City Tripping

City Tripping

Hello and welcome to this week’s City Tripping! In a break from usual scheduled hosting, I am taking over from Cathy this week who is off in beautiful Greece (hence this week’s picture)! You can follow her adventures over on Instagram and Instastories! View Post

Fearless Family Travel Interview – My Wild Earth 

Fearless Family Travel Interview – My Wild Earth 

We love meeting new people through our blog especially fellow family travellers so we were really excited when Bianca at My Wild Earth contacted us asking us to be part of our Fearless Family Travel Interview Series.  We have loved getting to know about their family adventures and hope you do too!
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Speed dating bloggers event lowdown

Last week I attended the Arabian Travel Market. As part of this four day long event, on the last day a speed dating blogger event was held. This was my first speed dating blogger event, actually it was my first blogger event. I was really nervous before the event about what to take and what it would be like so I thought it would be worth writing down what I found out and what I think you need to know

Elevator Pitch

This is essential. Know what you are and what you can offer and be able to explain this as precisely as possible. The maximum time allotted per meeting is 5 minutes, though I found towards the end you had much less than this as people tried to talk to as many people as possible.

Business Cards

Remember to take them! I was the idiot that got distracted by her baby while packing and left her business cards on her bedside table. Make sure you have a plentiful supply but even more important remember to get other peoples.

Importance of Instagram

I am starting to understand the spectrum of uses for each of my social media channels. What I learnt at the speed dating bloggers event is that Instagram is king at these events. During my meetings, I was surprised that as I was talking how many people checked my instagram feed rather than my website as we chatted. If I were going to another speed dating bloggers event I would make sure that my top nine squares were really on brand and matched perfectly my elevator pitch. Luckily, just before my speed dating blogging event I had been to the Maldives so my Instagram feed was really on point. I would do this more deliberately next time.

Don’t feel like you have to be the right fit for everyone

I spoke to some really lovely people at the speed dating blogging event however not all would work well with my niche. While I love Rwanda for instance, going on a cultural tour of Rwanda with my one year old is not the right fit for me. There is no point wasting either of your time so make sure you are clear about who you are and what you can offer and don’t be afraid to say that you aren’t the right fit. However if you know someone who would be a good fit why not recommend them? The brand and the blogger will be pleased and who knows in the future you may get a referral back.

Network with bloggers as well as brands 

One of the most useful things for me at the event was speaking to other bloggers. An offhand comment by another blogger who is familiar with your site can make you rethink your blogger worth and help refine your brand. It is also great for sharing hints and tips. Therefore don’t only focus your attention at brands.

Follow Up

Don’t treat the end of the meeting as the end of the conversation. Email thank yous for meeting with you and reaffirm your brand and offer and continue the dialogue about future collaborations.


Have you ever attended a speed dating blogger event? What are your best hints and tips? 


Fearless Family Travel #4

Fearless Family Travel #4

Welcome to the Fearless Family Travel 4 link-up! April was a jammed packed month for us! Baby E turned one  – where did the time go! All of my husband’s family came to visit for the occasion which was lovely by meant our house was full to the rafters with nine adults and six children! We then set off of a trip of a lifetime to the Maldives. In honour of that trip I’ll be linking up my post of how to have a family friendly Maldives experience!

I was so pleased with the breadth and diversity of the posts which made it really hard to pick. I got Wanderlust for Cyprus, Milan and Lund but was really impressed with these useful posts –

Alongside our linky we also host the Fearless Family Travel Interview Series. This month we spoke to Rejecting Routine about their travel experiences so why not pop over and check out the interview aswell! If you would like to take part in this series please drop us a line!

So what is The Fearless Family Travel linky?

#fearlessfamtrav is the place to come and link up all your favourite family travel posts. From days out and holidays, city trips to beach breaks, top tips, accommodation and product reviews. If it’s about family travel then we want to hear about it!

So how can you join

– Link up one post a month– old or new

– Please link back to this page with the #fearlessfamtrav hashtag

– Posts must be about family travel but can be about anything from holidays – beach breaks to city breaks to days trips in your local area, reviews of accommodation or products related to family travel. Basically if there is a family travel connection then this is the place to link it up!

– Please share the linky love and comment on the host post and at least two others! Please add the #fearlessfamtrav hashtag to all comments!

– Tweet me your links @wandermustfam along with the #fearlessfamtrav hashtag and I will retweet to all our followers.

– Please follow me on all my social media channels as I’ll be sharing the posts on there too! I also have a #fearlessfamtrav Pinterest page so message me to be invited! Also starting this month we will be featuring our fave pics from Instagram using the #fearlessfamtrav hashtag so get tagging!

– The Fearless Family Travel will go live on the 1st of every month and stay live for the whole week ending on 7th.

We can’t wait to read your posts


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Fearless Family Travel Interview – Rejecting Routine

Fearless Family Travel Interview – Rejecting Routine

We at wandermust family love hearing about other families inspirational family travel stories. We love hearing from established bloggers but also those regularly new on the blogging scene and this month we are featuring one of these families – so without further ado here is the rejecting routine fearless family travel interview!

1. What is your family travel? Full-time, part-time, digital nomads etc.

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