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9 Things We’ve Learnt About Travelling With A Baby – Our 9 Month Update

9 Things We’ve Learnt About Travelling With A Baby – Our 9 Month Update

We vowed that travel wouldn’t stop when we had a baby and we are lucky that, now as parents to a 9 month old (where did that time go), we can still say that travel is a big part of our lives

Nine months in photos

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Baby E’s 9 month Stats

  • 11 flights
  • 10 cities
  • 7 countries
  • 1 cruise
  • 1 Christmas in the Countryside

We think we’ve done pretty well but there are definitely things we have learnt from our first 9 months of travel with our daughter

  1. Preparation is key
    Whether about to board a flight, embark on a cruise or merely enjoy a day out – preparation is your key to success. Make sure you have your essentials list for every occasions and pack extras … always pack extras!You can read more about some of our preparation advice here
  2. Be Flexible
    Rigid plans and packed agendas will be the stress of every holiday! Prioritise what it is you would like to do and take baby’s lead on the best day to do it. You know your baby better than anyone – you know if that day is going to be a none starter.And make sure your plans aren’t so rigid while out that you don’t feel comfortable with change. It was never our plan to feed our daughter in St Peters Square in the rain but you have to roll with it and is now one of our favourite travel memories!

    Flexibility is essential

    Also be prepared to mix it up in methods of transport. Think about where you are going and chose carefully between stroller or carrier.

  1. Take Breaks
    Lots and lots of breaks. Babies don’t have the same stamina as you and it’s not fair or reasonable to think you will sightsee at your pre-baby rate. Enjoy a coffee break, don’t over schedule and make sure you make plenty of time for things baby will enjoy!

Taking a coffee break in Stockholm

  1. Baby’s sleep is your number one priority
    This is true at anytime. Overnight flights suddenly become your flight of choice!If you have a strict sleep schedule make sure you think about how you will accommodate this as you travel.It’s equally important to think about naps once you are at your destination. Whether this in the booking stages by thinking  about hotel location versus tourist attractions early to getting baby use to sleeping the pram. We are lucky, pram sleeping is one of our baby’s favourite things but not all parents are so lucky!

    Naptime Valencia

  2. No holiday is off limits
    This is somewhat linked to point one but so long as you plan and prepare well you can do virtually any type of holiday. We have done city breaks, cruises and luxury staycations and have enjoyed them all thoroughly (click on links to read more about each).The key to success is always preparation.
  3. Eat during the day
    We learnt this the hard way. While you can sometimes go for an early dinner we have learnt to bank on having our big meal during the day so you don’t end up in a hotel with a MacDonalds on the bed. Babies get tired and sometimes just need a night in. Eat early and enjoy spending time as a family in the hotel.

    Eat during the day

  4. Babies are great conversation starters
    There are loads of benefits to travelling with babies (find more here!) but one of the most surprising things for us was what great conversation starters they are. There is no where in the world that doesn’t love a baby! We have so many more locals by travelling with a baby which is great to get to know people but also for finding insider local secrets!
  5. Baby supplies are everywhere if you know where to look
    Since starting this blog I have found out how many people are nervous about travelling abroad with a baby. As expats we have had to travel so this really wasn’t an option. All I say to them is that there are babies everywhere you just need to know where to look for supplies. I now run on the website an Essential Guide series which gives low-downs on where to buy food, best changing facilities etc. This goes back to point one, preparation and research is key.

    Baby Supplies in Rome

  6. Manage your expectations
    I’m the first to say that travel with a baby is possible and fun but you need to manage your expectations. It is not going to be the same as your travel before a baby but go in with your eyes open and manage your expectations and you will have a rewarding experience and make lasting family memories.

What have you learnt travelling with a baby? What are your top tips for other parents? 





Tuesday 7th of February 2017

This is great- we're going to be taking our then 6 month old to Sarajevo and to Portugal. My hubby is from Sarajevo so we have accomodation etc, but have you done much of Portugal? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated! Also, thanks for the helpful tips above, we haven't planned our accommodations yet, but will be taking this into consideration. And the sleep part, it'll be an 8 hour time change for us, any ideas on that one? Lol

Wandermust Mummy

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Hi char thanks for your comment. Sarajevo - how exciting! I have personally never been to Portugal however I would recommend annabels blog - smudged postcard for lots of lovely Lisbon tips! My advice for jetlag has always been to se your watch to destination time as soon as you get on the plane but never done such a time difference with baby yet! Some people I have read change baby's bedtime gradually before they go to prepare for the jump but again not tried it myself! When do you go?


Friday 20th of January 2017

Such great advice & an inspiration to new parents! We travel a ton with our children as well (they are now 2 & 5), and find it so rewarding. I'm visiting from the List Link-up--great to "meet" you!

Wandermust Mummy

Friday 20th of January 2017

Aww thank you! Where do you travel to ? Lots of lovely places near you! Lovey meeting you too! ?


Friday 20th of January 2017

great tips planning on taking my baby on a long flight soon so I found this helpful #thelist

Wandermust Mummy

Friday 20th of January 2017

Good luck with your upcoming flight - lots more information on he blog

Life as Mum

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Oh WOW! How amazing that you've travelled that many times, that's amazing! With a baby too! Such great tips here. I'd love to travel more with my kids. #MarvMondays

Wandermust Mummy

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Thank you. I hope 2017 brings you more travel

Becky Clark

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Your baby has been to more countries than me! I really need to travel more! Some great tips here which I will certainly put into practice. We go on our first family holiday in September. I'm really looking forward to it but also a little apprehensive. I like the idea of eating out Main meal during the day while the little one is less grumpy. Thanks for sharing #MarvMondays

Wandermust Mummy

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Where are you off to?