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Best European Cities to Visit with Babies

Best European Cities to Visit with Babies

Want to know the best European cities to visit with babies? Looking for the most stroller friendly cities in Europe? In this guide we will round up the best baby friendly European cities to visit alongside out tips for visiting them from real parents who have traveled there with babies themselves. 

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Best European Cities to Visit with Babies

There are so many great places to baby friendly city breaks in Europe that we have organised this section alphabetically to make it easier to navigate. 

For each city we will look at how stroller friendly each place is, the best way to get around as well as the best things to do in each city with a baby. 

Amsterdam City Break with Baby

What to pack for Amsterdam in July - what to wear in Amsterdam in July

What to pack for Amsterdam in July – what to wear in Amsterdam in July

Amsterdam is one of the best city breaks in Europe to take with a baby. And I should now as we lived in the city with a baby for several years. 

If you are traveling around the city with a new baby then walking, trams and metro are the easiest way to get around the city. However if you are traveling with a slight older baby, rent a bike and cycle on one of the cities many cycle paths to take a tour. 

But if bikes aren’t your thing then a canal boat tour is a great way to see the main sites with a baby. There are also lots of baby friendly museums in the cities such as the Maritime Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the NEMO science musem. 

My little one also loved the Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo which is a great place for both toddlers and babies. There are also lots of baby friendly parks nearby too. But a favorite has to be the Amsterdam Bos where there is an amazing free farm where little ones can get up close with goats. Really the city is full of baby friendly things to do. 

And there is no bad time to visit Amsterdam however my favorite time in Amsterdam is April as you get to take some perfect family photos in front of tulips. 

Athens City Break with a baby! 

Athens is one of the best city breaks with a baby you can take. Although not the most stroller friendly in some of the ancient places such as the Acropolis, it is easily accessible with a carrier. And other famous places in the cities such as the Olympic Stadium, Lykabettos (the hill opposite the Acropolis) the Acropolis Museum, and the gardens behind Parliament are all very baby friendly.

All of these places are easy to get to by public transportation, which despite Athens’ street network, is super easy to use. The Metro especially is incredibly easy to ride and can take you pretty much anywhere. If you leave the city center, things can get a little more challenging using a stroller but a well planned excursion can save you the hassle. 

The nightlife is also very family friendly in Athens. In fact, I recommend staying out late with your child. People watching is a past time in Greece and kids love it. You’ll see plenty of Greeks and their children out and about as late as 12 am and beyond, enjoying breezy warm evenings and nights in the company of friends in local squares and dining outdoors at taverns. 

All in all, Athens is really one of the best city breaks with a baby that you can take.

Barcelona City Break with Baby 

We took a Barcelona with baby at 6 months old and we went for a long weekend. We travelled in October as we felt that Barcelona in the summer months might be too hot for the baby to fully enjoy. But I have to say visiting Barcelona in the shoulder season was absolutely perfect with a baby.



Barcelona is a perfect destination for a city break with a baby with plenty of attractions for parents and child. We loved how green the city was – our favourite places include Parc Guell and Montjuic. The cable car ride to the top of Montjuic would delight most. 

The pretty much guaranteed nice weather and variety of outdoor activities mean it is a great city for families of any age! We enjoyed walking the parks, visiting art museums, the aquarium, Barcelona zoo and botanic garden. The only place we struggled with was the bocqueria which was difficult with both stroller and carrier. We however found great respite in the Catalan Cultural Centre which offered great peace from the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas.

Overall Barcelona is one of the best European cities to visit with babies.

Berlin With Baby 

Berlin one of the best baby friendly cities in europe

Berlin one of the best baby friendly cities in europe

Berlin is a great destination to visit no matter the time of year you decide to travel

We chose Berlin because we were looking for somewhere to travel in early December, and what could be more festive than wandering around Christmas markets in Germany?  The wonderful Chistmassy atmosphere in December – my daughter was totally entranced by all the lights, Christmas trees and market rides. There was a lot of enthusiastic pointing.

The fantastic public transport system in Berlin makes it really easy to get around with a small person, even one who refuses to use a stroller and insists on being carried everywhere or walking VERY SLOWLY.

We recommend purchasing a Berlin WelcomeCard, which you can get to cover anything from 48 hours to 6 days and gives you free travel on all public transport, plus discounts in museums.

One of the great things we did in the city was the Computerspielemuseum, which covers the history of computer and video games and includes lots of old games you can actually play. If you are traveling with older children or your baby has nearly reached the toddler age then they will even enjoy all the hands on activities here.

Overall we found that this one of the best European cities with a baby that you can visit and you can read more about our time in Berlin here.

