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New York Art of Marvel Hotel Review

New York Art of Marvel Hotel Review

Are you looking for a New York Art of Marvel Hotel review? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, we share our honest opinions about Disneyland Paris’ Marvel hotel including their restaurant offer, room decor, theming and more!

Hotel New York Art of Marvel Review 

View of the iron man statue in front of the disney Hotel New york Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris on a grey overcast day.

Disney’s Hotel New York Art of Marvel Review

Hotel New York Art of Marvel is one of the more newly refurbished Disneyland Paris on-site hotels and is a very popular choice due to it’s Marvel theming. 

However, it is also one of the more expensive hotels to stay at on-site as it is a recently refurbished 4* hotel, with only the Disneyland Hotel being more expensive.

For this reason, we are asked frequently in our friendly Disneyland Paris Facebook group if it is worth staying at. We will now look at the benefits of staying on-site,  and review the facilities and amenities at this Disneyland Paris hotel to help you decide if this is the right hotel for you. 

What are the benefits of staying at the Art of Marvel Hotel?

Disney’s Hotel New York Art of Marvel, as with all the on-site hotels comes with some added extra perks including:

We always recommend staying on site where budgets allow as we find these added perks, especially the Early Magic Hour can really improve the quality of your time in the park. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

To book your stay at Art of Marvel Hotel with Disneyland Paris click here.

What is the theming at Disney’s Art of Marvel Hotel?

One of the reasons the New York Art of Marvel Hotel is so popular is because of its unique theming. The clue to the theme is obviously in the name as this hotel is dedicated to the Marvel Universe.

As you pull up to the hotel you will see lots of large sculptures of some of Marvel’s most famous superheroes including Iron Man, Captain America and Black Panther. 

Artwork is a huge part of the hotel experience with Marvel and comic artwork throughout the foyer, hallways and rooms themselves. 

By comparison to some of the more budget hotels (looking at you Santa Fe, and Cheyenne) the hotel definitely has a more grown up and luxurious feel to it making it a very popular choice with adults and families with teenagers. 

Can you walk to the parks from the hotel?

New York Art of Marvel is very walkable to the parks. The hotel is around a 10-15 minute walk to the park entrance through the Village. It is a very easy walk that is well lit and flat so easy to do even if you are traveling with a pushchair or wheelchair.

Rooms at Disney’s New York Art of Marvel Hotel

Room at Disney's New York Art of Marvel Hotel

Room at Disney’s New York Art of Marvel Hotel – photo courtesy of our friends over at Think Disney Thoughts. 

There are 3 types of room at Disney’s New York Art of Marvel Hotel. There are:

  • Superior Rooms – although called superior, these are the standard rooms at this hotel.
  • Empire State Club Rooms –  these rooms are a little more luxurious and have more art on the walls. In addition to this the Empire State Club Rooms get access to the Empire State Lounge where complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea is served as well as soft beverages throughout the day. There is also a dedicated check in area for guests staying in this level room.
  • Marvel Suites and Presidential Suites – these have all of the same perks as the Empire State Club Rooms but are more luxurious and have more space as well as other perks.

Personally I usually only book to stay in the standard rooms on site as we spend very little time in the room itself. However, if you plan on taking more breaks back at your hotel the amenities in the Empire State Lounge can make your stay more pleasant. 

Amenities at Hotel Art of Marvel

Although you will be spending most of your time at the park rather than in the hotel itself it is worth noting that there are plenty of amenities at the hotel. 

Facilities at this hotel include:

  • The Marvel Design Studio – this is an indoor play area in the hotel designed for those traveling with toddlers and young children. This is a special arts and crafts space to discover your inner artist.
  • Shop that is particularly good for Marvel souvenirs.
  • Super Hero Station – for the Marvel meet and greets that are exclusive to hotel guests. More in this later. 
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Pool 
  • Sauna

What are the meet and greets at Art of Marvel? 

One of the best perks about staying at a Disneyland Paris hotel is the fact that you get one meet and greet with characters in the hotel. In many of these hotels the character meet and greets are a turn-up affair. However, in the Disneyland Hotel and the Marvel hotel the meet and greets are exclusive to the hotel guests and as such must be booked in advance. 

You can book these meet and greets 7 days in advance of your arrival on the Disneyland Paris app. They take place at the Super Hero Station and you won’t know which characters are available until you are there however characters that have been seen at the Super Hero Station include:

  • Black Widow
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange
  • Loki
  • Miss Marvel
  • Starlord
  • Thor

You can only book one meet and greet at a time but once you have done one you can go onto the app and book another. 

Personally, I think this is one of the main reasons to stay at this hotel. The meet and greets in the Avengers Campus in the Studio Park need to be booked on day of travel and can sometimes be hard to get especially if the park is at capacity so this is a stress-free way of ensuring you get to meet some of your favorite Marvel characters. 

Restaurants and Bars at Art of Marvel 

On top of the meet and greets, the art of Marvel has some of the best-themed restaurants and bars anywhere on the Disneyland Paris site. The main one are:

  • Downtown Restaurant and
  • Skyline Bar 

There is also breakfast and afternoon tea available for those staying in Empire State rooms and above. 

