Best Instagram Family Travel Hashtags

Best Instagram Family Travel Hashtags

Instagram is a platform that I really love but it is a tough cookie to crack. There are lots of posts about how the new Instagram algorithm has changed and lowered engagement but no matter I still like using it. One of the best ways I have found to increase engagement within my niche is to use good hashtags. Hashtags I particularly like are those that are used in Instagram communities. for those of you that don’t know what this is, it means that when you use the hashtag, the creators and followers of this hashtag are likely to engage and secondly you have a chance to be featured in (the usually) roundup of the best posts featuring this hashtag. So without further ado here are my favorite community and roundup hashtags and in my opinion, the best Instagram hashtags for family travel bloggers to use.

Best Family Travel Hashtags

1.  #FearlessFamTrav – one of the best hashtags for family trips

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Wandermust Family at the Great Wall of China

hosted by: Wandermust Family and Travelynn Family 

Why we love it: This family Travel Hashtag showcases the best traveling families, taking on the world fearless with littles. Every week Leona (that’s me) and Jenny pick their six favourite photos of fearless families travelling around the globe! The two families have a dedicated family travel audience opening you up to great levels of engagement on family travel Instagram pics!

2. Best Family Trip Hashtag #travelmadfam

hosted by:@travelmadfam

Why we love it: This family trip hashtag showcases families that are travel crazy! Great roundups and the @travelmadmum regularly showcases families on her instastories. Her huge audience (1ooK+) means there is a great chance for exposure to new audiences.

3. Best Family Travel Hashtag #familytravel

hosted by:FamilyTravel

Why we love it: If you are looking for the perfect hashtag for family trip photos then look no further than the family travel hashtag! The account is highly curated so you know you will only find the very best family travel Instagram pics on this hashtag roundup

4. Best Outdoor Instagram family hashtags #pottyadventures

hosted by:Potty Adventures

Why we love it: This hashtag knows it’s niche! Use this hashtag to be featured in the monthly roundup of outdoors family travel,

5. Best Family Travel Hashtag #wearetravelmums

hosted by: Travel Mums

Why we love it: This is really a celebration of mums who travel with their baby. It is a beautiful and curated feed with a following of over 18K

6. #followyoursunshine – A Top Family Hashtag on Instagram

hosted by: @polbag

Why we love it: It showcases the sunniest side of family travel. Polly. has a dedicated group of followers and she rounds up the best of the hashtag on her instastories!

7. Best Family Travel Hashtag #babycantravel

hosted by:Baby Can Travel

Why we love it: Regular features with over 18K followers showcasing the best in baby travel hashtags.This really is one of the most popular hashtag for baby travel!

8. Best Hashtag for family travel #freespiritedchildhood

hosted by: @otisandus and @kippersandcurtains

Why we love it: This is one of the most brilliant family hashtags on Instagram as it showcases the best of curious kids around the world!

9. Best Instagram hashtags for family travel #mycolourfulkids

hosted by: Ladybird Adventures

Why we love it: The most colorful of the hashtags that covers family travel

10. Best Family Vacation Hashtags #holidayswithkids 

Why we love it: This hashtag is linked to the popular Australian Holidays with Kids magazine. Great inspiration and your chance to be featured on their page oneven magazine.

11. Best Family Travel Hashtag #myfamilywanderlust

Why we love it: a whole account dedicated to regramming the best family travel photos! Use the hashtag and give them a tag to be featured!

12. Best Family Hash tag for travel#awesometravelkids

Why we love it: Feed featuring the most beautiful shots of families across the world!

13. One of the best hashtags for instagram family travel #familiestraveling

Why we love it: a beautiful feed that clearly credits the original poster!

14. Best Hashtags for Family Vacation #lpkids

Why we love it: Not a roundup but had to feature it! The Lonely Planet has to be an inspiration to most of the family travel traveller out there so this hashtag is an essential in the family travel Instagram community

(Photos all illustrative of hashtag but all images copyright of Wandermust Family)

Other great family holiday hashtags




#Kidswhoexplore – one of the best family fun hashtags on Instagram!


#Watch_us_wander – one of the best family hashtags for instagram





#loveyourtimetogether – my favourite hashtag for family bonding shots!


#lppathfinders – one of the best hashtags for travel generally on instagram


#runwildmychild – this is one of the best family hashtags not just for travel but for days outa swell!

#Travelbrood – one of the best hashtags about family travel

What’s your favorite family travel hashtag? What family travel hashtag gets you most likes? 

Looking for more Instagram inspiration? Then why not check out our day specific hashtags so you can rock Instagram every day of the week!

If you think we’ve missed a great hashtag on the list let us know and we will add it! 

Best Family Travel Hashtags for Instagram Best Instagram Family Travel Hashtags

Best Family Travel Hashtags for Instagram Best Instagram Family Travel Hashtags


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