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Doha Travel Guide

Doha Travel Guide

I called Qatar home for four years! It is a country I know pretty well and have featured it a lot on the blog over the years! To help you navigate all of our amazing Qatar content, we have rounded up our posts in this ultimate Doha Travel Guide! So whether you are just planning your trip to Qatar, or if you are looking for where to go, what to eat or looking for the best places to visit from there – this is the guide for you! 

Doha Travel Guide: Booking Tips and Things to Know Before you Go! 

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Doha has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world but it can be confusing to know where is the best area to stay. Read our guide to help you find out where would be the best place for you to stay!

Ultimate Guide of Where to Stay in Doha

Now that you have booked your hotel, let’s turn our attention to how to dress appropriately in country! Qatar is obviously a Muslim country, and as such you should pack to respect the local culture. In the below guide we cover everything you need to know to respect local customs!

What to Wear in Doha

And if you are travelling in Ramadan the below guide will outline everything that you will need to consider:

Ramadan in Qatar
Eid Escapes from Qatar 

When you arrive in country, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the facilities at Hamad International Airport. To help you navigate departures and arrivals we have the below handy guide:
Qatar is also an amazing place to stopover and we have the perfect guides to help you no matter what length of time you take for your stopover
And then, there are some amazing places you can travel to from Qatar such as these

What to Do in Doha

Once you are in country, there are plenty of things to see and do! We have the following posts that might inspire you with what you can do
Best Day Trips and Day Tours From Qatar

Food and Drink in Qatar

Qatar has a vibrant food and drink scene! If you want to make the most of it then we recommend these guides

A-Z of Best Restaurants in Doha 
Drinking in Doha