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Stroller Parking at Disneyland Guide

Stroller Parking at Disneyland Guide

Are you traveling to Disneyland with a toddler or baby and wondering what to do about Stroller Parking at Disneyland? In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about stroller parking including good spots to leave your stroller, how to protect your belongings from theft and other top tips.

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Are Strollers allowed in Disneyland queues?

If you are planning to bring a stroller to Disneyland you may be wondering if strollers are allowed in the queues for rides and shows. Unfortunately the answer to this is no, strollers are not allowed in any of the ride  queues at Disneyland. Therefore you must leave your stroller in the designated stroller parking areas before joining a ride queue. 

For more information on queues at Disneyland check out our guide to Disneyland singer rider lines

Stroller Parking at Disneyland and California Adventure

Stroller Parking at Disneyland and California Adventure

Stroller Parking at Disneyland and California Adventure

Note about taking strollers to Disneyland: Did you know that there are very strict rules about the size of stroller that can be taken to Disneyland? If you are worried about the best stroller to take to Disney, the best double stroller for Disneyland and our other guidelines and tips for using a stroller at Disneyland check out the linked posts. 

Also be sure to check our guides for strollers at Disney World below. 

Where Can I find stroller parking at Disneyland and California Adventure?

Stroller Parking at Disneyland is usually clearly designated with a sign saying “Stroller Parking” alongside an image of a stroller. And unless you are rope dropping at the park you will normally notice the stroller parking by the sheer volume of strollers. 

We find the stroller parking in Fantasyland the busiest as there are most toddler friendly rides in this land. Though it can also get pretty busy at Jungle Cruise too.

If you are going to California Adventure with toddlers or babies in a stroller we find the busiest stroller parking to be near Carsland and Ariel’s Underwater Adventure ride. 

Where can I leave my stroller at Disneyland?

You can only leave your stroller at Disneyland in designated stroller parking areas. You can find these usually near the entrance to most lands and the entrances to rides where babies and toddlers can ride. 

If you leave your stroller in a place that hasn’t been designated as stroller parking i.e. near a bench or bin then there is a very high chance it will not be where you left it when you return. It is cast members jobs to keep areas clear and safe and they will remove strollers that haven’t been parked in the correct place. If this happens to you we recommend heading to the nearest stroller parking as it is the most likely place it has been moved to. 

Is it safe to park your stroller at Disneyland?

Every time we have been to Disneyland we have had a stroller with us and have never had a problem. However if you go on any of the Disneyland Facebook groups you will hear anecdotal stories of people who have had their strollers or things in their strollers stolen.

We have always just parked our stroller with no added protection, though we never leave valuables in our stroller and haven’t had an issue. But if you want to protect your stroller you could consider: 

Marking Your Stroller

As your stroller may get moved by cast members it is a good idea to make your stroller stand out. You could tie something onto it like a bright colored ribbon or string. However a permanent mark will also make it less attractive to thieves.

We don’t recommend using a balloon as a marker for your stroller as these are also quite steal-able. For more hacks for taking a stroller to Disney check out this post. 

Take a Picture of your stroller

In case of a dispute over your stroller we recommend taking a picture of your stroller before you head into the park. That way you always have evidence of your stroller and any distinctive markings it may have that can be used as evidence of ownership. 

Take a Stroller lock

If you are concerned about your stroller being stolen you could take a stroller lock with you. That makes it harder to steal and move.

If you do decide on doing this it will be easier for you to only park your stroller once in each land and return for it only when you move on. 

Just be sure that if you do lock your stroller that you don’t use a chain lock as these are not allowed at Disneyland and be sure that the stroller can be moved should a cast member need to move. 

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Use a Tile


Tiles are also popular for those worried about stroller theft at Disneyland. Tiles are a more expensive way of protecting your stroller and only really work if the stroller is still close at hand. 

I personally wouldn’t go out and buy a tile specifically for this purpose but if you have one already or are looking to purchase one generally you could add it to your stroller at Disneyland 

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Can I leave my stroller for an extended period?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently about the stroller parking at Disneyland is whether or not you can leave your stroller for an extended period of time. For instance are you allowed to park up your stroller in Fantasyland, ride all the rides you want in that area before picking up your stroller and heading to another land like Tomorrowland or Galaxy’s Edge?

The answer is yes you can leave your stroller for an extended period of time before coming back to it or collecting it. However if you plan on doing this we recommend:

  • not leaving any valuables in your stroller 
  • not leaving any souvenirs including balloons on your stroller
  • making your stroller recognisable 

Also if you leave your stroller for an extended period there is a chance that a cast member may move your stroller. Cast members are responsible for ensuring that stroller parking is neat, not blocking anyone’s way and ensuring there is room for new strollers to come in. As such they may have to reorganise the stroller parking and your stroller may get moved in the process. Our advice is don’t panic if you can’t find your stroller straight away and have a look around the whole stroller parking area. 

For a full Disneyland itinerary for toddlers be sure to check out this dedicated post. 

Will they move my stroller in Disneyland stroller parking areas?

Yes, cast members move strollers all the time at Disneyland in the Disneyland stroller parking areas. This is to clear walkways, and make space for other strollers. Don’t panic if your stroller isn’t exactly where you left it and have a look round the surrounding area and nearest stroller parking as it is more than likely there.

I don’ think I have ever been on the jungle cruise ride and come back to my stroller exactly where I left it. 

Do I need to park my stroller for the parades?

Depending on what part of the parade route you are on will depend if you need to park it. We always get to the parade route early so always find a place to park our stroller next to us for the parade 

Do I need to park my stroller to enter a restaurant?

One of the things that I find most frustrating about taking a stroller to Disneyland is the fact that you can’t take strollers into all of the restaurants. For instance at character dining restaurants and others with limited space or entertainment such as the Golden Nugget Saloon you will not be permitted to take your stroller inside. 

When we were last there we got special dispensation to take one inside as our little one was fast asleep. But he hadn’t been awake for a Minute before we were asked to remove the stroller and put our toddler in a high chair instead. 

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Do you have any other questions about stroller Parking at Disneyland? If you do leave us a question in the comments and we will do our best to answer