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What to Wear in London in April

What to Wear in London in April

London in April is one of my favourite time to visit the city. The weather is slowly warming up and all the beautiful spring blooms are coming out in the many beautiful parks and gardens. But the weather in April in London can still be pretty changeable so if you are visiting the city and wondering what to wear in London with April we have you covered with this handy London Spring packing list. 

What to Wear in London In April

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Big Ben and the London underground sign in colour

London Weather in April

Essential Info for your london itinerary for families - what to wear in London in April

Essential Info for your london itinerary for families

London weather in April is changeable to put it mildly. Some days you feel like you can have four seasons in a day which means it can be pretty tricky to pack for London in April. 

Is April cold in London?

Is April cold in London? The answer is it can be. But it can also get quite warm in London in April. The temperatures on average range from 15 degrees to 7 degrees so it is best to pack layers in you are travelling to London in April to make sure you have all your bases covered. 

Does it rain a lot in London in April?

On average London gets about 9 days of rain in April. But when it rains it can really rain. So you will definitely want to think about bringing those raincoats and umbrellas with you. 

London In April Packing List  – What clothes to wear in London in April

Some key pieces that should on your London Packing List for April are:


London can be a rainy place no matter what time of year you go,(check out our best things to do in London on a rainy day post for itinerary inspiration), but April is famous for its April showers. Therefore a raincoat is a must for anyone travelling to London in April. 
I recommend getting a more stylish raincoat or trench coat which are very fashionable in London but an all weather outdoor coat is also very serviceable. 
Comfy shoes
Comfy shoes are a must for any visitor to London. There will inevitable a lot of walking on any London itinerary  so you need to make sure you are comfy. We also recommend picking something waterproof for those rainy days. I usually walk around London in leather small heel boots but on dryer days trainers are very acceptable in most places in London.
Top Tip: Don’t opt for thin heeled boots many places in London i.e. Tower of London will have uneven surfaces so will not be comfortable for walking. 
Plenty of Layers

April in London can have four seasons in day so make sure you bring plenty of layers that you can put on r remove as the changeable London weather dictates. 


What to wear in London in April

What to wear in London in April

Pashminas are a staple of many female wardrobes in London and can be great on these changeable days and they have the added bonus of dressing up a day time look for night time.  

T Shirts

While things like Afternoon tea are pretty formal, most places a tourist will be visiting in London are pretty casual so t shirts and blouses are a staple for your London April wardrobe. 


A dress that can be layered up or paired with a cardigan is a perfect day or night outfit. A dress is also perfect if you are going to high tea in London. 

Things Not to Pack for London in April

Hiking Boots

Unless you are taking a day trip out of London into the countryside to do some serious walking, then hiking boots definitely will not be necessary. 

Thin Heeled Boots

Thin heeled boots are a hazard on underground escalators or uneven grounds, leave them at home. 

Formal Wear

Unless there is a specific event you are attending that requires is then you will not be needing formal wear in London. 

Note: If you are going to afternoon tea in London check out our guide on what to wear to afternoon tea in London. 

Swimming Gear

There aren’t many swimming pools in London hotels so unless you are staying in one with a pool, or are planning to visit one of London’s lidos then you will not be needing your swimwear. 

What to Pack for London In April (non clothing)


Umbrellas are always handy for a visitor to London. We recommend getting a compact one as the large ones can be unwieldy when travelling around London on public transport.

Plug Adapaters 

If you are visiting from USA or Europe then you will definitely need a plug adaptor as the UK users a three prong plug. 

Power Pack

is a beautiful city with amazing photo spots around every corner – I promise you your phone will be constantly out so be sure yo have apower pack with you to recharge those batteries. 


London is a very photogenic place so if you have a good camera it is definitely worth packing. 

Theft Proof Bag 

London is a pretty safe city but as with any tourist place there can be incidents of petty theft and pick pocketing. I would recommend a shoulder bag with plenty of zips for women or for men a theft proof back pack. 


What does London look like in April?

London in April is beautiful. The spring blooms are out so the city is awash with new colour. Make sure one of the parks or botanical gardens such as Kew Gardens is on your itinerary. 

Is April busy in London?

April can be busy in London especially if you are visiting during the Easter holidays or USA Spring Break. If you want to visit London at a quieter time check the UK school holiday dates before travelling. 

What did you pack for London in April?