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Family Travel Myths – Debunking 7 Baby Travel Fears

Family Travel Myths – Debunking 7 Baby Travel Fears

I’m not going to lie – travelling with a baby isn’t always easy but I promise it is always rewarding. We at wandermust family are fearless family traveller and one of our aims is to encourage other families to travel by taking the fear out of family travel. Being Middle East Expats for the first year and a bit of our baby’s life meant we had no choice but to fly and travel. However, I understand that many people have baby travel fears. So here are some of the most common family travel myths and hopefully we can help debunk some of the most common fears! Fear – flying with a baby

Baby's First Flight

Baby’s First Flight

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One of the most common stresses about travelling with a baby is connected to flying. The truth is babies are super portable, they don’t require their own ticket and if you time it right, you may get away with a baby sleeping for the entire flight – it’s why we always fly overnight!

I think everyone’s greatest fear is having a screaming child the whole way through a long haul flight but in reality this doesn’t happen that often.

Here are a couple of tips to help make flying with a baby easier

  • Book the bassinet seat
  • Remember to make baby suck on take off and landing so either time a feed or give them a dummy.
  • Take the calpol
  • Pack toys
  • And don’t learn the hard way – pack extra clothes for ALL the family

Fear – Only beach holidays are baby friendly

Rome is a great city for families

Babies and even toddlers can enjoy most types of holidays. In the first year and a bit of our baby’s life we have cruised, done city breaks, desert resorts and of course a beach break! We loved them all. Truth is you don’t have to just do beach breaks with babies but there are a few things you need to remember with baby travel:

  • change your expectations. You won’t be travelling at the same pace
  • take plenty of breaks
  • make sure you factor in some things for baby to enjoy. Our little one loved aquariums and now is park crazy!

Fear – You won’t be able to find the baby supplies

Where ever you go in the world there are babies which means there are baby supplies. Make sure you do your research before you go and you will be fine.

For instance in Rome we found baby products were sold in pharmacies not supermarkets. As long as you knew this you would have no problem.

Fear – There won’t be food for the baby

Unless you are travelling to Outer Mongolia and have the fussiest of fussy eaters you are bound to be able to find something your baby or toddler can eat. But if you are worried:

  • Take some pouches of baby food with you to keep you going
  • Check out the supermarket when you get there to see what fruits, dairy etc are available
  • Book self catering accommodation so you can cook up your baby’s favourites
  • Introduce them to the type of cuisine and flavours before you go!

For more tips on weaning while travelling!

Fear – The baby won’t be able to handle the hot / cold weather

Bab al Shams

Having lived in the Middle East during a 50degree summer I think qualifies me to tell you that babies can travel anywhere whatever the weather. The key is to be prepared. Know your baby’s limits and comfort zone and schedule accordingly. Mirror what the locals do and take siestas but don’t let weather be a limiting factor.

We even took our Middle East baby to Scandinavia in December and had a fab time. The key is having the correct clothes and making sure you take plenty of breaks!

Taking a coffee break in Stockholm

Fear – Baby’s routine will be wrecked

Something that worries me having a brill sleeper ( hoping I haven’t just cursed myself) is that travel with ruin our routine. So far I have found our baby to be very adaptable. We go to Japan soon which will be the longest time difference we have done so I will be updating this section after this!

Top Tips for keeping baby’s routine while travelling

  • if your baby isn’t use to napping in the pram it might be worthwhile trying to get them used to this before you travel
  • schedule for downtime – you may have been on the on go all the time travelling before children, but it is important to give them some downtime
  • if you are not travelling too far you can make slow adjustments to bedtime before you go. I’ve never done but other family travel bloggers  recommend

Fear – you’ll forget something important

Most things you can buy there. The most important thing is to make sure your hand luggage is well packed for the journey. If you are worried you can always supply more supplies once you are through security.

Top Tip – if your baby has a comforter be sure to pack it at the beginning and end of your trip!

Fear – you cant you go to a 5* luxury hotel with a baby

Long time readers of this blog will know that I love a bit of luxury. I love taking my little one to luxury hotels as they are usually so well prepared and only to happy to provide baby friendly suggestions! So rather than be worried I can’t go to 5* places anymore, I embrace them. I have found them more than accommodating to families traveling with babies.

Conclusion – don’t fear baby travel

While I am not saying that it is always easy I promise you, travelling with babies is always rewarding. There is no reason to be scared of travelling with babies. So what are you waiting for?

Looking for family travel planning tips then check out this great article!

What family travel fears do you have? Or is there a family travel myth you can help us debunk?


Saturday 25th of November 2017

Its funny how the flight is a major concern for most parents (as it was for me) yet in the grand scheme of things its only a few hours.

The best piece of advice anyone has given me is: they have shops. You dont need to worry about and pack for every single eventuality!

Plutonium Sox

Friday 10th of November 2017

A great post. I personally think it's good to disrupt babies / children's routine occasionally. It teaches them to be more resilient and able to sleep better in different places. Great to fly with them before you have to pay air fares for them too! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips Nat.x

Carrie -Flying With A Baby

Thursday 9th of November 2017

I think most people do worry about the Flying aspect- but it’s so much easier when they are smaller. Also so good if you can bag a baby bassinet too! I like a luxury hotel as they definitely have more amenities for kids. Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips


Wednesday 1st of November 2017

Great post! I think travelling with a baby is actually easier than travelling with a toddler lol - at least they're still happy to take their naps on the go! #familytraveltips


Tuesday 31st of October 2017

Love this post! Great advice and I believe one can have great holidays with babies and kids of any age. The key is planning, sticking to your own routine the best you can and planning down time for everyone to rest! #FamilyTravelTips