ve added a lot more cities to our round the world trip itinirary – stayed tuned for our location reveals!

Future Family Travel Inspiration 2

What we’ve been told: You can’t do 5*luxury with a baby

Babies and luxury do mix


Places of inspiration: Westin ExcelsiorGrand Hyatt Doha and Bab al Shams.

What we’ve learnt: it can be done but pick the hotel wisely. Location, atmosphere and ethos are all key things to look out for when booking luxury with a baby! Aside from one bad hotel – here’s looking at you hotel Miramar we have found that luxury hotels are actually great places to stay especially if you can find places billed as family friendly such as the luxury bab al Shams desert resort!

What it’s inspired us to do: while we are mixing it up travel accomodation and transportation mode wise but we are definitely including luxury in our plans

Future Family Travel Inspiration 3

What we’ve been told: Cruises aren’t baby/toddler friendly holidays

Place of inspiration: Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the seas


What we’ve learnt
: that cruises are a great holiday for babies

What it’s inspired us to do
: since this trip we’ve booked lots more cruises. This September we are going on a princess cruise around Japan, South Korea and Russia! We’ve also added a cruise to our round the world itinerary – stayed tuned for the reveal!

Future Family Travel Inspiration 4

What we’ve been told: travel to hot countries is difficult with a baby

Place that inspired us: Doha

Exploring the Middle East with a baby

What we’ve learnt; living in the Middle East there was no choice but to take baby out in the hot weather! And it is totally doable if you plan your day correctly. Check out our post on surviving the middle eastern summer with a baby!

What it’s inspired us to do: we have added plenty of warm weather destinations such as Singapore into our future travel plans.

Future Family Travel Inspiration 5 

What we were told: baby won’t cope with harsh winters after the Middle East weather

Place the inspired us: Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm in winter

What we’ve learnt: as long as you prepare babies are pretty adaptable. We wrote our key lessons for visiting cities in the winter here

What it has inspired us to do: one of the top places on my bucket list is china. We were worried about timing our visit here on our world trip as it will be very cold and snowy. But we have decided to embrace this and hopefully get some great pictures of the baby on the Great Wall covered in snow

What places have inspired you to do more family travel – how has it changed your family travel plans? 

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  1. Yes, to cruising with babies. We had so much fun on our cruise that we’ve already booked our second one. Of course, we won’t have a baby on our next one but cruising with young children is definitely very doable. The more we travel with our kids, the more we realize that those sometimes well-meaning tidbits of advice are usually given by people who haven’t traveled with kids often and who are going off of their assumptions. I always tell them that they’ll never know until they try it. #travellinkup
    Allison recently posted…Finding Inspiration in Chicago’s Lincoln ParkMy Profile

  2. This post is inspiring! I’ve always said I’ll be the type of Mum to just bring my kids on my adventures and its lovely to see someone who does!

  3. It’s amazing how many people think it’s not possible to travel with babies. I am an advocate of travelling with kids (of course) and feel that as long as they’re with you, it will all be fine – wherever you venture! Great travel inspiration! And thanks for linking up with #CityTripping

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