The ultimate guide of where to stay in Doha Qatar

The ultimate guide of where to stay in Doha Qatar

When traveling to a new place it can be hard to decide where to stay whether you are staying for 24 hours or longer! Not knowing how transport works, accessibility of attractions versus hotel amenities it can be a minefield. Having lived in Doha for over 3.5 years there are very few hotels we’ve not tried so think we are pretty well qualified to help people decide where to stay in Doha, Qatar. So whether you are traveling as a family, for business or just looking for some great amenities we have you covered we our round up of best places to stay in Doha, Qatar.

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Last Updated: July 2019

How to pick where to stay in Doha Qatar?

It is hard to pick one best location to stay in Doha as I think this is contingent on so many factors i.e. type of traveller, budget and what you want to see when staying in Qatar.

There isn’t really any tourist friendly public transport options in Qatar. However the state run karma taxis are pretty good and reasonably priced. Therefore you shouldn’t worry if your hotel isn’t next to the main tourist site you want to see. Therefore it is better to think about what you want out of a hotel rather than its location when traveling to Doha.

Note: there are more budget options available but as we focus on luxury travel the following will reflect that segment.

Best Area to Stay in Doha Qatar

The city of Doha isn’t really that big and everything is only a short taxi ride away so there really is no one right answer to the question what are the best areas to stay in Doha. Instead I would say there are three main areas you may want to considering staying in Doha.

These are:

  • West Bay – the business district of Doha but with easy access to the corniche and the City Centre Shopping Mall. Good for business, those looking for nightlife and families. Likely to be the best place to stay in Qatar for the business traveller.
  • West Bay Lagoon – all of the hotels in this area tend to have beaches.
  • Out of City – There are some resorts which are out of the city which are best fro those who want a resort feel or access to the sand dunes.

In the below we will list the best Qatar hotels in each area for each type of traveller.

Where to Stay in Doha for every type of traveller!

I would say that there is not just one best hotel to stay in Doha but there are a couple of choice that could vie for the title. I have rounded up the best hotels in Doha for different categories of traveller.

The best family hotels in Doha

There is not one best area in Doha to stay for families but I can say from experience that one of the most family friendly areas is the West Bay Lagoon area.

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Where to Stay In Doha Qatar - Best Area to Stay in DOha

In our opinion one of the best hotel in Doha for families is the Intercontinental.

Unsurprisingly the best family hotel Doha has some amazing facilities that the smallest members of your travelling group will love. It has an amazingly family friendly pool and a covered play area – an essential for the Middle East heat. The rooms are also well presented and large. This hotel is also particularly great  for larger families traveling to Doha.

The Hotel is also full of  family friendly eateries in the form of The  Coral restaurant and one of our family faves – Mykonos. This is really one of the best Doha family hotels in Qatar.

Please note: There are two Intercontinental hotels in Doha – the resort style one as above and the city location. The resort one is much more family friendly than the Intercon the City.

This hotel also features in our Great Middle Eastern Hotels Roundup

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

The hotel with the best beach in Doha 

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar - Best Family Friendly Hotels in Qatar - Best Hotels with a Beach Qatar Where to Stay in Doha -Grand Hyatt Doha

If you are staying in Doha then I recommend looking for a hotel with a beach – no matter the time of year you visit. There are lots of  hotels in Doha with a private beach but if you are looking for the hotel with the best beach in Doha then look no further than The Grand Hyatt Doha which has an unrivaled stretch of beach with views across to the pearl. Another family friendly option, the sea is usually filler with inflatables to delight the young and the young at heart.

If you are going I definitely recommend booking a club room which gives you access to the beautiful concierge lounge.

For a complete guide to the best beach hotels in Doha check our this post.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

You can read our full review of the Grand Hyatt Doha here.

Where to stay Doha for the party animal?

If you are a bit of a part animal and looking for the best places to stay in Doha then for me there really is only one choice.With great bars and food offerings and a central city center location the W Hotel is the perfect place for those looking for a bit more of a party locations. A sleek decor and trendy restaurants such as the fabulous spice market and market place means this is the happening place in Doha.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

Here’s a full review of the W Hotel!

Best business hotel Doha?AKA Best hotels in West Bay Doha

If you are looking for the best hotels to stay in for the business traveller then you need to be looking at West Bay.

The prime city center location at the heart of the business district West Bay makes the Shangri La Doha the ideal place for business travellers to stay. It is attached to the city center mall which us convenient for those with limited time. When I travel for business to Doha this is where I tend to stay.

Here’s a full review of the Shangri La Doha

Another option for West Bay business travellers is the Rotana Hotel City Centre! Also attached to the city centre mall.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

Best hotel to stay for foodies in Doha?

