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Toy Box Tots Review

Toy Box Tots Review

As many of you know we have just moved to Abu Dhabi! It all happened very quickly and we had to speedily arrange to have all our worldly goods boxed and shipped!  This is not our first expat rodeo having previously lived in Qatar but that time didn’t involve a tiny human! Once our stuff was gone, I suddenly realized that I was facing a month with the toddler on my own with no toys! How ever was I going to cope?! Step in Toy Box Tots!

What is Toy Box Tots?

Toy Box Tots is a toy rental service that delivers new toys right to your door! We were so relieved when they offered us the loan of a box for a month to see us through until we left for our new life! All of the boxes are aged, so we went for the 2-3 years box!

What’s in the box?

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All of the boxes are slightly different but are themed! I love the fact the starting point for each of the boxes stems from the book that is in the box that your child gets to keep! Our box was themed around the book King Cat! It was very apt for our situation as King Cat goes through a big life change and overcomes his anxieties to love his new life!

Reading to me is the most important thing you can do with a child and so I love the centrality they put on the book in the  box.

The toys all really complement the book nicely with our book having lots of animal related toys including a cat puppet which I may have trouble returning at the end of the loan period! There are also suggestions from the creators on games that you could play with your child with the toys in the box. I think this is a really lovely touch as I think parents are always looking for new games to play and for some added inspiration!

There are around 7 toys per box and each are selected carefully for the child’s age range.

How it works

I love the fact that the rental service has so many different options that make it perfect for so many different scenarios! There is the three and seven day option which would be perfect for those going on a short or longer holiday and then go all the way up to 4 weeks! On top of that you can organize a subscription for three, six or twelve months!

Overall opinion of the Toy Box Tots

we absolutely loved the toy box tots box and would definitely use the subscription again especially for those short breaks away where you don’t want to fill your car or haul toddler toys on public transport to your destination!

But I will always remember it for being a life saver for that time when all of our stuff has been despatched to the other side of the world.