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Fearless Family Travel Interview – Mini Travellers

Fearless Family Travel Interview – Mini Travellers

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Karen from Mini Travellers. Mini Travellers is one of my favourite blogs out there and I love following Karen’s adventures, especially her recent trip to Rwanda with her kids, as featured in the Evening Standard. Karen is a full time blogger and a part time traveller and this is her story: 1.     What is your family travel? Full-time, part-time, digital nomads etc.

I’d most definitely like it to be full time but with kids in school most of the time it’s very much a part time occupation. A full time travel blogger now though.

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2.     How has your travel style changed since becoming a family? 

It initially changed to be a lot more resort based and more local, but after our two weeks in Rwanda earlier this year it’s definitely starting to get back to be the adventurous travel it always was.

3.     What was your baby(ie)’s first trip? Why did you chose to go there? What were the highlights/lowlights etc? 

First trip in the UK with our 3 month old was to the Cotswolds. It was a disaster. I got sick, very sick as did Lily and then when we got better everything was shut. It also rained – a lot!

Our first trip abroad was a lot more successful. We had 3 under 2 at that point and we went with the Grandparents to Bordeaux as it was a very short flight. We also went to a place that was very baby friendly and had lots of baby kit there.

4.     What is your favourite family travel gadget and why? 

It has to be the iPad! It just works for all of us.

5.     What is your favourite family travel destination and why? 

Greece, we have had some very special family holidays there, however our recent trip to Rwanda was very special indeed.

6.     What is the most family friendly accommodation you have ever visited? 

Mousses in Lefkada.  It was practically perfect!

7.     Family travel bloggers can be guilty of showing only the good stuff – what is your worst family ravel experience? 

We’ve actually been pretty lucky so far but we did have a pretty awful trip to a safari park in England where we stayed in a tent for 3 nights and it did nothing but rain with very very high winds. I didn’t sleep a wink worrying that the roof was going to come off and take me and the kids with it! We left early and came back home as the North West had wall to wall sunshine!

8.     What are your top three tips for other families who wish to travel? 

You don’t have to play it safe

You can have fun if you have patience

Throw out the rule book for holidays

9.     What do you wish you had known or done before starting family travel? 

I wish I had slept on a few more beaches, there isn’t much relaxing done on family holidays these days.

10.  What are your future family travel plans? 


Much more Africa next year after the success of the trip this year. Although I do particularly fancy Vietnam. Still to come this year though is Brittany, Oman and Lapland.

Thanks Karen!



Wednesday 17th of January 2018

Rwanda? Wow, that's awesome! So inspiring. I know people who don't like traveling anywhere with kids - they would get their knickers in a knot about Rwanda ha!! I think it's awesome. Looking it up now as a future destination!

Wandermust Mummy

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

We went pre kids and LOVED it