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Best Parks in Qatar

Best Parks in Qatar

In this guide we will round up the best parks in Qatar. So whether you are looking for the best family park in Qatar, the best park for exercising or the best park in Doha city limits we have you covered

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Why you should add a park to your Qatar itinerary

Any parent will attest that traveling with children is not always easy and usual will involve a visit to a park somewhere in your itinerary. In this guide we will tell you the best family park in Qatar considering amenities such as playgrounds and cafes etc.

But parks aren’t just good for children. Parks are great places to exercising and even in Qatar which does get very hot in the summer months, has some great parks for exercising.

So whether you are looking for a park for kids in Doha, a park to exercising in or simply a nice place to have a picnic, we have you covered.  

The Best Parks in Qatar 

The Best Children’s Park in Qatar

MIA Park Doha 

The Museum of Islamic Arts Park – or MIA Park as us locals know it is one of the best parks in Qatar for many reasons. 

Firstly in my opinions MIA Park has one of the best views in Qatar. From the cafe in the park you can overlook the Arabian Gulf straight across the water to one of the world’s most beautiful skylines – the Doha West Bay skyline. 

MIa Park - the best Doha park for views

MIa Park – the best Doha park for views

It is great whatever time of day you visit as you can see some of the many most iconic buildings in Qatar such as the Sheraton Hotel, the Burj Doha, and Tornado Tower to name but a few. And although it looks majestic during the day it looks even more so at night. 

The park is also a must for your Qatar itinerary if you love public art as there is an awe inspiring sculpture by internationally renowned artist Richard Serra. 

However if you are traveling to Doha with kids then you might be most interest in what is has on offer for them. My kids favorite thing about MIA Park is the large trampolines in the grounds that they could spend hours bouncing on. On top of that there is a castle with play equipment such as slides and ropes. 

There is also a bicycle rental in the grounds of MIA Park which if you are visiting Qatar in November or Qatar or December is a perfect thing to do in the park.

Mia Park - one of the best parks in Qatar

Mia Park – one of the best parks in Qatar

Another great thing about this park is that it doesn’t matter if you have 24 hours in Doha, just a long layover in Qatar or longer. As it is on the corniche and close to many of the other best things to do in Doha such as the Museum Islamic Arts, National Museum of Qatar and Souq Waqif. 

Sheraton Park – best park in Qatar for water play

Best Park in Qatar - best children's park in Qatar

Best Park in Qatar – best children’s park in Qatar

Sheraton Park as the name suggest is located in front of the Sheraton Hotel along the Doha Corniche. Although it is a great place to look at the skyline of Doha as is MIA Park perhaps the best thing about the Sheraton Park is the amazing water play activities it has which in our opinion makes it the best park for families in Doha – so long as you remember to bring a change of clothes and an outfit for water play. 

On top of the water play, there is a large playground which includes a ropes activity, slides and more. And if you are worried about the heat and sun let me put your mind at ease as there are plenty of sail shades over the children’s playground equipment to keep them shade and cooler. 

Again, similarly to MIA Park this park is very easy to get to on public transit and as it is in West Bay it is a great park to add to your Qatar itinerary even if you are pushed for time. 

Souq Waqif Park

As the name suggest Souq Waqif Park is adjacent to Souq Waqif and in my opinion it is a great place to entertain toddlers in Doha.

It is also a great place to have a picnic. But I personally like to head to the park with my kids to let them burn off energy before we go Doha Souvenir shopping in the Souq. 

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The Best Parks in Doha for Exercise

Oxygen Park – one of the best parks in Doha

Oxygen Park - one of the best parks in Doha

Oxygen Park – one of the best parks in Doha

Oxygen Park is not the most Central Park in Doha as it is out of the city slightly at Education City. Education City is home to some of the campuses of the best universities in Qatar such as Cornell university, Northwestern university and Georgetown Qatar to name but a few. 

Unless you are a student there is not much to head to Education city for except for the park. The park can be used by anyone and it is truly beautiful. It has gorgeous views of the architectural award nominated Education city mosque which is one of my favourite buildings in the whole of Doha and one of the most beautiful places in Doha.

Although there is a nice playground in Education City Oxygen Park I wouldn’t make a special visit to the park for it as there are lots of better playgrounds closer to the center of Doha. However it was always one of my favourite places to exercise in Doha because there are lots of shady spots and even some cool technology which makes it more comfortable to go for a run here than any other park in Doha in my opinion.

Aspire Park

Best Park in Qatar - best children's park in Qatar

Best Park in Qatar – best children’s park in Qatar

After Oxygen Park out favourite place to go for a run in Doha is Aspire Park. Aspire Park is actually the largest park in the whole of Doha. 

It is located next to a World Cup stadium – the aspire stadium and many other sporting facilities which means many people looking to exercise head here. 

Conveniently there is a great sprung running track and a walking route set up that means you can do your 10,000 steps in one walk. 

Even though this park is fabulous for exercising it is also a great park for children in Doha. In the centre of the park is a lovely little boating lake where you can hire pedaloes. But my children’s favourite thing is the bridge that sprays water over you and conveniently gets you very refreshingly wet. 

This park is also adjacent to the Villagio mall, one of the best malls in Qatar in my opinion, which combine to make a great day out in Doha. 

Other Great Qatar Parks

Umbrella Park Doha 

Another newer entry onto the Doha Park scene. Umbrella Park Doha is located on the Doha Corniche opposite the post office building.  This beautiful park is notable for its lovely avenue of umbrellas making it one of the best instagram spots in Doha

Best Family Parks in Qatar Outside of Doha 

As I have always said Qatar is more than just Doha. And while tourists to Doha will usually stick to Doha parks if you are looking for the best family parks in Qatar outside of the capital we recommend: 

  • Al Wakra Park
  • Al Legtaifiya Park
  • Barzan Olymic Park 
  • Al Khor Park – Complete with a little zoo and in proximity to one of my other favourite places in Qatar – Purple Island. 
  • Dahl Alhamam Garden – located in Khalifa City 

Also as the World Cup stadiums have been developed small parks r green spaces have popped up around them so are a great addition to the Doha park scene.

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These are all amazing parks. Qatar has so many beautiful landscapes and architectures!