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La Veranda brunch review, Doha

La Veranda brunch review, Doha

Today being Friday we embraced the glorious expat tradition that is Friday brunch. After being recommended by a colleague we decided to head to the Sheraton for an Italian themed brunch at La Veranda!

So how was it?

La Veranda Brunch Review

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I’ll admit it -fi rst impressions left me wondering if we had made a mistake. The restaurant itself is not in the Sheraton hotel but in the fitness centre to the right of the main building. Walking in past the indoor tennis courts and people in gym clothes made for a weird atmosphere but once we were inside the restaurant the atmosphere transformed!

The view

We had a lovely table right on the waters edge. We had a great view of the corniche and the skyscrapers of west bay!

The view

Bread, cheese, oil and balsamic vinegar were brought straight to our table. The focaccia was warm and accompanied perfectly by pecorino cheese!

For starters I opted to make use of three bruschetta stations and had a lovely plate of buratta. While others on my table enjoyed the salad stations. The cheese and buratta made it feel like the beginning of an authentic Italian meal!

The only weird part for me was the sushi station amid this all Italian brunch. I felt it was unnecessary but lots of people seemed to enjoy so maybe not!

For mains there was a choice of live pasta, pizza and escalope stations. The carbonara was excellent and the pasta cooked to al dente perfection!

Carbonara cooked to perfection

Pasta station

While others on the table raved about the pizza!

Pizza oven

For the meet course we thoroughly enjoyed the steak and pistachio encrusted lamb chops!

Now I’m not usually one for desserts especially in Doha. I usually find them too sweet but it was dessert perfection and we tried a few! I can heartily recommend the tiramisu, polenta cake, creme brûlée and lemon tart!


After we had stuffed our bellies we enjoyed listing to the amazing Doha Jazz trip who created a lovely ambience with the perfect soundtrack for the day.

Doha jazz

But perhaps our favourite thing about La Veranda is how child friendly it is. The staff are always helpful ensuring we got the perfect table for baby – not too close to the band and also with plenty of shade. There are also plenty of baby friendly food options.

My little one has never spent so much time in the high chair as when we are at La Veranda brunch sampling all the dishes.

The only downside for families visiting La Veranda is that there is no changing facility. Every occasion I’ve been however the staff have opened up the gym changing rooms and made a makeshift changing table with tables. It is these helpful touches that make families feel really welcome!

Enjoying the Gardens at La Veranda

Plus there is a beautiful garden that you can stroll around which is great for families.

Enjoying the view from the gardens

Important info: cost 330qar with drinks


In conclusion don’t be put off by the entrance! It may be a brunch of limited variety (only Italian and strangely sushi) but what it does it does really well. I think I have now definitely found the brunch with the best view in Doha! This may be a new family favourite!


We recently returned to La Veranda of a second visit and have to say it did not disappoint again. What I really enjoyed that there was a good rotation of food. In fact I felt our next experience was more authentic because there was no longer any sushi more of an authentic seafood experience instead. While there was no Milanese station this time there was a glorious outdoor barbecue. Deserts had staples such as the Tiramsu while others had changed. In conclusion we felt that this rotation of options means that every experience feels fresh and is definitely a reason for me to keep returning!

Have you been to La Veranda for brunch? What did you think?