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What to Wear in London in December (inc. London Winter Packing List)

What to Wear in London in December (inc. London Winter Packing List)

Are you wondering what to wear in London in December? Have you been searching for the perfect London Winter Packing List? Well look no further as we have you covered with a London in December packing list for every occasion from nights out, sightseeing to afternoon tea – you will be perfectly dressed for every occasion.

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London Winter Weather

Best Things to do In London Christmas Itinerary

Best Things to do In London Christmas Itinerary

England weather is notoriously changeable and if you are visiting London in December this is certainly going to be the case.You may have frost or rain in London at Christmas. You make equally get a crisp sunny day so layers are going to be a key part of any London packing list for winter.

Is it cold in London in December?

The average daily temperature in London is around 7 degree centigrade /45 degrees Fahrenheit. And at night temperatures will usually be around 3 degrees centigrade. 

Traditionally December is a pretty rainy month with about 17 rainy days in December, so be sure to check out our post on best things to do in London on a rainy day post too!

Will it snow in London in December?

It is not unheard of for it to snow in London in December. There isn’t usually heavy snow in December in London but you may get a flutter. 

For more information on best places to travel in Europe in December with family check out this post. 

What to Wear in London in December Clothing

Now the first things I am going to say about visiting London in December is that layers are going to be your friend. Although it can get chilly in London, especially at night, if you are travelling on the Underground it can get very warm even in December and you will want layers.

What to Wear in London in December – Outerwear



Obviously when it comes to coats, I would say it really depends on how warm you want to be. In my opinion you won’t need thick thermal coats in London and I tend to use a parka jacket on most December days and they will be seen quite often in London. 

However, if you are going to one of London’s theatres, high end restaurants etc then I would normally err in favour of a smarter wool jacket.


This is advisable for London in any season. 

Woolen Hat


As the month of December goes on the weather does get colder and a hat is an essential along with a nice wool scarves, ear muffs  and gloves will be an essential for outdoor days. 

I find a good pair of fleece lined leather gloves are best for keeping hands warm and look more stylish than their woolen counterparts and add to the London Winter Style.

However if you are an avid instagrammed you may want to have gloves designed to allow you to carry on using your touch phones with.

What to Wear in London in Winter – Footwear

For me the most important part of any packing list, no matter the destination is the footwear section. For me having comfortable shoes is the number one clothing item that can make or break a sightseeing day. If you are visiting London in winter then there are two main types of shows I recommend taking:

Leather boots


Most Londoners, men or women, will spend most of the winter wearing boots, either ankle or knee high. Good waterproof leather fashionable boots are definitely a must and can be worn day or evening. 

If you can I would recommend a flat or one with a small and chunky heal as you will be doing a lot of walking and you don’t want to trap a heel on an escalator. 



If the day isn’t going to be rainy, London is a very walkable city so I recommend packing a comfy pair of trainers too. 

If you are doing some London Winter Day trips, especially a more nature day trip from London then you may want to consider packing hiking boots. However, this is not necessary if you are planning on staying in the city. 

London Winter Packing List


Jeans are very commonly worn in London. Londoners don’t tend to be an overly formal group so jeans are quite commonplace even in theatres and restaurants (Except if a dress code explicitly states again it). 

If you do feel the cold easily then you may want to pack a pair of leggings that you could add underneath



Although not every day will be below freezing in London Winters for the coldest of days you may want your thermals with you! I always like a pair of thermal leggings with me especially when I am going to be walking for most of the day.



Jumpers are the main staple of Londoners in December for both day and night wear. And they are also an event for one of the London special event dates (see below). 



For less formal days of sightseeing, hoodies are acceptable. 

T shirts or vest

As I mentioned, layers are key for London in December. Bring one for each day of your London itinerary.

Dress (wool) and tights

Women in London do often wear dresses even in Winter, usually opting for a wool dress with nice tights and boots. This is especially common in the evenings. 

What to Wear in London for Men

What to Wear in London in December

What to Wear in London in December

On top of the general list above, men might also want to pack:

Long sleeve Shirts

For men we recommend having at least one smarter long sleeve shirt with you for restaurants and evening wear. 

What to Wear in London at Night in Winter 

Wool Jacket

Although parkas and more outdoorsy jackets are commonplace in the day, often when people are attending the theatre they will dress slightly more upmarket and a wool coat would be slightly more fitting. 

Special Events in London in December

10th December Christmas Jumper Day 


Ugly Christmas jumpers are a big thing in London in December. So much so we have a whole day dedicated to ugly Christmas jumpers on 10th December so do pack your tackiest Christmas sweater if you are in London on this date. But to be honest, a tacky Christmas jumper wouldn’t be out of place in London anytime in December. 

If you are visiting London at Christmas on this date please be warned that many offices hold their Christmas parties on this date so make your restaurants early especially if you are travelling in a larger group. 

What to Wear in London at Christmas 

Best Winter Day Trips from London including Hogwarts in the Snow on your Best Christmas in London itinerary

Best Winter Day Trips from London including Hogwarts in the Snow

Anything festive is perfectly acceptable to wear anytime in December in London. If you are however having Christmas Lunch out in London then it might be wroth packing some smarter clothes as it can be a more formal affair. 

What Else Should I pack for London in December?

Other things you should remember to pack for London in December include

Lip Balm

for the changing weather


for the same reason


this should always be on a London packing list no matter the season though having a compact one is recommend for when travelling on the tube.



What else would you add to your London in December packing list?