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saturday dim sum brunch Nozomi

saturday dim sum brunch Nozomi

Today we went for Saturday brunch at Nozumi. It was a more low key affair than Friday brunch and had a dedicated a la carte dim sum menu!

On arrival the staff were friendly and I was impressed with the modern interior overlooking the Persian Gulf! The waiter was happy to explain the menu set up and suggested we let him order for us which we were only too happy to do.  When the food arrived he was able to knowledgable explain what we were eating.

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The menu is laid out in vegetable, fish and meat dumplings but each serving brought out offered a little of everything.

The duck and hoisin were a definite favourite along with the chicken and walnut shanghai dumpling.

There was an unusual Italian Japanese fusion with a tomato and mozzarella dumpling which I enjoyed but was a little out of place as there wasn’t more fusion on the menu.

Overall we thought the selection of dumplings was excellent and offered a varied assortment of flavours!

Not being a dessert person I wasn’t that excited by the dessert dumplings on offer … that is until they arrived. The apple dumpling with ice cream and the chocolate wontons with chocolate orange dipping  sauce were sublime.

But the best of all was the price – 120qar for unlimited dumplings and soft drinks – what’s not to love!