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Best Family Travel Related Gifts to Buy in 2019

Best Family Travel Related Gifts to Buy in 2019

Struggling to find that gift for the travel mad family in your life? Here we round up the best products we used in 2018 and the things we desire most in 2019 to help you with some Christmas inspiration for parents and children who just love to travel! ! 

Gifts for Savvy Packers


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I hadn’t used them until last year but now wouldn’t live without them. I find packing all our clothes into color coded packs useful when scouring for things and the sizes help pack different types of clothes together.


When traveling round the world you are definitely limited on packing space. The Kameleon Rose ultimate travel dress is 20 outfits in one and is perfect for the Round the World Travel Fashionista!


This is the essential app for anyone planning a big trip. There are two versions of Trip It a free and professional level. We opted for the professional level and it proved invaluable. It kept all of our bookings, flights, cars, visas all in one place. We loved the fact that if a flight was delayed it gave you plenty of notice and even gave gate information.

Gifts for the meaningful Traveller

Find your Past DNA Kit

Do you know someone who likes to have a connection with the places they travel to? This is something we love as we try to add heritage into our travels! This year I want to find out exactly where I came from so we can start traveling to find our roots more!

Gifts for a travel mad families with toddlers


Without doubt one of our top pieces of kit for toddler travel is our Familidoo Air Stroller. I love the fact that this stroller can be put into an airline overhead locker which is a godsend when you have a layover and eliminates the worry about your stroller getting damaged in the hold. We put this stroller through some serious tests as we travelled with it on our round the world trip! 


The one thing my little one loves when we are traveling is having access to swimming pools and the sea. There is nothing more she loves than having a good splash about! The toddler splash about swimwear range has definitely helped make this easier for parents. The range includes UV suits, swim nappies, and swimming costumes with inbuilt swim nappies meaning your toddler will have the best swim wardrobe on the beach!


Parents often have a favorite when it comes to stroller or carrier when traveling. We are personally stroller people, but there are certain places where carriers are needed

Travel mad families out there – what is it you most want for Christmas?