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Finding iconic English film characters through travel

Finding iconic English film characters through travel

I don’t know about you but I love visiting famous TV and Film locations when I travel. I love getting wrapped up in the shows and television that I am watching and to visit the filming locations helps me bring them even more to life. With the new smart television Panasonic have made it possible to feel like you are actually there when you are watching your shows but if you like me would still like to visit the real thing here are my five favorite places to bring iconic English characters to life! 

Being James Bond on the River Thames

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When I was a little girl, my ideal man was Sean Connery as James Bond. My love of the franchise has only got stronger with each new Bond and if there is one way to feel like you can connect with the character James Bond it is by taking a Rib ride down the Thames. The thrill of the speed boat rushing past the most famous of London sites makes you really feel like you are in an action movie!

Finding Mr Darcy at Chatsworth House

I think any girl growing up in the 90s will be able to tell you about that iconic scene where Mr Darcy comes out of the lake. And what girl doesn’t dream of finding her own Mr. Darcy – if it’s good enough for Elizabeth Bennet and Bridget Jones right! Well you can go and get in touch with Mr Darcy at the fabulous Chatsworth House!

In the footsteps of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace

My all time favorite historical period has to be The Tudors and with every television of film adaption of the life of Henry VIII has only enhanced my fascination with this king! At Hampton Court Palace you really feel like you are walking in the very footsteps on the King himself and all the actor iterations that have been of him!

And nearby to Hampton Court you will find some of the best Ted Lasso filming locations in the neighbouring town of Richmond. 

Feeling like a child on the hunt for Harry Potter in Oxford

Perhaps the most famous English fictional character ever to grace the silver screen. There are Harry Potter filming locations all over the country from London to Derbyshire,  but my favorite place to go on the hunt for Harry Potter is Oxford! There are Harry Potter filming locations scattered all across the city from the Bodelian Library, better known to Harry Potter fans as the Divinity Department to the cloisters at New College, the site of Goblet of Fire confrontation with Malfoy, to the Hogwarts Dining filmed at Christ Church College. Oxford is a real gem for Harry Potter fans!

Finding the Railway Children in Haworth

An oldie but a goodie that perhaps started my fascination with train travel. The Jenny Agutter drama is a staple in our household and the majority of the film was shot in an around Haworth. Haworth is a stunning Yorkshire town that still has a nostalgia about it. And if you are a railway children fan, then you could always go on a literary hunt as Haworth is the birthplace of the brilliant Bronte sisters.

Where is your favorite place to visit film and tv filming locations in the UK?

Sarah Christie

Sunday 3rd of June 2018

We are not far from Hawarth it is the prettiest place to visit and wander the streets, of course it is also famous for the Bronte sisters x

Lisa (Travel Loving Family)

Thursday 31st of May 2018

Love this post Leona! Visiting film sets is one of my fave things to do whilst on holiday. We are so lucky to lie close to Gloucester Cathedral where part of Harry Potter was filmed;) #MondayEscapes

Wandermust Mummy

Thursday 31st of May 2018

I have never been to Gloucester! Maybe we should plan a visit soon


Thursday 24th of May 2018

Love this! I’m the same, really enjoy visiting famous film scenes. Kenwood House and Notting Hill are great for reliving the Notting Hill movie. Need to go to Chatsworth House - love Austen. Really like can see the inspiration behind Whuthering Heights! Thanks for linking #citytripping

California Globetrotter

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

While most people go to Chatsworth House to find Mr. Darcy, I went to find the Duchess of Devonshire! I looove the film The Duchess with Keira Knightly! My post on Chatsworth is coming Monday! #CityTripping

Lauren - The Helpful Hiker

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

I do love a Pride and Prejudice pilgrimage! We went to Lyme Park where some of it was also filmed and I loved it! Must also check out some of these, they look fab! #MondayEscapes