Baby Travel – our first year of Baby Travel in Review

I can’t believe that I’m writing this but today my baby turns 1! Where has all the time gone? I can say without question that this has been the best year of my life. I have loved sharing our travel adventures with our new little travel companion. So I thought it would be nice to look back at our  first year of baby travel in numbers

Baby Travel 1 Year Statistics

2 Continents
8 Countries
2 Seas swam in
2 Deserts Visited
12 cities visited
11 flights

There have been a few trips back to the UK to see family which has been lovely. And we had some great times in various UK Cities. Our favourite was our trip to Oxford.
Oxford with a baby
Baby E also went on her first cruise. It went round the Med visiting Rome, Livorno, Toulon, Ajaccio, Valencia, Palma and Barcelona. We were worried, as some people had told us, that cruising wasn’t a baby friendly holiday but how wrong they were! We absolutely LOVED cruising with a baby so much so that we have another two booked already!
Cruising Baby
Baby E also experienced her first earthquake while we were travelling in Rome. She took it in her stride but it was a slightly panicked night for Daddy and me.
Experiencing earthquakes in Rome
We have visited some amazing hotels (Westin Rome and Grand Hyatt Doha) during our first year and only had one accommodation flop!
Who says you can’t do luxury with babies?!
Probably the low point of our first year of travels was when we had to travel our trip to the Seychelles because Little Lady was ill! We managed to salvage something and got a little city break in Stockholm instead which was fab but not exactly what we were expecting!
stockholm baby
But the main thing I’ve learnt this year (though there have been many lessons and outtakes along the way), is that travelling with a baby is amazing. Our new travel companion is the best we could have hoped for! So happy birthday little one! We can’t wait to share more adventures with you starting with our flight tonight to the Maldives (hopefully she won’t be expecting this level of birthday for the next seventeen years)! The next year has lots of adventures in store including our round the world trip and we can’t wait to experience them with you!
If you are considering travelling with a baby check back next week as we will be posting about all our baby travel essentials and top tips for baby travel!

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