We are less than a year out from our round the world trip so are at the moment in the rigorous planning stage. But where do you start?

This is how we have been planning our trip


We are lucky in the fact that we are not confined by set dates. We knew we wanted to leave at the end of the year and that we didn’t have to be back in the UK until April so we were able to be flexible. This is great because it means we can find some bargains


To be honest and hopefully not sounding too cliche – everywhere is on our list so we didn’t have set places we had to go to. Therefore we both picked one place off our bucket list – we couldn’t have picked further apart. Wandermust Daddy picked New Zealand and I picked Iceland.

So there we had it we knew we knew where we were starting and ending and going via and thus had the skeleton of our trip.


First flight booked!

Now we had the skeleton of our trip we started to look at flights. We wanted to get as many cheap flights as we could and we wanted, where possible, for the long flights to travel business. Flexible dates and flexible destinations has meant we have been able to travel business for (relatively) bargain prices. For instance, to get down under a stop in Indonesia was the most cost effective way. Another stop was added – Bali here we come!

Varied transport 

With New Zealand and Iceland being on the trip we knew we didn’t want to be stuck on planes and in airports for all of our trips. We want to use as many types of transport as possible and limit jet lag if possible. For this reason we are using many different transport methods including travelling by boat across the South Pacific – more details to follow!


We are lucky to have made friends across the world through our travels. We want to see as many people as possible on this trip. We want to see P&Y in the US, C in Sydney and J&S in Melbourne. Again this has really helped us in planning. It also helps cut down on costs by visiting people we know!

Have you planned a round the world trip – how did you go about planning it? If not how would you go about planning it? 

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