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What is the best cruise cabins for families?

What is the best cruise cabins for families?

We are experienced cruisers, mainly as a couple but we took Baby E as soon as she hit Royal Caribbean’s 6 month minimum age limit – you can read all our tips for cruising with a baby here and we have carried on cruising even now that we have a toddler! Now we all know that the different stages of childhood present different challenges which can be difficult when looking into what type of cruise cabin to book for your family. So how do you know what is the best cruise cabin for families? We are lucky enough to have experienced all of the types of cabins listed below on a variety of lines! In this guide we round all of the types of cabins and give top tips for each to help you pick the best cruise cabin for your family! 

What is the best cruise cabins for families?

Is an Inside Cruise Cabin best for families? 

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This is the cheapest type of cabin aboard cruise ships because as the name suggests it is doesn’t have a view or a balcony. This is best for the budget conscious family traveller, and the family that needs pitch black for baby to sleep! It might not have the best view (or any view for that matter) but how much time are you really going to be spending in their anyway with all of the activities onboard!

Top Tips for Staying in a Cruise Inside Cabin with kids

  • Best tip I can give is pack light! I’m not going to lie these cabins are small so storing luggage, a car seat, travel cot  and a stroller will be a challenge. So don’t overpack. Some ships have laundrette facilities on board (Check your line) while others usually offer a half price wash towards the middle of the week. Take advantage of this and take some hand wash on board.
  • Remember to pack a baby bath because unless you are on Disney your room will not have a bath and the sinks aren’t really big enough to even wash a baby!
  • If you are travelling with a stroller – which we recommend when cruising with babies or cruising with toddlers then we recommend a compact one. Check out our full guide to the best stroller for cruise travel

For more information on how to choose a baby friendly cruise click here

Inside Cabins with a Difference

  • Disney Magic – offers virtual portholes with Disney characters swimming or flying past your porthole!
  • Royal Caribbean – offers virtual balconies on select ships.

For more first time cruise tips click here! 

Is a cruise Seaview cabin best for families? 

Ideal for the family with an on-the-move baby. More expensive than the indoor but with a window but no balcony. Safer than the balcony rooms but still offering mum and dad a view of the outside world

Top Tips for Seaview Cabins for Families

  • Same as above.
  • Remember these cabins can be on the lower levels so if mum or dad suffers from sea sickness to take tablets with you. Lower decks tend to feel the motion more.

Is a cruise balcony cabin best for families? 

Ideal for families with small babies. These cabin offer mum and dad a chance to sit outside while baby naps. I also found this cabin very useful when I was cruising pregnant with morning sickness as I liked being able to have fresh air in the room. 

Top Tips for Balcony Cabins for Families

  • Same as above
  • Remember if you take the baby bath it can double up as a paddling pool on the balcony. Remember only children that have been potty trained can use the pools aboard cruise ships (unless there is a specific small splash pool or on Disney).

If you are cruising with a baby be sure to check out our dedicated baby cruise packing list!

Is a Cruise Suite Worth it for Families?

We were lucky enough to stay in a suite aboard our first family cruise. There are many benefits to having a suite – more room, a bath tub and a lovely balcony. Ideal for larger families which can’t be accommodated in the smaller cabins and those families who can spend a bit more.

Best Cruise Cabins for Families - Best Cruise Ship Suites Cruising with Kids Our suite

What are the best Cruise Cabins for Larger Families

Cruise lines have rooms that can accommodate larger families (+5) via adjoining staterooms etc. However these are obviously limited in number so my advice would be to book these early! It is worth checking individual cruises to work out whether a suite or adjoining cabins are the cheapest route for you. Usually it will be adjoining cabins however it is always worth checking for offers. Disney is a particularly easy line to book with for larger families but obviously this can be a more expensive line

These are my recommendations and top tips for families wanting to go on a cruise with a baby. You can find out more cruise top tips from me and other family travel bloggers here and why not check out are handy embarkation day packing list for families with babies!

Have you been on a cruise with a baby? What would your tips be?

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Emma leteace

Monday 17th of April 2017

I've never cruised with a baby but I have cruised with my brother and both my parents.. IN AN INSIDE CABIN. No problems at all :-)

Maybe I'll make it to a suite one day...

Wandermust Mummy

Monday 17th of April 2017

Cruises are great for all in my opinion. Did our first suite last year and it was a lovely splurge! We travelled inside many times and always had a fab time