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Finally getting the perfect family holiday photo with Wanderloud

Finally getting the perfect family holiday photo with Wanderloud

Don’t you hate going on a trip of a lifetime only to return home without those all important family vacation photos? Are you fed up with returning home with bad vacation pictures? There are so many amazing places we have been to where we have returned only with a hastily taken selfie or even worse no photo of all of us together at all! Step in Wanderloud, a family vacation photoshoot company that captures memories of fantastic holidays of the whole family. I must admit when I told my husband that I had surprise organized a family photoshoot for our stay in Bali he was less than enthusiastic. He had visions of highly posed photos full of fake smiles and awkward poses. But he needn’t have worried, the great thing about working with Wanderloud is that you can choose your photographer so you can get the style of photo you wanted. Unsurprisingly, we wanted a photographer who took natural and unposed photos. Enter Wanderloud! All photos captured by @wanderloud’s Irezz in Bali.

The process before the photoshoot was easy and informative. The shoot was storyboarded and shared with us before our shoot to make sure everyone knew what was happening and what type of photos were expected. We were given an meeting place and an option of two locations. Having the little one we picked the one closest to us.

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After our prompt meeting, where Irezz, our family vacation photographer,  explained how the process worked and his natural style of photography the photo shoot started. First stop, the beach!

As the style we were going for was natural, we almost forgot Irezz was there as we ran and played in the sea and sand.

Wanderloud Photoshoot running to the beach

Wanderloud Photoshoot running to the beach

Wanderloud Beach Photoshoot

 Wanderloud Photoshoot causing chaos on the beacg

Wanderloud family vacation Photoshoot causing chaos on the beach

I’m afraid our family probably weren’t the easiest models as our little one headed straight for the sea soaking herself and wandermust daddy in the process. If you are looking for the pristine family that always look immaculate, I am afraid that isn’t us! But what I loved about the shoot was that it captured our true family style – chaos and all!

 Wanderloud Photoshoot causing chaos on the beach

Wanderloud family vacation Photoshoot causing chaos on the beach

After we finished at the beach we headed to the beautiful gardens for a sit down and play. I love how the character of our little one really shines through in these family portaits.

Family Portrait in the Gardens Family Vacation Photos

After the Gardens we headed towards the pool! Our little one is obsessed with the pool! And can’t resist the draw of the water. We were going got a nice natural portrait with all of us lined up on the side of the pool but of course that isn’t us! As soon as she saw the water she tried to dive in splashing everyone in the process. Already drenched, Irezz suggested a family photo in the pool! I asked how many of his photoshoots ended up in the pool and apparently we were his first!

I don’t know about you but I think it was the perfect end to the photoshoot capturing our family personality and chaos!

We are so pleased with how the photos turned out, especially as I think our family character and dynamics are at the forefront of the photos. They are the best holiday pics we have. If you are ever going to Bali I can’t recommend Irezz enough! If you want to return home with great family vacation photos then why not check out the over 40+ locations that Wanderloud have photographers and get the holiday photo of your dreams!

What do you think of the photos? Aren’t they just the best holiday pics?!Have you ever or would you ever do a family photo shoot?


Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Fantastic photos.

Last time we traveled together, we actually paid for a professional photographer to really get some excellent shots.

You don't have to do this, but it may be very rewarding also.

Cheers Sharon...

Guy Toponto

Thursday 12th of April 2018

These photographs look great, as you said they are so natural.

I had some group photographs taken the other day and they are so rigid. The photographer expected us to pose for him, but we are not models and it was extremely awkward.

Love the way you did it, will definitely follow suit next time!

Wandermust Mummy

Thursday 12th of April 2018

Aww thanks! We were so pleased as we would be terribly rigid if we had to pose


Tuesday 6th of February 2018

Lovely natural shots! #fearlessfamtrav

Corey | fifi + hop

Tuesday 6th of February 2018

Beautiful photos and family. I agree - I don't like it when everything is perfect and forced - looks too much like a Christmas card! #fearlessfamtrav

Cath - Battlemum

Monday 5th of February 2018

Amazing pictures. I really want to book a photographer to get some family photos when we visit Lapland in December. We've done shoots in Spring and Autumn but I think some snowy ones would be great. I'll be keeping an eye on their website to see if they add any photographers for Finland! #fearlessfamtrav