The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar

Eat, sleep, breathe Doha – how to have an authentic middle East experience 

Having lived in Doha for over three and a half years means I have got to know the city pretty well. So if you want to have an authentic Middle East experience then this guide will show you how to eat, sleep, and breathe Doha

What to Eat in Doha

Doha has a huge foodie scene! So what ever you want to discover Doha will have the answer. For most visitors however they want to experience Middle Eastern food. What many people don’t appreciate is how different the different cuisines of the Middle East are! These are my favourite places to experience different types of Middle Eastern Food

Lebanese – Mamig

Mamig is a blend of Armenian and Lebanses cuisine. At Katara it has one of the best terraces in the whole city. I recommend the cherry stew for something different.

Yemeni – Bandar Aden

Perhaps my favourite food discovery while living in Doha is Yemeni food. It is so distinct from other Middle Eastern cuisine. Large breads served with a type of salsa alongside sizzling stewpots. To add to the atmosphere you eat sitting on the floor on Majlis cushions.

Iranian  food at parisa

For kebabs, there is really only one choice – the beautiful Parisa at the souq. Serving Persian style kebabs, it serves alongside the best rice I have ever tasted.

Traditional Qatari Food – Al Jasri at Souq Waqif

For those who want to experience Qatari food then you should head to Al Jasri at Souq Waqif. I love this place as you can sample real Qatari food which can be otherwise difficult to find unless you know someone. I also love the fact that the restaurant is run by Qatari women.

The other thing that I think Doha does well is high end food offerings. Some of my favourites are Hakkasan and Nobu. For a full guide on Best Restaurants in Doha

Where to Sleep in Doha

Nothing says Middle East like luxury hotels. No where in the world does luxury like the Middle East. My favourites are:

Grand Hyatt Doha

It has one of the best stretches of beaches in all of Qatar

Intercontinental Doha

Perhaps the family friendliest of all the luxury hotels. The pool and shaded play area mean it is a great for all ages.

Check out our ultimate guide of where to stay in doha for more information on what hotels are best for all different kinds of travelers. 

How to Breathe Doha

Visit the souq

No visit to the Middle East is complete without a visit to the Souq. I recommend visiting on a weekend or Thursday night to get the best atmosphere. Stroll along all the little alleyways and Have a go at haggling for bargains. Our favourite spots are the handicraft souq which sells unique gifts and souvenirs.

The dunes

Does any image come to mind more than the desert when you think of the Middle East? We love going out with a reputable company and going dune bashing at the inland sea.

What to wear in Doha
The desert in Qatar


For its size, Qatar has a lot of museums. The most iconic of which is the Museum of Islamic Arts on the Corniche. But there are other museums that are well worth a visit. Sheikh Faisal Museum offers a unique insight into the life of Sheikh Faisal and is a must for car enthusiasts. For art lovers, Mathaf is great for contemporary modern art.

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar
The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar
What would you recommend for a unique and authentic Qatar experience? How do you eat, sleep and breathe Doha? 

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  1. Awesome! I have a 10-hour layover in Doha in October and fortunately one of my friends there is going to come and meet me and hopefully take me somewhere for dinner – which is exciting because the food sounds absolutely delicious! Yemeni food sounds exactly what I’d be after too. I don’t know if I’ll get to see much of these other sights that you’ve listed here as I’ll be arriving early evening and leaving at 3am! Great guide though. #farawayfiles
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