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Coming up in January 

This is a monthly feature to let you know where we are travelling to in the following month. We are hoping this page will keep our readers informed, get us recommendations from other travellers about our upcoming locations and let any potential partners know locations of where we are going should anyone want to partner with us while we are there (please contact wandermustfamily at for any potential partnership work).

That being said in January  we will be in:

  • Doha for the most part as we have guests in town. Me and Wandermust Granny are also thinking of doing a Doha staycation or beach day – where do you think we should go? 
  • At the tennis – the Qatar open arrives every January and being a tennis fanatic this is one of my favourite January activities! Even better as Murray is coming this year! 
  • Wandermust daddy is escaping parenthood for the weekend and travelling to Kolkata to see the cricket while staying at the beautiful Lalit hotel. I’m not jealous at all! Honest!