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UK Family Friendly Spa Break at the China Fleet Country Club

UK Family Friendly Spa Break at the China Fleet Country Club

Spa break and family friendly aren’t usually two phases that go hand in hand that is until I have visited the beautiful China Fleet Country Club just outside of Saltash, Cornwall! The China Fleet Country Club is the perfect spa break for families as it does cater to every member of the family. 

History of the China Fleet Country Club

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The China Fleet Country Club was originally founded as the name suggests in Hong Kong but relocated back to the UK in 1991 when Hong Kong was being handed back to China. The Club has a long history with the people of the Royal Navy and this relationship is maintained to this day!

Arrival at the China Fleet Country Club

As we arrived at the China Fleet Country Country Club Wandermust Daddy’s eyes lit up as he spotted the golfers on every side of the driveway! The first thing he did as soon as we checked in was arrange a session at the driving range. Wandermust Daddy was well and truly catered for! Now for the toddler!

Swimming Pool and Spa at China Fleet Country Club

While Wandermust Daddy had eyed the golf course, the toddler spotted the swimming pool as we headed to reception to check in so we quickly grabbed our swimming gear and headed to the pool. The pool is a great size with plenty of area for children to splash with a carefully cordoned area for serious for swimmers. The pool is filled with large boat floats which the toddler went crazy for while older children will enjoy the large slide.

The pool was a giant tick for the toddler! So now only mum left!

While Wandermust Daddy took care of the occupied toddler I headed for a bit of mummy me time in the Aqua Spa! The Spa is free to use by all guests at the Club and has a great variety of rooms and experiences. My favorite was the Aroma Steam Room but I also enjoyed the Laconium, Salt Steam Room and the Jacuzzi to name just a few! An hour in the spa and I felt like a new woman!

Accommodation at the China Fleet Country Club

The rooms at the China Fleet Country Club are perfectly equipped for families being set up as self catering apartments. The large open plan kitchen and living room was perfect for families and the kitchen was well stocked with milk, tea and coffee. The kitchen had everything you would need to cook but as we were there for such a limited time we decided to eat at the on site restaurant.

The master bedroom was a beautiful adult sanctuary and was subtly decorated with en suite.

Restaurant at China Fleet Country Club

There are two restaurants at the China Fleet Country Club – the Brasserie and Upperdeck. Upperdeck is the more formal of the two restaurants but was unfortunately booked for a private function. The Brasserie was a great spot for family dining with lots of toddler friendly food options. We enjoyed the pick and mix style of the kids menu as it meant that we weren’t stuck with a set menu. The toddler selected fish fingers, pasta and sweetcorn and it was great value at under 5GBP per meal. While the little one eagerly tucked into her dinner we enjoyed our meal of a burger and hunters chicken! Both were great value and very tasty!

Other Amenities at the China Fleet Country Club

On top of the restaurants, pool and spa there were a range of other amenities at the China Fleet Country Club. There is a great playground for little ones as well as plenty walking trails. There is also a beauty barn for those looking for a bit of extra pampering and tennis courts for those looking for some extra exertions.

Overall Impression of China Fleet Country Club

We really enjoyed our stay at China Fleet Country Club and our only regret was not staying longer. We loved the range of activities and amenities at the China Fleet Country Club but most of all I loved the fact that this was really a family friendly spa break that catered for every member of the family! We will be returning.

Mudpie Fridays

Saturday 11th of August 2018

Oh my goodness I was out with some girlfriends last night talking about things we don’t do anymore now we have kids and this is one of them! I never thought that spa and kids could go together. Will have to add this to the bucket list xx