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Afternoon tea buffet at Westin Doha

Afternoon tea buffet at Westin Doha

I have been a big fan of Westin Doha since I first went to Hunters Grill and am always eager to try their offerings. I am not a huge desserts fan, as regular readers will know, so when I read about the afternoon tea buffet I was very excited. An opportunity to have afternoon tea where I could have more sandwiches and scones and less cake. My ideal afternoon tea; that’s why what we had was even more disappointing.

The buffet display

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But first the good – the staff as always at the Westin were excellent and the day was made better by their presence! Secondly, the display was pretty if you weren’t concerned with the content!

Now moving onto the not so good –

There were only two sandwiches choices available – cold fish and egg with a sauce that I still don’t know what it was! I don’t think two choices really makes a buffet and the two we had were not great! Not exactly the buffet choice I was hoping for!

Scones my favourite part of any afternoon tea and certainly they were the best part of this afternoon tea! However there was only marmalade and honey on the table and we had to ask for jam! Only apricot and blackcurrent were available after asking, this was fine for us, I love both, but it’s not the traditional.

Finally let’s talk about the cakes! There were a few bite size ones laid out but the largest part of all the spread was croissants and Danish pastries! This made it feel like it was the breakfast buffet repurposed!

I’m not sure what the Westin was trying to achieve with this buffet and the concept of a afternoon tea buffet is something I would love but it fell well short of our expectations!