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar - Best Family Friendly Hotels in Qatar - Best luxury hotels Doha Where to Stay in Doha -St Regis

The St Regis is the best luxury hotel in Doha for foodies. It will please even the most discerning of foodie palates.  With offerings such as the Astor grill steakhouse, opal by Gordon Ramsey, the best boozy brunch at vine and the amazing dim sum chain Hakkasan there is something for every palette. Although Doha is full of great restaurants, The St Regis has the best hotel restaurants in the whole of Qatar.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

Best luxury hotel in Doha

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar - Best Family Friendly Hotels in Qatar - Best luxury hotels Doha

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar – Best Family Friendly Hotels in Qatar – Best luxury hotels Doha

Where to Stay in Doha – Four Seasons

Often cited as the best place to stay in Doha – The Four Seasons Doha certainly lives up to the hype. With a great range of restaurants, several pools and a lovely beach area with unrivalled levels of service – there is no other choice for luxury than Four Seasons Doha. There is a reason this is called Qatar best hotel by many of the Doha residents.

You can compare prices and availability for this hotel HERE!

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Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel – Best Places to Stay in Doha for authentic Middle East experience

One of my regrets from my time in the Middle East is not staying at one of  Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels but what could offer a more authentically Middle Eastern experience than staying in a souq?

You can compare prices and availability for this hotel HERE!

The best places to stay in Qatar outside of Doha!

While this is a Doha Where to stay guide, Qatar is more than just Doha. And if you want to escape the city and see a different side to desert life there are a couple places to stay in Qatar that offer this.

Looking for a Maldivian experience in the Middle East? Then the Qatar best place for Maldives style luxury is Banana Island Resort by Anantara. From the Corniche you will take a luxury boat transfer from Qatar to Banana Island itself. With over 900 yards of private beach and accommodations in the form of over water villas with private pools, Banana Island is the closest you can get to the Maldives in the Middle East.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

Want to experience the Arabian desert? Then the hotel you are looking for is the Sealine Beach Resort. A 40 minute drive the city and 30 minutes from the airport, the resort offers a nice beach break swell as having easiest access to the sand dunes of Qatar for those wanting a desert bashing experience.

You can compare prices and check availability for this hotel HERE!

Simaisma A Murwab Resort Hotel is a hotel located 33km north of the Doha city centre. This is the perfect place to stay for those wanting to experience a quieter beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Please note: This is a dry resort.

You can compare prices and availability for this hotel HERE!

Where is your favourite place to stay in Doha? What is your favourite area/places to stay in Doha Qatar? And where did you go on your Qatar stay?

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      Hope you find it useful and enjoy your trip. Do you know where you are staying? Are you going in October? I’m back for a week then

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      if you like luxury then its definitely the place for you

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    Great list of hotels in Doha. Have never been but would like to visit one day #citytripping

  6. October 2, 2017 / 10:17 am

    I think staying in Souk Waqif would have been nice. Visited on a long layover (free city tour) going to South Africa. On the way back I did the airport hotel – so convenient!

  7. February 6, 2018 / 3:09 am

    Hey, thanks for sharing such an informative post. I am planning to visit Doha in June with my family. Your post will help me a lot. Thank you.

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  8. Juliana
    February 26, 2018 / 2:50 am

    Hi, I am visiting Doha in October, if I am staying in Souk Waqif, how do I go to the other modern side of Doha? Do I catch a taxi or should I rent a car?

    • February 26, 2018 / 5:04 am

      Hi Juliana thanks for your comment! From souq waqif taxis are readily available and I would estimate a cab to West Bay would cost approx 20qar! Doha is very easy to get around win by taxi so I wouldn’t bother renting a car and if you want to go out into the desert there are lots of reputable companies who can take you. You can also walk from the souq to West Bay along the corniche but this is weather dependent! It would take probably 45 minutes. Let me know if you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer and I’d love To hear how you find he souq waqif hotels as it’s pretty much the only place I haven’t stayed in Doha

  9. Matt
    February 19, 2019 / 8:36 am

    Hi. Thanks so much for this wonderful information. I am travelling to Doha and staying for 3 nights from the 19th May 2019. I do a lot of landscape and cityscape photography with pro gear and tripod etc. Where would you suggest is best to stay within walking distance to get some beautiful sunset and evening shots of the city. Looking for water reflections of the city also. Happy to get taxis if needed but would love to walk to any areas I plan to photograph. I also plan on doing a boat trip on one of the days. Thanks again.

    • February 19, 2019 / 8:51 am

      Hello – everywhere is a short taxi so you won’t have to worry too much! If you stay st four seasons, Sheraton or Hilton you are right on water next to the skyscrapers in west bay! City centre Rotana and shangri la aren’t on the water but right amongst the skyscrapers! However if you want to be closer to the Souq and have the bay before the skyscrapers then you probably should look at doubletree Hilton (I haven’t stayed there I’m afraid)b

  10. sumeya
    October 1, 2019 / 6:43 pm

    great post and exactly what were looking for
    my husband and i have narrowed down the hotels that we like but are unsure on which one would be best
    we are coming to doha for a short birthday break to soak in some sun
    we have narrowed it down to
    1) hilton doha
    2) grand hyatt
    3) ezdan palace hotel

    please could you give me som comparisons between these 3 hotels if possible


    • October 1, 2019 / 6:58 pm

      Hello – I’ve not been in ezdan I’m afraid. For me grand Hyatt has the better beach and eateries on site. Hilton however is closer to west bay if you want to walk to the mall and along west bay. Both are good hotels but when we did beach breaks we tended to go to the grand Hyatt.

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