Ramadan Tent Suhoor at the Grand Hyatt Doha

Last night we went to the Ramadan Tent Suhoor at the Grand Hyatt Doha. Ramadan tents pop up all over Doha during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan offering Iftars (the breaking of the fast meal) and Suhours (the early morning meal meant to sustain you for the whole next day fasting). We arrived at the Grand Hyatt at 10pm for the opening of Suhour at their Ramadan tent. We found it to be the perfect place to enjoy this special part of Qatar’s Islamic culture. Here’s why:

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Ramadan in Qatar – Your Essential 2019 Guide

Ramadan in Qatar – Your Essential 2019 Guide

When I talk to people about living in Qatar, one of the first topics of conversation is about what life is like during Ramadan in Qatar. As I am asked this question so often I thought it would be useful to put together the essential guide for anyone, visitor or expat about what to expect during Ramadan in Doha 2019! In this guide I’m going to let you know some of our favorite things to do in Doha during Ramadan, our favorite restaurants open during Ramadan Doha, the  special events going on during Ramadan in Qatar 2019 and the Ramadan rules you must observe.  View Post

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