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Best things to do in Billund with kids

Best things to do in Billund with kids

We just got back from visiting Billund with our kids. Most people are aware that Billund is the original home of Lego and most visitors head there for the park. However, we discovered there is so much more to do in Billund than just the Legoland Billund park. In this guide we round up the best things to do in Billund with kids that we did, our ideal itinerary and more! 

Best Things to do in Billund with kids 

Legoland Billund

Girl with back to camera looking at a lego creation of Copenhagen

Legoland Billund with kids

Of course you can’t talk about kids and Billund in the same sentence without mentioning Legoland Billund. Although British readers will of course draw comparisons between Billund and Legoland Windsor, however even though we are regular visitors to Windsor since we only live 40 minutes away, we loved Billund even more. 

The park for one thing is very flat and therefore much easier to get around than it’s Windsor counterpart. It also, has some completely unique rides such as: 

  • Polar X-plorer – the biggest rollercoaster in the park, 
  • X-treme Racers – a lego technic car that races around a track, and
  • the Eagle – another original rollercoaster in the park. 

Alongside some fan favorites such as Unikitty’s Disco Drop and Ninjago the ride as well as the traditional Miniland. 

It is worth noting that most of the rides have a minimum height requirement of 1m. Therefore if you want to visit Billund with toddlers we recommend waiting until they have reached a metre in height otherwise they will be limited in what they can do. 

For full information about what to do at Legoland and a suggested itinerary please check out our dedicated Legoland Billund itinerary. 

Note: we visited Legoland during the Easter holidays and spent two days in the park. You could condense this into one day however with peak time queues and the amount there is to do in the park we recommend allocating two days in your Billund itinerary if you can. 

Also be prepared to have some spends with you if you love Lego as the park has the largest Lego Store in the world which also stocks limited edition sets and discounted ones too. It is a true gem for any Lego fan. 


Lalandia Aquadome Exterior shot

Why Lalandia is one of the best things to do in Billund with kids

Lalandia is Denmark’s equivalent of Centre Parcs. When we visited Billund we opted to stay at the Legoland Hotel for a more immersive trip. However next time I would consider splitting my time between an on-site hotel and Lalandia. 

But we did visit the Lalandia complex on a day pass to visit the amazing Aquadome. It can be compared to the pools at Centre Parcs with slides and water rapids however is much bigger and has the added bonus of saunas and a cave pool which when you go underwater you swim alongside a giant aquarium tank filled with tropical fish. 

Please note: Lalandia is an easy walk from Legoland and can be visited on a day pass. However on some days the aquadome may be closed to external visitors so be sure to book your tickets in advance. 

The Aquadome cost us for four people just under 146GBP when we visited. You can use the ticket to enter the pool once, you can’t enter and exit as many times as you want in one day. However there is a food court in the complex so it is easy to spend the day there and have lunch in the food court. 

While it is an expensive day trip our family definitely got full use out of the ticket. But if you are staying on-site the pool is free to enter. 

There are also other facilities at Lalandia such as:

  • Bowling, 
  • Ice Skating, 
  • Mini Golf and
  • Monky Tonks Playground that you can enjoy.

Walk the Playline 

Playline sign of three brightly colored poles

Billund with kids

The Playline is basically the walk you take from Lalandia / Legoland into the centre of Billund. This isn’t a separate attraction in itself but my kids certainly loved walking it and doing the little challenges on the way. 

Take Selfies at the Lego HQ

Woman and two children stood in front of giant lego minifigure statue

Best things to do in Billund with kids

The new Lego HQ opened in 2022 and is a sight to behold with its yellow Lego brick top floor. But it is more than just a building it is a whole campus with some great spots for taking selfies including in front of the giant minifigure that stands outside the HQ. 

There is also a small playground that my kids loved playing at as we walked back from town every night. 

Lego House

Giant tree sculpture made from Lego

Lego House

Whereas Legoland is a theme park, Lego House is more of a science centre / museum. I wasn’t sure about how much I would enjoy Lego House, not being a Lego fan personally and traveling with a toddler but how wrong I was. Lego House was actually the highlight of our trip. 

As you enter, you are greeted by the largest Lego sculpture in the world – the Tree of Creativity which stands at 15 metres high and contains a whopping 6 million bricks and the inspiration and wow factor continues as you walk around themed zones where there is oodles of opportunities to get hands on with bricks. From creating tropical fish that come alive, racing race cars on tracks to creating stop motion movies with mini figures, there is really endless creative opportunities.

We arrived at Lego House at 11am and didn’t leave until closing at 7pm and to be honest we didn’t get everything done. In fact I wish we had allocated two days to Lego House in our itinerary. 

Top Tip: I was worried about visiting Lego House with a toddler as I thought he may get bored. But how wrong I was. Every room as well as having Lego also has a section dedicated to Duplo which my little one loved. There are also some outdoor playgrounds on the roof of the bricks that are a good place to let little ones blow off steam too. 

Skulpturpark Billund

This is a traditional sculpture park in the centre of Billund and can be walked to get between the town centre and Legoland / Lalandia. 

Wow Park 

Unfortunately we ran out of time to do the next two items on this list but we are planning to return to Billund next year for a longer stay and will definitely be coming here.  Similar in some ways to Go Ape, Wow park is full of swings, suspension bridges and swinging ropes that kids will love. 

We can’t wait to return to Billund and try this for ourselves!

Givskud Zoo

Again, we ran out of time for this but is on our itinerary for Billund next year. It is located a 25 minute drive from central Billund and once there you can go on a safari tour either in your own vehicle or on a zoo provided bus. 

What else you need to know

Where to eat in Billund with kids?

I was a little apprehensive before we headed to Billund knowing how bad the food was at Legoland Windsor however I was pleasantly surprised with the food in the park itself and how easy it was to get into Billund to more restaurants. 

Our favorite restaurants to eat at while in Billund were:

Gastropub Billund 

Two children drawing on a glass window

Where to eat in Billund with kids

A lovely gastropub opposite Lego House that has a lovely children’s menu and that kids will love because you get to draw on the glass windows with magic markers! 

We ate here twice during our stay and it was really delicious. Top tip though, be sure to book in advance especially if you are there on a quiz night as tables do get filled. 

Cafe Bellini

We had lovely pizzas here and is walkable to the park and Lego House and is conveniently located next to the discount supermarket should you need to stock up on essentials like milk and fruit. 

Mini Chef

Robots at Mini Chef

Mini Chef Review

I feel quite ambivalent about Mini Chef given the cost and food but my kids absolutely loved it so you will probably want to add it to your itinerary. You can read our full review of Mini Chef here!

Where to stay in Billund for families? 

View of a room in the Legoland Hotel Billund with bricks

Legoland Hotel Review

When we stayed at Billund we stayed at the Legoland Hotel in a park view room. It was perfect for exploring the parks and Billund and the room was quite generous by European standards. Kids will also love the lego theming, games, activities and other Lego bonuses you get by staying on -site. 

On our next visit however we plan to split our time between the Lego hotel and Lalandia. 

How long do you need to Billund? 

On our recent trip to Billund we spent 4 days / 4 nights and to be honest we could have stayed longer. In order to probably do Legoland, Lego House and Lalandia you will definitely need a minimum of 3 nights but next time I plan to go for a week and am not worried about filling our time. 

Best way to get around Billund?

Billund is one of the easiest places to get around. From the airport you can jump in a taxi or a bus if your flight lands during the day or early evening. 

And once you are at Billund everything is walkable. In fact we never used a bus or taxi outside of getting to and from the airport during our entire trip. 

We hope this has helped you plan your trip to Billund but if you have any questions please drop them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.