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Baby’s First Summer Holiday Ideas – June – August

Baby’s First Summer Holiday Ideas – June – August

There are so many firsts to treasure with your new baby – Christmas, Birthdays, food, smiles. One of the firsts I was most looking forward to was taking baby on her first summer holiday! But where is the perfect destination for baby’s first summer holiday? Here some of our favourite  family travel bloggers tell you about our favourite places to go for Baby’s first summer holiday.  So whether you want city breaks, beach breaks, European holidays or something more exotic we have you covered  with some great global suggestions for baby’s first summer holiday ideas.

Baby’s First Summer Holiday Ideas – Where to go with a baby in June

Greece with a baby – by Explore as a Family

Greece with a baby aged 3 months

Baby's First Holiday - Greece
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Baby’s First Holiday – Greece

We went to Greece in June 2016 when my daughter was 3 months old. We did a week island hopping the Greek islands by ferry and then one week seeing Athens, Delphi and Meteora by car. Greece is the perfect place to travel with kids – the weather is beautiful, there’s a perfect mix of culture and beaches, sights to see and places to relax.

The greek people LOVE families and went out of their way to make us comfortable at every destination. My biggest tip would be to get a structured carrier since many of the islands and sites like the acropolis aren’t stroller friendly. In Santorini we brought our stroller into Fira and Oia on the first day only to carry it around most of the day.

Malta with a baby by Wanderlust and Wetwipes

Malta with a baby Aged  9 weeks

Baby's First Summer Holiday - Malta

Baby’s First Summer Holiday – Malta

We stayed with family in London and in the Grand Hotel on Gozo, Malta. London was great as we were thrilled to show off our new family member but it was an experience to visit a town that we knew well with a new baby as suddenly the public transport routes you knew well are useless without step free access (and even when there is access sometimes it takes you all over the shop instead of straight up the escalators!).

Malta is incredibly welcoming to kids and of course being part of the wedding party AND having a tiny baby got us a lot of attention! We took far too much stuff but it was what I needed to do at the time. I got a travel boppy the day before we left and it was actually one of the best things I ever bought!

Its easier said than done but I would say to relax when things don’t go to plan or schedules are thrown off. When its your first everything seems so stressful but in fact travelling with small babies is so much easier than when they are any other age. If you are going to be busy (as we were for the wedding) then planning is key – I was militant about pumping enough milk that my husband could do some of the feeds and so I could have a drink as well

Malta with Baby and kids is a perfect holiday destination

Fiji Holiday with a baby in June by Escape with Kids

Fiji holiday with a baby aged 10 months.

Baby's First Summer Holiday - Fiji

Baby’s First Summer Holiday – Fiji

“Fiji is the perfect destination for baby’s first holiday. Relax in the warm, tropical weather, spend hours playing with bub in the water, then pass baby into the loving arms of a mei mei nanny for a couple of hours. Bliss!”

Baby’s First Summer Holiday Ideas – Where to go with a baby in July

European Travels by What Ali Sees

Age: 1 year

Our destination was London, Paris, Wroclaw (Poland), Ayrshire (Scotland), London. It was a whirlwind 2 week trip visiting friends in London, attending a wedding in Poland, visiting Culzean Castle in Scotland for our 10th wedding anniversary  (as this was the venue of our wedding), then back to London for more exploring and showing our son where we used to live.

The 30 hour flight from Australia with a 1 year old might scare a lot of people off choosing this kind of holiday, but we handled it pretty well. Our son was too big for the bassinet on the plane so we only used that for play time and snacks. The rest of the flight he sat snuggled into me.

We didn’t let jetlag keep us at home when we arrived in London. In fact we got straight out exploring and letting our son experience the grass beneath his feet in a new country. He proved to us, from a very early age how resilient and interested he is in exploring new places. The whole trip was such a great confidence booster for us as parents too! We realised that we could travel far and wide with him, as long as we allowed him to have at least 1 nap a day, we could still get out with the stroller and see everything we wanted to.

Traveling to Bali with a baby by Flip Flop Globetrotters

Age: 18 months

When our son was 18 months old we decided to travel with him for a year. We stayed in our own holiday house in Dahab, Egypt for 2 months and then decided to go traveling Bali with a bay. The both of us had in been in South East Asia before, but never with our little one. And for all three of us it was our first introduction to Indonesia.

We chose Bali because it would be easy to find diapers and such for our son, but were a bit worried it might be too touristy for us. Through their blog I knew a Dutch family that lived in Sanur with their 2 small kids. So we decided Sanur would be our starting point. We even stayed in our blogger friends’ house (a gorgeous 3-bedroom 3-bathroom villa with private pool!) for a week when they were in Holland.

We spend our two months in Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, Amed and a small village north of Ubud. Being budget travelers we chose to eat mostly at small warungs and food markets, which was a brilliant way to meet people. The Balinese love kids and our son was a great conversion starter 🙂 We liked Bali a lot more than we anticipated, largely due to the lovely locals we met. There are still a lot of areas where you can experience authentic Balinese Hindu culture. We definitely recommend traveling to Bali with a baby.

Baby’s First Summer Holiday Ideas – Where to go with a baby in August

Ardeche and Alps by Travelling with Our Kids

Baby's First Holiday The Alps

Baby’s First Holiday The Alps

How Old – 6 months

We took a road trip all the way from Scotland to the South of France (Ardeche). We were on a Eurocamp holiday in a caravan which we always enjoy. For the second week we travelled to the Alps and stayed in a lovely caravan site. There was a lot of travelling involved but we would highly recommend a road trip with a baby. As long as you are stopping regularly on the journey and watch the heat (especially in the summer month in the Ardeche) it makes for a great holiday. We found most places we visited to be baby friendly although having a portable highchair does come in handy when travelling in France (from our experience)

Where did you or are you planning on taking your baby on their first summer holiday? 

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Baby's first summer holiday ideas

Baby’s first summer holiday ideas




Cath - BattleMum

Monday 31st of July 2017

There are some great ideas in there for people wondering where to take their baby on their first summer holiday. I'd love to visit Bali or Fiji one day, although it will most likely be when our son is older. Thanks for linking up to #wanderlustkids

Melissa @ The Family Voyage

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

So many great ideas here! But do I *have* to bring the kids on a trip to Fiji? That's one I'd much rather do without them :-P

Cath - BattleMum

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

The first summer holiday our son went on was to Slovenia when he was 18 months old. He had travelled before but not during summer time. And we loved it. We stayed near Lake Bled and ventured further with him with no problems at all. A great country to visit. #fearlessfamtrav


Wednesday 5th of July 2017

such a wonderful collection of ideas for families wanting to get away with their baby. Lots of Inspiration! coming from #fearlessfamtrav

Penny Alexander

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

What a lovely post that goes to show the world is still your ocean with a baby. We loved Malta too, ours were big then but can see it being lovely with a baby.