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Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in London

Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in London

London is one of my favorite cities in the whole world! One of the things I love most about its’ royal history! There are so many beautiful palaces in London that people don’t realise – in this post I round up my ten favorite and most beautiful royal palaces in London!

10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in London

1. Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace

The most famous palace in London if not the world! Buckingham Palace is the offiicial London residence of the monarch and is an absolute must for your London itinerary even if you only have a few days in London! It

If you would like to go inside the palace be sure to book ahead for one of only ten weeks which the palace is open a year!

Top Tip: Book your tickets to go inside in advance

If you are thinking of watching the changing of the guard please check out this guide and be sure to visit the beautiful nearby St James Park once you have visited the palace!

2. Tower of London

It might look more like a fortress but the Tower of London is actually a palace! Officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London! The Tower has so many great royal stories to explore from Richard III and the Princes in the Tower, to Henry VIII and much much more!

And as an added bonus be sure yo visit the Crown Jewels which are located in the Tower of London

Top Tip: Book your Tickets in Advance to avoid the queues! You can buy your tickets in advance, including Crown Jewel exhibition here!

Kensington Palace

The official home to the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills & Kate)! It was also home to a young Queen Victoria! Kensington Palace is a stunner and is often home to some amazing fashion and textile related temporary exhibitions!

Kensington Palace is also one of my favorite things to do with kids especially the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground!

Top Tip: You can book your tickets online HERE 

Hampton Court Palace

My absolute favourite palace in London! Nestled in the leafy suburbs of South West London, Hampton Court Palace is choc full of over 500 years of  history! Most famously for its association with Henry VIII and his six wives!

This is my favourite London Palace to add to a London with kids itinerary

Top Tip: Be sure to book your tickets in advance!

Banqueting House

Though it may not sound like it, Banqueting House is the only part of Whitehall Palace still remaining! In the Medieval period it was home to the Archbishop of York!

Be sure to book your tickets in advance HERE

The Palace of Westminster

aka the Houses of Parliament! You may not think it is a palace but it officially is the Palace of Westminster! It has to be visited by any visitor to London! Although difficult to go inside, UK residents can write to their MPs to gain access! This can take up to six months so be sure you leave yourself plenty of time to arrange!

Eltham Palace

An English Heritage property in the royal borough of Greenwich! Henry VIII grew up in the Medieval Eltham Palace. The Palace has a unique history as it was acquired in the 1930s by a wealthy family and converted into an Art Deco Masterpiece! This unusual blend makes Eltham Palace a must for any royal fan visiting London!

Kew Palace

Probably one of the lesser known of the London royal palaces but is one of my favorites! Kew Palace was the summer residence of George III and is currently located within the ground of another of my favorite London things to do – Kew Gardens! Today the Palace mainly consists of Dutch House! Kew Palace is a great place to learn about the history of George III and his madness. It is perfect for a day trip as you can spend the whole day exploring the palace and gardens together!

For entry into Kew Gardens, you receive free admission into Kew Palace!

Please note: openings are seasonal so please check opening times and dates before going!

St James Palace

St James Palace and the adjoining Clarence House is currently the residence of the Prince of Wales! You can’t visit the Palace but you can visit Clarence House in August every year!

What is your favorite Royal Palace in London?