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ULTIMATE Granada with Kids Guide

ULTIMATE Granada with Kids Guide

Are you thinking about visiting Granada with kids and looking for the best things to do?  Granada is an absolute must to any visit to Andalucia and in this guide we tell you exactly how to enjoy the city with kids. 

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Why visit Granada with kids?

Family overlooking Granada - Visiting Granada with Kids

Visiting Granada with Kids

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in the Andalucia region. The city has a long history and with its amazing medieval architecture and the Sierra Nevada Mountain backdrop it is a city that is hard not to be impressed by. 

Most visitors to Granada will head there mainly to see the city’s most famous gem, the Alhambra, but the city has lots more to offer the family traveler. 

Best Way to Get Around Granada with Kids

Whether you are looking at getting around Granada or Andalucia more generally there are definitely two main ways. 

The first is by car and drive yourself. Or alternatively you can get the train between all the major Andalucian cities. 

Best Things to do in Granada with Kids 

Alhambra with kids 

Alhambra, Granada with kids

Alhambra, Granada with kids

Of course no visit to Granada is complete without a visit to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the whole of Spain and should be on your Spain bucket list with or without kids. 

The Alhambra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and is absolutely spectacular. 

The Alhambra is basically a fortress and can be explored solo or via a guided tour. Fun fact, The Alhambra means “red fortress,” which was probably given its name because of the color of the bricks in the light. 

We recommend trying to do a guided tour of the Alhambra as it is a better way to bring history to life for kids. 

Even with children you will need a few hours to see everything the Alhambra has on offer and be sure to check what type of ticket you have as they are full and half day options. 

Top tips for visiting the Alhambra with kids: 

  • Visit the Generalife early in morning or late in afternoon so you aren’t outside in the worst of the heat. 
  • There are not many places to eat inside the Alhambra so be sure to bring snacks for small children. 

Granada Cathedral

Visiting Granada with kids

Visiting Granada with kids

There are a lot of cathedrals in Andalucia and if you are touring the region chances are that you will also be heading to the cathedrals in Seville and Cordoba. 

However if you get a Granada Card then it is worth heading into the Granada Cathedral too. It is quite different to other cathedrals in the region and has some amazing architectural features. 

Some of the famous Spanish monarchs are buried here including Ferdinand and Isabella which will be of interest to history bugs. 

Science Museum

Parque de las Ciencias is a science centre and museum that is a perfect place to visit in Granada with kids. 

This is a fun and interactive museum with lots of hands on exhibits that children of all ages will enjoy. 

The museum also has a planetarium which even toddlers will enjoy. 

Some of the most popular exhibits in the museum include the biosphere room and perception room while toddlers in Granada will enjoy the Explore Room which is hands on with lots of experiments. 

See a Flamenco Show

Flamenco shows are a must do on any visit to Spain. If you are visiting with older children then Granada is a great place to see a flamenco show. 

The Sacromonte is a great area to see shows when in Granada. 

Cuarto Real

Cuarto Real is a must with older kids who love history. Cuarto Real is the former residence of Spanish queens and is a very educational and beautiful place to visit.


If you are visiting in Summer and are looking for something a little less educational, then the Aquaola water park on the outskirts of Granada may be just the ticket. 

It is a great place to cool off and if you are traveling with toddlers who are under 95cm tall it is free for them to enter. 

Granada tourist train

If you are visiting Granada in summer you will find that it may be too hot to explore the city on foot. Therefore a great way to see a lot of the main city sights is to take a ride on the Granada tourist train. 

Visit Alcaicería


Although most of the city is very European in architecture and feel there are some areas that feel very distinct and unique. 

One of these areas is the Alcaicería. This area is one of the Arabic / North African influenced areas. There are some great shops in this area for those looking for Granada souvenirs which sell things like Arabic tea and lamps.

The Alcaicería is located near to the Cathedral of Granada, on Gran Via avenue. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs and also grab for snacks. 


Albaicin is another unique district in Granada. This is one of the Muslim influenced areas and is another great area to explore and shops and feel like you are outside of Europe. 

Plaza Mirador St Nicolás

Plaza Mirador St Nicolás is a great place to visit in Granada if you want to get great views of the city. 

By walking up through Albaicín to Plaza Mirador St Nicolás you will be rewarded with great views of the city and of course the Alhambra. 

On the way up be sure to stop at the House of Zafra. This is a traditional Granada home that was built in the 14th Century and is a great place to learn about life at the time in Granada. 

If you are visiting Granada in Summer we definitely recommend doing this in the morning rather than the middle of the day as it is too hot to do the walk especially if you are visiting Granada with toddlers.

Day Trips from Granada with kids 

There are also a lot of great day trips that you can take from Granada with kids if you decide to base yourself out of the city for a few days. 

Some recommended day trips include:

  • Sierra Nevada Mountains – great for those that love the outdoors as you can ski or hike here depending on the time of year you are visiting 
  • Nerja Caves 
  • Almuñecar Beach – probably the easiest beach to access from Granada with kids. 

FAQS about Granada with kids

Is Granada Stroller Friendly / Pram Friendly?

Granada is quite a compact city but a combination of its hills and cobbles make it a little challenging with a pram or stroller. 

For this reason I recommend bringing both a stroller and a carrier with you to visit Granada with toddlers. 

Should I buy the Go Granada Card? 

If you’re planning on sightseeing in Granadaand seeing more than just the Alhambra then the Go Granada card may be a cost saving to you.

It includes many of the attractions listed above and some of the buses. It is also an easy way to get your Alhambra tickets. 

Have you visited Granada with kids? We would love to hear what your favorite things to do in the city are in the comments below! 

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