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City Breaks with Babies in Europe, A-M

When we were just a Wandermust Couple, Wandermust Daddy and I loved a city break. I’ve lost count on how many we went on so we were determine to continue when we had children but is it possible to still enjoy a city break with babies?

From our own experience we have found the answer to be undoubtedly yes and as we have looked into it more we have discovered that there are loads of young families out there to inspire you with tales from cities. This round-up features contributes from some of my favourite family travel bloggers telling you about their favourite city breaks they’ve done in Europe with a baby with top tips and advice so you can go to!


Athens is an amazing city for families to visit. When my wife and I visited with our 9 month old son we took in as many sites as we could, including the Acropolis, Syntagma Square, Plaka and Monastiraki (shopping). Some other notable places we visited were the Olympic Stadium, Lykabettos (the hill opposite the Acropolis) the Acropolis Museum, and the gardens behind Parliament. All of these places are easy to get to by public transportation, which despite Athens’ street network, is super easy to use. The Metro especially is incredibly easy to ride and can take you pretty much anywhere. If you leave the city center, things can get a little more challenging using a stroller but a well planned excursion can save you the hassle. It’s doable.

The nightlife is also very family friendly in Athens. In fact, I recommend staying out late with your child. People watching is a past time in Greece and kids love it. You’ll see plenty of Greeks and their children out and about as late as 12 am and beyond, enjoying breezy warm evenings and nights in the company of friends in local squares and dining outdoors at taverns. The music is also fantastic and really puts you in the mood.

All in all, Athens is simply unforgettable culture, unforgettable people and lots of fun. You can read more Citykliks travels in Athens (and other travels and topics) here. Also, you can follow on Twitter and Facebook


We went to Barcelona at the end of a cruise for a long weekend with our six month old baby.

Wandermust Family in Barcelona

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Copenhagen 48 hour Itinerary for Castle Lovers

I love castles! I really do but before going to Copenhagen I had no idea how many castles there was in its surrounding area.

We decided to purchase a Copenhagen Card for our time there and dedicated one whole day to visit castles in Copenhagen. This was a great option as it meant entrance to the castles and also all our transportation costs in the Greater Copenhagen area was included in the cost.

Our first view of Frederiksborg Castle
Our first view of Frederiksborg Castle
Our day started early at the central station of Copenhagen to head to Frederiksborg Castle, which also serves as the National Museum of Denmark.  This castle a short train ride away from Copenhagen, and then a short walk through a quaint town to get to the castle itself.

The castle was built by Christian IV of Denmark in the 17th Century. A beautiful castle, we decided to take a guided tour to ensure we got the full experience and did not regret it. I don’t think I would have learnt as much about the architecture, paintings or history of Denmark without this. Highlights of the tour for me included the Chapel and the Great Hall.

Walking around the lake and via the gardens
Walking around the lake and via the gardens
On the way back to town, one could take the small ferry (also included in the cost of the Copenhagen card). On the day we were there, the ferry was quite busy and it was such a lovely day we decided to walk the other way around the lake and back towards to the train station. This gave us the perfect opportunity to stop and explore the beautifully landscaped gardens.

The beautiful Kronburg aka Shakespeare's Elsinore
The beautiful Kronburg aka Shakespeare’s Elsinore
Back at the train station we took the train towards Helsinore, to see the castle made famous by Shakespeare as the castle of Hamlet, Elsinore (in real life known as Kronborg). Now, out of all the castles in Copenhagen, I was expecting to like this one least. In my head it was more the Tower of London to Frederiksborg’s Hampton Court Palace. How wrong I was. Here we learnt about the control of the sound and how the castle was built to control the duties that needed to be levied for all ships wanting to enter or leave the Baltic Sea via the Sound and relations with Sweden as well as some more of the military history. The walk around the outside of the castle was also pleasant with great views over to Malmo. There are also some nice cafes within the castle walls.

Outside of the castle, much effort has been made to make Helsinore a cultural centre. In 2013, the Kulturhavn Kronburg was made to encourage tourism and includes the National Maritime Museum amongst other things. We didn’t have time to venture in but if we were to go back we would definitely spend a whole day in Helsinore!

After Kroburg, we headed back to Copenhagen. If we had a more leisurely timetable we would have stopped at Louisiana, a beautiful modern art gallery set on the sealine which even from the train I can tell you offered great views across the Sound. Its definitely a must when we return.


Throne Room Selfie
Throne Room Selfie

The next day, because we hadn’t had enough of Danish castles we went to Christiansborg, now the home of the Danish Parliament. Our favourite stop here was the Throne Room and the Stables. It also has a Tower which boasts great views of Copenhagen (so I’m told – we were too lazy to walk up!).

The next stop on our palace Tour de Force was Rosenburg, home of the crown jewels. While beautiful this was perhaps my least favourite of the castles as it was by far the busiest. I guess this is what happens when the castle is in the centre of the city and is home to the crown jewels.

Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle
At 11:30 you can watch the start of the changing of the guard who go all the way from Rosenborg to Amalienborg, the final stop on our trip and the residence of the Danish Royal Family.

The start of the changing of the guard
The start of the changing of the guard

Amalienborg, our last stop
Amalienborg, our last stop
Overall I think Copenhagen may be the greatest city on earth for Castle lovers! The trains are efficient and easy to use so it means you can even travel outside of the city to get your castle fix. If I was doing this with children, which next time we definitely will be we would obviously take this at a much more leisurely pace and would recommend a carrier – these castles aren’t made for prams!

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