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Visiting the Colosseum: Do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?

Visiting the Colosseum: Do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?

Top of any Rome Bucket List is of course seeing the iconic colosseum but this means that the queues to get into this world wonder can get really long especially if you are travelling at peak times. In this article I  will answer the question I get asked most frequently about visiting the colosseum –  “Do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?” and if so what are the best ways of getting those tickets.

Do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?

do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum

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Do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?! Well I would say that whether you need these tickets or not depends on a number of factors:

  • What time of year you are travelling 
  • Whether or not you actually want to go into the colosseum or just see it from outside
  • Whether or not you are purchasing the Roma Pass

What time of year you are travelling to Rome? 

I would personally not even attempt the line at the Colosseum in summer without having purchased skip the line tickets first. I have heard stories of people waiting up to two hours to get into the colosseum in summer time without having first purchased the skip the line tickets. Therefore I would say 100% you need skip the line tickets for colosseum in summer time. I would say that this is also true for any time you are travelling in a school holiday and at weekends which are classified as peak season. 

When we visited Rome in Winter we had not purchased skip the line tickets for colosseum in advance. We got to the colosseum on a weekday for opening and didn’t have to wait too long to enter however if I were going again I would purchase the tickets to speed  the process however it was necessary.

For the shoulder seasons of summer and fall I would say it is good to have the skip the line tickets but it is not as imperative as if you are travelling in summer. 

Are you going into the colosseum? 

When we went to the colosseum we went inside and used the audio guide. It was actually one of our families favourite things to do in Rome and everybody learnt a lot through the audio guide. However some people are happy just to see it. If you are happy to see the colosseum from the outside you can get quite close to it and take a few pictures however I would say that I didn’t fully appreciate the scale and architecture of the colosseum until I went inside. 

Are you buying the Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass is a two day or three day pass that can actually be a real cost saver if you are traveling to Rome on a budget but want to go inside many of the main Rome attractions such as the Colosseum. 

Before buying the Rome Pass I would advise plotting out your itinerary and working out whether this is a cost saving to you but if you decide to go ahead with purchasing the Rome Pass this will grant you skip the line access to the colosseum so you won’t need to buy these tickets separately. 

For more details on what is included and cost of the Rome pass click here! 

Where to get and types of skip the line tickets for colosseum?

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There are lots of ways to buy your tickets online for skip the line access to the colosseum. The three main online retails of tickets that I use are Get Your Guide, Viator or Klook. I have used them all in the past and usually I just pick the retailer that has the best price at the time which is why I have included links to them all below. 

The first type of Skip the Line Ticket you can get for the colosseum is one with priority access to that and also the Forum and Palatine Hill. One of my favourite ever Rome itinerary days is combining a the colosseum and the forum so this is my most recommend ticket! 

Click here to purchase Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill Priority Access tickets 

Alternatively you could do the same as the above with a guided tour. While I found I got enough information at the colosseum without a guide I did find the guide extremely useful at the Forum and don’t think I would have enjoyed my visit there as much without. 

Click here for information about guided tours of the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill with Priority Access

If however you want to do a guided tour but only have time to do the colosseum then that is also possible. Click here for details. 

And if you are travelling to Rome with kids I would advise getting a specifically designed Rome Colosseum tour for kids. As any parent will tell you it can sometimes be difficult engaging kids at historic sites and monuments but a good kids tour guide can really bring the history alive and make it a much more enjoyable experience for families. Click here for details on child friendly colosseum tours. 

Other top tips for Visiting the Colosseum 

Tips for Visiting the Colosseum - Do I need skip the line tickets for colosseum

  • Don’t take large bags 
    If you want a quick and smooth experience getting into the colosseum leave those big bags at home! As with any major tourist anywhere in the world these days you will be required to go through a scanner and have your bags searched. To speed up the queue for yourself and everybody behind you be sure not to have large bags with you. 
  • Don’t buy your on the day tickets at the colosseum
    If you have forgotten to buy your tickets for the colosseum in advance my number one hack for avoiding the line is don’t buy your ticket at the colosseum. Head over to the Forum and Palatine Hill and buy your tickets there instead. The queues at these attractions are much shorter than those at the colosseum and the tickets will be used at the same attractions. 

FAQS About Visiting the Colosseum 

  • Can you visit the Colosseum in the rain? 
    Yes you can visit the Colosseum Rome in the rain. You will get wet but you can visit and the rain might actually put off some of the crowds. 
  • Does Roma Pass allow you to skip lines?
    Yes the Roma Pass does allow you to skip the lines at the Colosseum
  • Is Skip the Line Colosseum worth it?
    In my opinion the Skip the Line Colosseum is 100% worth it especially if you are travelling in the summer. But even in Winter and shoulder seasons the skip the line ticket can be a great time saver and with so many things to do in Rome you will need every second of your vacation. 
  • How long do you need at the Colosseum?
    I would say the minimum (bare) amount of time you need at the Colosseum is one hour.

Have you visited the Colosseum? What are your top tips for visiting the Colosseum and where did you buy your tickets?

Tips for Visiting the Colosseum - do you need skip the line tickets for colosseum?