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Best Lavender Fields In London (and Nearby)

Best Lavender Fields In London (and Nearby)

Are you looking for the best Lavender farms in London and nearby? If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am pretty flower obsessed! I am constantly seeking the best time and places to see blooms in and around London. But my favorite season bloom has to be lavender. While lavender fields are most commonly associated with the rolling fields of Provence, there are still plenty of places to see Lavender fields in London and nearby. 

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Where can you see Lavender Fields In London

Child in Lavender Field - Lavender Fields In London

Lavender Fields In London

If you live in or are visiting London there are two main options for visiting Lavender Farms in London and nearby.

The two main places to visit a Lavender in and around London is either at:

  • Mayfield Lavender Farm and
  • Hitchin Lavender. 

Out of these options however only Mayfield Lavender is the only one that is actually in the confines of London as it is in the Metropolitan Green Belt of London. 

Where to See Lavender Farms in London

Mayfield Lavender Farm is located in Bansted  and takes only 50 minutes to get to from West London. 

Mayfield Lavender Farms costs 4.50 per person to get in however if you are traveling with children under 14 they get in free. And the farm is also pet and dog friendly. 

To get to the Lavender Farm from London your best option is via car. 

However if you are want a London day trip by rail or via public transport it is possible to do. you are best to start your journey at London Victoria Train Station and head to West Croydon. Alternatively you could disembark at Purley or Sutton and transfer via bus or taxi. 

Once you are at Mayfield Lavender there is lots of stuff to do besides enjoying walking through the seat rows of lavender. 

There are plenty of photo opportunities and there isn’t a photography fee unless you have a professional photographer with you. 

But our favorite thing to do on site is visit the on-site cafe. We found the cafe to be excellent value.

When we were there we opted to go for an all lavender fest with a lavender lemon drizzle cake, lavender scone and lavender lemonade and frappacino. The cost for our lunch was 14GBP and I have to admit was better than the last cream tea we had at the national trust.

Please note that picnics are no longer permitted on the site. 

After we had finished our cakes we headed back for one last run around but I can safely say that this will not be our last visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Where to See Lavender Farms Near London

Family in Lavender - Best Lavender Farms in London

Family in Lavender – Best Lavender Farms in London

The other lavender farm near London is actually just outside of London in Hitchin.

Hitchin lavender is located in the Wilbury Hills in North Hertfordshire. 

Hitchin Lavender has a series of amenities for those visiting with a cafe and a lavender museum. 

There are two types of fields at Hitchin – a display field and a field where you can actually cut lavender and take it home for an additional cost. 

The Lavender flowering period is mid-June and late August. However if you are visiting in Spring and summer outside of the lavender flowering season there are plenty of other things to see as there is also

  • a sunflower field 
  • wildflower field

As with Mayfield Lavender dogs are welcomed at the fields as is photography but professional photography is subject to an additional fee. 

What is Mayfield Lavender Like?

In a word – glorious. The farm is actually the perfect size when traveling with littles and it is very easy to run in and out of the rows of lavender.

There are additional activities on site such as a tractor ride (additional cost) and bee safari and bug hunting for slightly older children. My toddler loved just wondering among the lavender!

Have you visited a Lavender Field in London or nearby? we would love to hear where you went and what your thoughts were in the comments below.

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Cathy (Mummytravels)

Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Oooh perfect timing - I am determined to get to a lavender field with my daughter this year, and had started making plans for Mayfield. Such gorgeous photos, and the cake sounds tempting too! :)

Wandermust Mummy

Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Aww thank you! Can’t wait to see yours when you get there!