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Brunching with Baby, Middle Eastern Style

Brunching with Baby, Middle Eastern Style

Friday brunch is a staple activity of expats in the Middle East. Whenever we have visitors we always take them so when my parents visited to meet Baby E we decided to take them to one of our favourites, Vine at the St. Regis. We love the range of foods, the live cooking stations and variety of drinks both Non and Alcoholic. The sushi and seafood area for us is the best at any Doha brunch and I love getting a taste of home with their roast dinners. But is brunch a good activity to do with a baby?

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For us the answer is overwhelmingly yet!

The nature of brunch means that there is always a natural ebb and flow to the food. Not everyone is always eating at the same time so it doesn’t matter if you have a fussing baby to contend with. No one person is left behind or worrying about their food going cold!. For us, brunch was the first time we managed to eat a meal out while it was still hot!

Brunching makes eating easier

Brunching makes eating easier

So how do you take advantage of brunch with a baby?Make the most of the buffet nature.

Take turns going for food.

If you want to take the chance to actually eat at the same time for a change – select from the wide variety of cold options. Wandermust Daddy is a big fan of the Sushi station!

Make sure you pick an appropriate table for your little one. The Vine Restaurant at the St Regis has the most amazing reggae band which while we love, can be a little loud. Make sure you request a table away from the speakers. We got a quiet corner table where the band didn’t bother the baby, and the baby didn’t bother any of the other groups.

The St Regis, also has one of my favourite outdoor seating areas in Doha with amazing views of the sea. However take into account the time of year you are going. The summer gets incredibly hot (stating the obvious much!) but the winters can get chilly. Last time we went in the Winter, blankets and heaters were provided for the outdoor guests!

So there you have it, these are my top tips for taking advantage of brunching with a baby.
Perhaps the best meal you can have as new parents!