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10 worst people to be sat next to on a flight – worse than a baby

Any parent who has flown will tell that they have seen that look! The look of either terror, angry, dismay or perhaps all three as a fellow passenger realised that they have drawn the short straw and are going to have to sit next to a …. de de der baby or child! I get the worry don’t get me wrong, there are children who will cry the whole flight while the parent frantically tries everything to soothe their little! But the truth is the parents are trying to ca them. As a travelling parent I can tell you a crying baby isn’t a parents idea of fun either! Now we are fortunate that wandermust toddler has always been a good flier(dear god I hope I haven’t just jinxed us!) and we have never experienced this but it has always been a concern when we have boarded flights. But it has got me thinking surely babies and children aren’t in fact the worst people to get sat next to on a flight! So here are ten people that I’ve sat next to on flights that I think are worse than a baby or a child!

The drunk

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You sit down and think you’ve hit the passenger jackpot only to realise halfway through the flight that they’ve downed quart of vodka and have suddenly become loud and obnoxious! And at that point there’s no escape!

The stag or hen do

Like the above but only in bulk and sometimes you don’t event get peace for the first half of he flight! Boarding the flight drunk in loud and often semi

Offensive tshirts! No one on the plane can escape this passenger!

Patient Zero

You sit down! You are comfortable. Then you hear a sniff and a loud blow of the nose! You look up to see your neighbour nose streaming, eyes running and stifling a a cough every couple of minutes! By the time you get off you know you are infected!

The letch

No one make me feel more uncomfortable on the flight than the letch. The guy that thinks it is perfectly acceptable to hit on the hostess every time she passes!

The pregnant

Having been this I can say that I would not have wanted to have sat next to a pregnant me on a long flight! On one disastrous flight after having chosen my seat very carefully for optimum comfort and getting moved to a window

seat in the middle of the plane I must have disrupted my nearby passengers a dozen times getting up to pee and throw up in the toilets and having to sit poised with the sick bag on descent because of the joy of morning sickness!

The night terror

Now this one might sound like an exaggeration but no word of a lie I sat ndt to the night terror guy on a fourteen hour flight from Chicago to Doha. All you want to do at night is recline your seat and get some shut eye only to be awoken by the guy next to you punching and kicking in his sleep. You spend the whole flight lying as flat as you can trying to protect your face from a black eye!

The chatter

They look perfectly normal on the surface, but you soon discover as soon as you have taken off that the chatter is not going to stop. You are not going to escape with the pre take off pleasantries, oh no – by the time you get off the plane you are going to know the chatters life story and be Facebook friends!

The recliner

Now this one doesn’t bother me personally. There is a recline button there for a reason and they are at liberty to use it as they wish but who hasn’t heard of the horror stories of mid air rows over reclining.

The handcuffed

After one case of mistaken identity where my husband was dragged away in handcuffs (a story for another day) before boarding a connecting flight I have seen the fear first hand of surrounding passengers when he was freely allowed to board the flight a couple of hours later! Can you imagine sitting there for a whole flight wondering whether there was an axe murderer sat in the next seat?

The phobic

Not everyone is comfortable flying and I’ll admit I always say a litte prayer on take off but I wouldn’t call myself a flying phobic. But have you ever sat next to one? Knuckles white the whole journey and jumping and screaming at every slightest bit of turbulence? It’s infectious and makes me anxious the whole Flight too!

Who do you think is the worst person to sit next to on a flight


Sunday 27th of January 2019

I’d would say ‘me’! Despite travelling to 65 countries I am petrified of flying. Can just about hold it in until turbulence starts or, as happened recently, an aborted landing, and then I lose it!!!! Kids are brilliant, stay calm and just roll their eyes...

Luschka van Onselen

Monday 16th of July 2018

That could just be long legs though. I have really long femurs and no matter how far back in my chair I sit, my knees tend to be in the seat in front (except on Singapore airlines, and Malaysia, depending on the flight). Last flight someone slammed their seat back with no warning and hurt my knee so bad I was limping for a week!


Monday 9th of July 2018

For me is the recliner hater. Just as you said, the button is there for a reason. Once I was on a flight with this lady sitting behind me who kept pushing my seat the entire flight ?

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

Monday 9th of July 2018

For me it's those who sleep during the whole flight because I don't want to wake them up if I need to use the toilet.

Wandermust Mummy

Monday 9th of July 2018

I’m that person! I always try and sleep the whole way though I plan my seat so no one disturbs me