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Iceland Travel Guide

Iceland Travel Guide

You may have noticed that we loved traveling to Iceland! Iceland is such a metaphorically hot destination to travel to right now and it is clear that we are not the only people to have fallen under Iceland’s spell! I can’t help but keep writing about Iceland on the blog! So whether you are on the fence about considering a trip to Iceland, maybe you have nothing booked yet – or perhaps you are about to jet off and want some last minute tips then we have something for you!

Before Booking a Trip to Iceland

Although not a huge country, Iceland has a plethora of location options given its wealth of tourism!  You could consider staying in the capital, on the Golden Circle or getting further off the beaten path. In terms of budget, Iceland is an expensive place but we have rounded up your options in different price categories and across the country!

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Where to Stay in Iceland for Every Budget 

If one of the things you are keen to see on your stay is the Northern Lights we have rounded up the hotels that have Northern Lights Alarm! This gives you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights on ever night of your stay. You can check out the post below:

Best Hotels with a Northern Lights Alarm

If you are travelling in Winter then we have this specific guide to help you pick where to stay, what to pack and more

Visiting in Iceland in March

While in Iceland

Perhaps the biggest concern most people have when travelling to Iceland is about the expense! If you want to save money in Iceland then check out this guide:

Top Tips to Save Money in Iceland 

Family Friendly Things to Do in Iceland

Iceland is such a great family travel destination whether you are travelling with a baby or toddler, or older kids. In the below guides, we show the best age appropriate things to do with children.

Top Tips for Traveling to Iceland with a Baby or Toddler 

Best Things to Do in Iceland with Kids