Tokyo with toddler or baby in tow

Tokyo with toddler or baby in tow

We loved travelling to Japan, but before we went we wondered if the frantic lifestyle of Tokyo, and the loudness of toddlers and babies be a match made in heaven? We are happy to report that we had an absolutely fantastic time with our toddler in Tokyo but there were definitely some tips and tricks that made our trip better! In this guide we round up what we think are the best places to stay in Tokyo with baby or toddlers, the best things to eat, where to buy supplies for baby  and of course what we found to be the best things to do in Tokyo with toddler or baby in tow! 

Ultimate Guide to Tokyo with Toddler or Baby in Tow

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How to get Around Tokyo with toddler or baby

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities I have ever been to and I think one think that concerned me when travelling with our little one was the thought of  travelling on public transport with young kids however we were pleasantly surprised at how easy we found getting around this bustling city! While we were there we used the metro, bullet trains and taxis with no issues.

Should you take a stroller to Tokyo?

I would say definitely yes. If you are travelling to Japan with young kids then a stroller for me is an essential. The kids are likely going to be jet lagged so that stroller is really handy when it undoubtedly hits at an inconvenient time.

However I would advise taking an umbrella stroller or stroller that fits into an overhead locker. The trains and metro are busy and there is not much space for luggage etc so you will need something compact. We also tried to avoid travelling during rush hour.

On the whole, we found Tokyo easy to navigate with a stroller with lots of flat pavements and accessible stations.

Should you take a car seat to Tokyo?

I heard a lot of conflicting information before we went to Tokyo about whether or not we should travel with a car seat. I will not travel anywhere without our car seat so stubbornly decided to take it despite things I read online and I am happy to say that we had absolutely no issues. We didn’t use taxis much, but when we did, the taxi drivers were happy to wait while I quickly clipped it in!

I should note that we used our urban kanga which is super quick to fix in with a seatbelt so I could do this while our luggage was being loaded!

You can read our guide to best toddler car seats for travel here!

Taking the bullet train with a baby or toddler

I was slightly apprehensive about taking the bullet train with our toddler but actually it was sooo easy! The organisation around the trains is amazing and easy to navigate he station and find the correct carriage and seat!

If you are travelling with littles on the bullet train to Kyoto (another great kids friendly city in Japan) or elsewhere then my biggest tip is to pack light and make sure if you are using a stroller it is very compact as space like everywhere in Japan is limited!

If you do need to take a large amount of luggage then I would advise sending this with a luggage delivery service!

Where to Stay with a Baby or Toddler in Tokyo

For such a tiny human it is amazing how much space you need when travelling with a baby or a toddler. Japan is renowned for having small rooms and not a lot of space which can be a challenge when travelling with small children.

High End Hotels in Tokyo for Families

We stayed at the Conrad which is one of my all time favourite hotel chains. We love the convenient location of the Tokyo branch, just above a station, 7-11 and a Starbucks (you are going to need the caffeine when dealing with that jet lag).

The room size was good and the facilities were great. There is even a pool on site though I just admit we never used it.

You can check prices and book online here!

The Grand Hyatt

This is in the Roppongi area which is a very convenient place to stay with lots of attractions nearby.

You can check prices and book online here!

Park Hyatt 

If you want to stay in the hotel featured in the Lost in Translation film then you need to go to the Park Hyatt. We looked at staying in the Park Hyatt as it is one of Tokyo’s most famous hotels however we decided not to go there because the location isn’t as convenient. However, if you aren’t looking for a central location then this hotel is a good choice with great facilities such as pool and spa!

You can check prices and book online here!

The Peninsula

This is perhaps the hotel with the best location in Tokyo as it is right next door to Tokyo Station! It has an airport shuttle but also has unbelievable public transport access. On top of that it has great facilities.

You can check prices and book online here!

Four Seasons 

Another choice attached to Tokyo Station. The Four Seasons is a brand that knows how to prepare for its smallest guests.

You can check prices and book online here!

Best Mid-Range Hotels For Families

Shibuya Excel Hotel

This is in one of the busier areas of Tokyo but is good for transport links. This is right near the famous Shibuya Crossing.

You can check prices and book online here!

Best Budget Hotels for Families in Tokyo

If you are travelling with babies or toddlers in Tokyo I don’t recommend looking at the budget hotel and hostel options. These are severely limited on space and therefore not the easiest to do when you have a baby or toddler.

Best ApartHotels in Tokyo 

If you are looking for a hotel with a kitchenette then staying in an apart hotel might be your best option.

Citadines Shinjuku Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel with a kitchenette then Citadines Shinjuku Hotel might be a good option for you. This aparthotel has a kitchenette and laundry facilities that might make travelling with littles easier.

You can check prices and book online here!

