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Fearless Family Travel Interview – Let’s Go Little One

Fearless Family Travel Interview – Let’s Go Little One

I love reading about family travellers but one I am jealous of is Let’s Go Little One as they have done a lot of places on many peoples bucket lists. So without further ado find out more about their travels: What is your family travel? Full-time, part-time, digital nomads etc.

    1. We travel part time. Both my husband and I have remote jobs, but Jimmy (my two-year-old) is in school so we travel around his school schedule, taking advantage of long weekends, seasonal breaks, plus a little extra vacation here and there.
  1. How has your travel style changed since becoming a family?

    1. As Jimmy gets older, he is becoming more and more adventurous. We’re traveling to more destinations that have outdoor activities, like hiking and boating, which we all love!
  2. What was your baby(ie)’s first trip? Why did you chose to go there? What were the highlights/lowlights etc?

    1. Jimmy’s first trip was to Los Angeles! We were living in the Midwest at the time, though now we have relocated to LA because we love it so much. We can hit the beach and go for a hike anytime we like now!
  3. What is your favourite family travel gadget and why?

    1. I love the Gb Pockit stroller! It folds up so small that it fits in a large purse and it rolls well enough to go everywhere we need it to go.
  4. What is your favourite family travel destination and why?

    1. Heading to mountainous regions are so fun for us. I love the atmosphere of the small towns and the prevalence of outdoor activities. Our favorites so far have been Jackson Hole, Banff/Canmore, and Aspen.
  5. What is the most family friendly accommodation you have ever visited?

    1. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco earlier this year and I was so surprised with how kid-friendly they were. All food and drink for my son were free and they brought him extra fruit and juice up to our hotel room a couple times just to make sure he was comfortable.
  6. Family travel bloggers can be guilty of showing only the good stuff – what is your worst family travel experience?

  7. Manuel Antonio_jimmy at el avionMy son has a habit of being just terrible at restaurants. Occasionally, he’ll throw a tantrum right there at the table, throwing things on the floor, etc. It is zero fun!
  8. What are your top three tips for other families who wish to travel?

    1. Don’t be afraid to travel light – you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t need
    2. If you’re nervous about traveling, start with smaller trips and then expand from there – you might just love it so much you won’t want to stop!
    3. Be flexible once you reach your destination – if you plan out every minute of every day, you might be disappointed when napping or bad moods get in the way. If you wake up and decide to take it easy, spend some time exploring the local area in a stress-free environment
  9. What do you wish you had known or done before starting family travel?

    1. I wish I had realized how easy it was to travel with an infant. We took a couple trips without him when he was very small, but looking back, I think it would have been really fun to have him there!
  10. What are your future family travel plans?

    1. For now, we’re planning to explore more and more of the U.S., with a few international trips here and there. But we’re always open to changing our plans!


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