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Moving back to London and what it means for the Wandermust Family Blog

Moving back to London and what it means for the Wandermust Family Blog

It is funny the twists and turns life takes you on. I almost can’t believe that I am sat here writing this post about the new directions on the blog now we are based permanently in the UK when this time last week we were exploring the wonders of Iceland. Moving to London obviously has big impacts on the blog and its content and I just thought I would let you know about the changes on the blog that this will cause. While we were in Doha we focussed on writing a lot of content on what to do in Qatar. I frequently travel back to Qatar so I will still be writing about things to do in my previous home country so don’t worry Qatar readers!

Obviously, having just done a round the world trip we will be busy writing up all of our exciting adventures from that and international travel will always be on the agenda for us but alongside this you can expect much more UK content such as:

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Table of Contents

More days out reviews in London and UK

We love a day out and we will be exploring far more that both London and further afield has to offer. I don’t think we really appreciated all London or the UK had to offer when we last lived here! We can’t wait to rectify this!

We have already done the beautiful Leeds Castle and can’t wait to explore more of Britain’s castles and historic towns. We have been busy compiling our ultimate things to do in London bucket list that we can’t wait to start working our way through.

Exploring the London foodie scene

Pre-blog we use to visit a lot of London’s Michelin star restaurants for lunches. This is something we will definitely want to be trying again as new concepts and restaurants have been popping up everywhere since we left!

London Afternoon Tea

Now having a baby in tow, we also want to try more afternoon activities and I can’t wait to do some mother daughter bonding over afternoon tea.

The theatre

For me, London is the home of theatre. I can’t wait to see more of the West End but also to start introducing the Wandermust Toddler to some of the more family friendly shows that London has to offer.

First on my list for us are Book of Mormon and I want to go and see my first ballet. But also some More family friendly stuff like shows on at the Rose Kingston and maybe in time Aladdin!

More staycations in London and beyond

Moving abroad, I realized how little we had actually explored our own country. Last year we did a staycation at the Darwin Forest Country Park and loved it, exploring Chatsworth House and other historic homes like Hardwick Hall! We are determined to do more UK staycations heading back to Derbyshire in May to explore more. I’m also starting a bucket list of where else to visit in the UK -With my bestie moving to Cornwall and having never been to Scotland and following the recent adventure of Otis and us in Scotland has given me lots o inspiration! we would love to visit these in 2018!

Last week we also left the wandermust toddler for th first time. Can you believe we hadn’t had a night away just the two of us. Admittedly this wasn’t a night out, we were moving house but we definitely want to start trying some child free nights out and away.

What else should we be doing on the blog now we are back in the UK?


Saturday 28th of April 2018

Welcome home! Looking forward to reading about the new London changes on the blog!