These restaurants and bars are not exclusive to hotel guests however make your stay more immersive. Downtown restaurant is in many people’s opinion the best buffest restaurant at Disneyland Paris. Downtown is actually a relatively small restaurant by Disney standards so it can be a tricky one to get a reservation at. However, it’s size means the food is turned over quite quickly. 

It also has a good selection for fussy eaters too. 

view of a Thors hammer and a groot desert at the Marvel hotel at disneyland paris

is Hotel New York Art of Marvel worth it? – photo courtesy of Danni Cohen

In particular, the dessert buffet with its Marvel-themed desserts has to be a highlight. 

If you want to get a reservation at Downtown and are staying on site we recommend making a booking 12 months in advance to ensure you get a good time and availability. However, if you book a last-minute trip to Disney you can always try asking at the concierge at check-in if there are any tables available during your stay. 

View of two drinks in the foreground at the Skyline Bar at Art of Marvel Hotel

is Hotel New York Art of Marvel worth it?- photo courtesy of Danni Cohen

Skyline Bar is another highlight of the hotel and doesn’t need a booking but you may need to wait for a table if you are going at peak time. In this bar you can enjoy Marvel-themed cocktails and a large digital screen behind the bar is made to look like a window and will frequently have superheroes flying past. 

Is Disney’s Hotel New York Art of Marvel worth it?

Pumpkin in front of the art of marvel hotel at disneyland paris carved with a superhero

is Hotel New York Art of Marvel worth it? (Photo courtesy of Think_Disney_Thoughts)

As I mentioned above the Art of Marvel being a 4* on-site hotel is one of the more expensive hotels to stay at. Usually, only the Disneyland Hotel is more expensive. So whether it is worth staying at depends on a number of things. 

Firstly if you are traveling with big Marvel fans I think the hotel is definitely a must for your Disneyland Paris bucket list. The art classes on site, superhero meet and greets, restaurants and all round theme give you a really immersive Marvel experience. 

However, if you are travelling with toddlers as we were, who are not yet familiar with the Marvel characters the added price tag may not be worth it. My kids are still into Disney princesses and the classic Disney characters so for this reason prefer hotels like Sequoia Lodge where the meet and greets are characters they know. 

But if you have a Marvel fan in your group then the added price can be justified. 

Also I will say as one of the more recently refurbished hotels and as a 4* hotel it is a lot more luxurious than the other hotels on-site (again the Disneyland hotel being the exception). So if you want to stay somewhere a bit nicer and plan to use your hotel room more then I think the hotel is definitely worth it. But if you plan to stay in the parks from Early Magic to fireworks and just use the hotel to sleep in you may be better off spending your money on in-park experiences. 

FAQs about Art of Marvel Hotel

View of Superhero statue in front of the art of marvel hotel at disneyland paris

Disney’s Hotel New York Art of Marvel Review

Are tickets included in your reservation?

It depends on how you book your Disney vacation as to whether the tickets are included. We always book directly with Disney which means tickets are included in your package. 

If you book with 3rd party OTAs like or Expedia tickets will not be included and will have to be purchased separately. 

What time is check-in and check-out? 

Rooms at Art of Marvel are available from 3pm. However, if you get there earlier you can check in, leave your suitcases at their luggage store and head straight into the park. 

Check-out is at 11am. We normally head into the parks for Early Magic Time return to the room before 11am and leave our luggage in the hotel luggage store to give us more time in the park. 

Can you walk to the park from Art of Marvel?

Yes you can walk from Art of Marvel to the park entrances. It normally takes us around 10-15 minutes door to door.  

Does Art of Marvel have a pool? 

Yes Art of Marvel does have a pool which can be especially nice if you are visiting Disneyland Paris in the summer.

Does the hotel provide kettles?

Yes, there are in-room tea and coffee-making facilities at this hotel.

Does the hotel Art of Marvel have fridges in the room?

Unlike some of the more budget hotels on-site Art of Marvel does provide in-room fridges which is very handy if you need to store milk for a baby or are travelling with medicine that needs refrigeration. 

We found ourselves in this situation on our visit and we were able to put medications in the fridge at reception. 

Does Hotel New York provide toiletries?

Yes, the hotel does indeed provide toiletries. In fact one of the things a lot of people comment on about the Marvel hotel is the amazing smell and the toiletries are definitely superior to those at Cheyenne for instance. Usually they provide

  • shampoo
  • soap and 
  • shower gel

in room. However, if you find these are not to your liking you could always pop to one of the nearby supermarkets

Have you been to Hotel New York Art of Marvel? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And if you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to drop it below and we will d our best to answer. 

Note: Thanks to our friends at Think Disney Thoughts and Danni Cohen for helping us with photos. 

Do you have any other questions about Hotel New York Art of Marvel? Drop them below and we will do our best to answer. 

Also if you want to join a fun Disneyland Paris community be sure to check our Disneyland Paris facebook group!