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Yum cha brunch at Hwang, Doha Review

All week I had been looking forward to a weekend staycation at the four seasons. Then one look at this weeks weather made me change my mind … rain and thunderstorms. Not exactly perfect weather for a beach break. So postponing our break until the following week we were at a loss at what to do with our rainy Doha weekend. I looked in our entertainer app for inspiration when I saw for this month only there was a 2 for 1 brunch offer at hwang – problem solved! 

Reservations for Yum Cha Brunch, Doha

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The pre arrival I have to admit wasn’t great. It took me several attempts at calling before someone answered and then several follow up calls about our reservation.

Need I have worried?  Absolutely not! Our table was ready on arrival in a lovely spot and staff were only to happy to help and explain the menu.

The Yum Cha Brunch Concept

The concept of yum cha is small plates of food almost tapas style served to you at the table unlike most brunches in Doha which are served buffet style. I really like this as with the baby it meant we could still enjoy eating together without having to do a relay for food.

The menu is all south East Asian food and is split into sections of soups, hot and cold appetisers, steamed, wok,  grilled, curries, rice and noodles, vegetables and desserts. We opted for the soft drink option. What I loved was the range of mocktails offered rather than just soft drinks. I loved the nohito while wandermust daddy loved the jasmine ice tea. I’d love to go back and try their actual cocktail range!

The Food at the Yum Cha Brunch, Doha

We started with soups while we perished the full extent of the menu. I had the Laksa which was delicious while wandermust daddy ordered the tom Kha ghai. By his own admission he is not a soup fan but this he loved. I think if it hasn’t been the start of the meal he may have ordered a second portion.

Next we tried the appetisers. We both loved the lettuce cup and the green mango salad which was particularly refreshing.

Cold appetisers

For hot appetisers we ordered the crispy wasabi prawns and the Vietnamese sping rolls. The crispy prawns weren’t particularly crispy but were very tasty.

Steamed appetisers

My personal favourite course was the steamed. I loved the dim sum but our favourite was three steamed grouper which was surprisingly flavourful.

Next we selected from the grilled sections. We loved the grilled satay sticks. I liked the beef and wandermust daddy preferred the chicken. We were also fans of the fruity tofu which was a surprisingly mix.

Grilled course

At this point we were pretty full but determined to try more obviously for review purposes. For mains we tried he king po, the jungle curry and the BBQ chicken. We couldn’t face the rice as we were too full but loved the asparagus and broccoli sides!

Mains, noodles and veg

We had dessert to say we tried it. I’m personally not a fan of Asian desserts. I had the chilli chocolate lava cake which was nice but we agreed the best was coconut tapioca.

In conclusion

So would we go again? Absolutely! We loved the small plates which allowed us to try a brill range of food and loved he fact that it was served rather than buffet style. The staff were excellent and the decor lovely. I think this might become our go to whenever we are hankering south East Asian food!

Important Details

The cost for the soft drinks package was 223qar and was 2 for 1 in the entertainer app. Even for full price I think this is a great value brunch.

I’d never before been to the intercon the city but after our experience at Hwang I’m keen to try some of their other offerings!

Have you been to the yum cha brunch? What did you think? 


Friday 3rd of February 2017

That all looks so delicious. I don't think I've ever had a brunch like that but I do love Chinese food. I really wouldn't mind it today :)

Wandermust Mummy

Friday 3rd of February 2017

Yes I'd not been to one like this! I loved the table service element