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Kindness and travel

Kindness and travel

This month I am co hosting the fabulous #travellinkup! For those that don’t know our friend Polly over at Follow Your Sunshine has been having a really rubbish year but through it all have been looking to spread a little more sunshine in this world! As such me and the travel link up hosts thought it would be a great time to reflect on kindness you have experienced or kindness you have shown while on your travels.

When I thought about it so many people have shown me kindness on my travels. Just little random acts that make a huge difference – the woman who held my baby so I could eat my meal on my first solo long haul flight with a baby, the man who carried my excessive amounts of luggage through the airport as I repatriated home or the anonymous person who reunited us with our lost luggage in Uganda! And most recently a woman who complemented my parenting after another woman had been very rude about families travelling abroad! But what have I done to show kindness from my travel!

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The answer probably not enough

How I have used my blog for good!

But is definitely something I want to do more of. Perhaps the greatest example of trying to get something positive to come out of my blog for others was earlier this year when I wrote a post about our time on the island Kingdom of Tonga. Memories of our visit were marred when two days after our departure the island was hit by a devastating cyclone. I was shocked by how little press coverage there was of the event in the UK media. I decided to write a little post to try and raise awareness about the plight of the island and help raise funds for the people of Tonga – you can read my post here!

This was a big event that caused my reaction but what can I do everyday to spread a little more sunshine.

One thing the Wandermust Household does every year is pick a charity to give money to instead of sending Christmas cards. We have donated to doctors fighting Ebola in Africa, cleft palette charities etc which we had seen or been affected by during our travels in Africa.

When we were on our big round the world trip one of the ways to keep our little one entertained was to buy new toys every so often and give the old ones to local charities as we went. This way our little girl had new entertainment, we weren’t overloaded with toys in our luggage and we felt like we spread at least some good as we went.

But really I need to do more so I pledge to spread a little more sunshine when I travel! How do you spread sunshine when you travel? I’d love to hear your ideas for how to spread sunshine while traveling?

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Monday 2nd of July 2018

I also think it's so important for people to use their blogs for good! So many people read blogs and we have a really fabulous media outlet to spread important messages not shared by the more traditional media. I think that is amazing that you raised money for Tonga through your blog after the cyclone :)


Sunday 1st of July 2018

Love your work in Tonga, very inspiring. We also send money to charity instead of purchasing Christmas cards.


Sunday 1st of July 2018

Such a lovely idea to give the old toys to charity! I am sure they brought a smile to lots of kids faces xx