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Two years of Wandermust Family

Two years of Wandermust Family

Happy blog versary to us! I can’t believe it has been two years since I started this little online space! What started as a place to collect memories and relocations of our travels and help other parents in similar situations has evolved into something I could have never imagined!

To celebrate our two year blog birthday I’m recapping in all the things that I wish I’d have known, what I’d do differently and letting you know some of the best bits from the last two years!

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Three things I wished I’d known at the beginning

If I have one tip to new bloggers it would be to learn seo from the start. The hours I’ve lost making old posts written in a way that google finds them aren’t worth counting!

Don’t worry about numbers! Small and loyal is better than big and fake!

Find your blogging tribe – the bloggers who support and help rather than those hat think everything is a competition!

Our travels over the past two years

We have had some many great travel experiences over the past two years. From our local adventures in Qatar and the UK, to our more adventurous travel proving that the Maldives is possible with a baby and even traveling round the world with our toddler! We have had so much fun sharing our adventures with you!

My most popular posts

Over the past two years we have written so many posts. But you seem to have really enjoyed:

Posts about

Our lives in Qatar!

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Posts about cruises

and one of our favourite type of posts, a collaboration

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What would you like to see more of as the blog moves forward?