Mimaru Tokyo Ueno Inaricho

Another apartment hotel. The rooms are of a good size for Japan and they have options for larger families. Each apartment has a kitchenette, seating area and bedrooms.

You can check prices and book online here!

Airbnb in Japan

If you are looking for a place with more rooms, then you might want to consider staying in an AirBnB. Please do be sure to look for Superhosts and use official channels when booking.

Things to Do in Tokyo with baby or toddler

Tokyo actually has a wealth of great things that can be done with a toddler. The favourites with the Wandermust Toddler were:


Japan is renowned for its fantastic gardens! And Tokyo has some great ones. Our personal favourite was Hamarikyu  Gardens! We also liked them because they were close to where we were staying, at Conrad Tokyo!

There are plenty of wide open spaces for children to blow off steam while also giving us parents a chance to take in the peace and relaxation of the perfectly designed garden!

We combined our visit to Hamarikyu Gardens with our time at the Fish Market which we went to in the morning! I was a little hesitant about visiting the fish market as we had not have much success visiting the Boqueria in Barcelona with our little one! However despite, still being busy, we found the Tokyo fish market much easier to navigate! The gardens are a short walk away and definitely the pairing with the market!

The gardens are definitely stroller friendly!

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, is the perfect tonic for a baby or toddler to the business of the central Tokyo district! Another great place to let kids blow off steam or take a Gentle stroll around with your pram!

Tokyo Disney Parks

I know there are always a lot of questions on what age is the right age for visiting Disney but all I can say is that my 18month old had an absolute blast! I have compared both Disney and Disneysea for toddler suitability and for me Disneyland just pips Disneysea to the post for babies and toddlers but if you have time I recommend visiting both!

Top tip: book your tickets online and in advance to save queuing!

Ueno Park

This large park next to Ueno station is an ideal place to head with babies or toddlers in Tokyo! If traveling in Spring it is a great place to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo! It is also home to Tokyo zoo!

Mori Digital Museum

A light installation museum which will be a great sensory experience for littles!

Senso-ji Temple

Who would have thought temples and toddlers would go together but we had a great time! The famed Senso-ji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo having been dedicated in 628. Although destroyed in the world war it was rebuilt. We found this to be an easy place to travel around with littles in tow.

What not to Do – or at least things you need to prepare for

Shibuya Crossing

Now I think Shibuya Crossing is a must for any Japan bucket list however if you are travelling with a baby or toddler it definitely requires some planning. The sheer number of people means it can be very overwhelming for a little! Know whether your baby will cope best in a stroller or carrier and plan to take the required with you! If you think your little one will hate it, then you could always tag team from a local tea or coffee shop! Be sure to avoid rush hour as the crowds are definitely worst then!

Where to Eat in Tokyo with toddler

Let’s face it, toddlers are not renowned for being the world’s best eaters. So if you are travelling to tokyo with a toddler who is a fussy eater i recommend introducing Japanese flavours to them at home before travelling. My little one actually loves Japanese food especially noodles and tempura vegetables so this might be something to consider before travelling. On top of this we recommend eating in

Department Stores

These often have a host of restaurants so you don’t have to worry about finding something for your little one. And they aren’t too high end, as you will sometimes find in the top end restaurants that children aren’t allowed. We did eat in some nicer restaurants while in Tokyo, but I have been informed from Japanese friends that it depends on the restaurant as to their child policy!

Tempura Restaurants

This is a great way of getting some vegetables into your toddler


Ok, I know who wants to travel all the way to Tokyo and then have pizza but sometimes you want something comforting to get a jet lagged toddler eat! Tokyo has some of the best pizza restaurants i have eaten at outside of Naples so it is worth checking out if your little needs a change of flavours!

Note: If eating out with a baby or toddler in Japan you are unlikely to find a high chair! Either be happy to eat without one or pack a soft foldable high chair and take it with you!

7 11’s

Now here me out, I know the 7 11 isn’t the first place you think of when travelling to grab your gourmet food. But if you are looking for quick easy snacks, plain food and fruit this is definitely the place to head!

Where to buy baby supplies in Tokyo?

My number one worry wherever I travel with a baby is always where can I buy my baby stuff! Because let’s face it baby’s need a lot of stuff!

However we didn’t struggle at all for baby supplies in Tokyo! There were plenty of options for milk, formula jars and I have to say Merries are the best nappies we have ever used!

Have you ever been to Tokyo with a baby or Tokyo with a toddler? What did you enjoy most? 

Tokyo with toddler. Things to do in Tokyo with toddlers! Tokyo with a baby! Taking a baby to Tokyo! Best things to do in Tokyo with kids! #tokyotravel #japanfamilytravl #tokyowithatoddler #tokyowithababy #thingstodowithkidstokyo! #tokyowithkids #japanwithtoddler

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