Baby Friendly Hotels – 7 tips to help you pick!

There is nothing we love more than in indulging in a luxury hotel. But we have found since having a baby there are some more practical requirements you need to look at before booking a hotel with a baby! We aren’t saying you need to compromise on luxury but whatever your budget, here are our tips to find baby friendly hotels. 

Location, location, location! 

As they say it is all about location, location , location! But it may not be the same location you wanted as a couple! Consider how your baby copes with change and how much do they need their routine? Will your baby sleep in the pram or do you need to head back for nap times? Baby E has never had a problem sleeping on the go so we had more free range on where we could stay but if your baby doesn’t then you may want to consider a more central location.

Having a nap on the go in Turia Park Valencia

If you are in a central location you may want to consider how loud the street noise may be.

What amenities makes a hotel baby friendly? 

When you booked a hotel as a couple you may have used it merely as a place to sleep but chances are you may have to spend more time in your room with a baby. Therefore now we are a couple we always try and book a hotel with a pool so we can enjoy it as a family especially on bad weather days or spa so we can sneak off one at a time if we like and get some parental downtime!

If you are somewhere hot you may want to consider how much shelter there is at the pool or whether there is a beach connected to your hotel. This is much easier if you want to sneak back to the room during the hottest part of the day

We love hotels with pools

What type of hotel room do you need when traveling with a baby? 

Let’s face it – European hotel rooms can be small and now you have a baby chances are you will be travelling with everything but the kitchen sink! So double check rooms before booking that there will be room for the car seat, pram, travel cot and luggage in the room!

If you know you are going to be spending a lot of time in the hotel room, you may want to consider booking something that has a seating area.

Even we’d struggle to fill this room with luggage

Baby Friendly Hotel Bathrooms 

Are you going to travel with an inflatable bath? If not you may want to ensure that you book a hotel with a Bath in it. We are lucky that Baby E likes a shower but it is always useful to have a bath.

Baby E’s all time favourite bath onboard Rhapsody of the Seas


What type of Hotel is best for baby travel? 

You may have loved trendy hotels before but consider the atmosphere of the hotel you are booking. While I think you can take a baby anywhere, even 5* hotels! Consider if the hotel is going to have a noisy bar at the weekend which you may find disturbing.

Why not read about our disastrous stay at the Miramar hotel Barcelona to learn what not to do!

Baby Friendly Hotel Restaurants 

Now that we have a baby we have found that there are more occasions when we eat in the hotel or around the hotel. Whether it’s needing room service rather than going out for dinner after a flight or simply having a tired baby it’s useful to know what the hotel has on offer or if there are takeaways or coffee shops nearby. I also like to have a look in advance if they have a child’s menu as this is usually a good indicator that somewhere is child friendly!

We have also found out that we have used concierge lounges far more now we have a baby as it is so good to have somewhere where you can go all day to grab food and drinks.

A concierge lounge is a great addition when travelling with a baby

Remember to book the travel cot

Always remember to book the room with a travel cot. We always ring ahead the day before to ensure he cot will be set up in the room when we arrive. There’s nothing worse than having a sleepy baby and having to wait for the cot to be delivered or worse risk waking baby up while it’s out up!

Baby E enjoying the hotel bed
What are your top tips for booking a hotel when travelling with a baby? What is the most baby friendly hotel you have stayed at?

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  1. Definitely recommend thinking about if the room has a bath; had a total nightmare once with a shower only hotel room. Hadn’t thought about it at all when booking! Some great tips there.

  2. These are really helpful tips. We always go for places that have a separate area for the girls to sleep in now they are a bit bigger, it just allows us to have a bit more freedom when they’re asleep. Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips
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