Bern City Breaks with Babies 

By  Rashmi and Chalukya who took there 18month old to Bern

BERN CITY BREAKS WITH BABIES - best places to travel with a baby in Europe!


Although most visitors to Switzerland choose to have Geneva as their home base Bern is a great city break with a baby.

The historical city can easily be explored on foot which makes it one of the most baby friendly cities in Europe even with a stroller. On top of that the city has a good frequency of transportation.

There are numerous gardens in Bern. Then there is the bear park along the river. It should definitely be fun for the kids to watch the bears frolicking in the water and around the shores especially if you are visiting the city with small children and babies. 

We visited in January and it had been snowing. The city was beautifully painted in white color. We explored the historical center of Bern and then had fun at the ice rink set up near the parliament.

Our little one had fun playing with the snow in the park behind the gorgeous Bern Cathedral especially the clock. For a few minutes before the hour the clock struck and the figurines in the clock tower, Zytgloggem twirled and turned which makes for a great show that even babies will like to watch.

You can read more about the go beyond bounds trip to the city on their website

Brussels City Break with baby

Brussels is a great city break with a baby to take. We went because we really wanted to see the Carpet of Flowers but there is so much more to love about the city.

It’s so open, multicultural, they speak French and English so communication was easy and there was never a language barrier issue, and everything was close enough that we could walk to it if we didn’t want to bother with Public transit. The trains were a little rough to access with a stroller but we didn’t have a problem on the buses or walking around the city with a stroller. 

All the activities we wanted to do had stroller access such as Mini Europe, Natural History Museum, Comic strip museum and Grand Place which in our opinion makes it one of the most stroller friendly cities in Europe. 

Eating out was also relatively easy in Brussels with a baby. Most restaurants had a child’s menu but they didn’t have much place for the stroller inside the building so they asked that we fold it up and store it in the main office.

All the attractions were very family friendly, with easy access with a stroller, free for under 3s and most importantly, there was so much to do within walking distance that we didn’t even use public transit the first time we visited. It really is one of the most baby friendly European cities.

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To read more about the Tapped Out Travellers in Belgium check out her website here. 

Copenhagen Weekend Breaks With a Baby

Copenhagen one of the best european cities to visit with a baby

Copenhagen one of the best european cities to visit with a baby

Copenhagen is filled with opportunities and beautiful architecture and so much history – so much to see and do and all in walking distance making it one of the best European cities to visit with a baby. 

It is also a city that really has no best time to visit as there is something appealing about this city in both summer and winter. 

Lifts at every public transport hub, plenty of room for buggies on train and buses and generally just an atmosphere that welcomes families with a lot of baby friendly areas, plus lots of playgrounds in and around the city.

We went to the Tivoli Gardens a magical park that takes amusement park to the next level. It has an amazing atmosphere and also plenty for young kids to enjoy, but even babies will love Copenhagen.  Elliot was absolutely mesmerised by the lights in the park.

 There is so much to see and do, but sometimes with a little one it’s good to know where you can go and catch a breather – free of charge if your child isn’t playing ball. In our opinion this is one of the best places to visit in Europe with a baby!

For a complete Copenhagen itinerary check out this post!

Dublin City Break with baby and toddler


Dublin city break with toddler and baby - most baby friendly European city breaks

Dublin city break with toddler and baby

If you are looking for the best city breaks with a baby to take then look no further than Dublin.

We did a Dublin city break with toddler and baby in June which was a great time to visit. This was our first trip to Ireland and we were planning on spending several weeks in the country. However as we were traveling to Ireland from the United States it made sense to start our family vacation in Dublin which has a direct flight from New York and many major US cities. 

Dublin is a wonderful city to visit with babies and kids! We walked the entire city – no taxi or public transit needed. Strolling is my favorite way to explore the nooks and crannies of a city and the city streets of Dublin are no exception. Walking is the best way to see this city and comes with the added bonus that you don’t have to fight the kids to get in their car seats.

Some of our favorite attractions in Dublin were Trinity College and its famous library, the Guinness Storehouse (go upstairs to see the great section of cheeky ads from the company’s history) and St. Stephen’s Green.

But our absolute favorite experience was spending a Sunday evening at Legends Bar at The Parliament Hotel listening to traditional music – sessions start early on Sundays, so it’s perfect for the entire family.

They were even so kind as to bring bowls of ice cream for the kids to enjoy while we had a few drinks.

In our opinion this is one of the most baby friendly European city breaks you can take!

Florence Weekend Breaks with Baby 

Why Florence is one of the best city breaks with a baby

Why Florence is one of the best city breaks with a baby

When I booked my trip to Italy, I knew that I couldn’t miss stopping in the Renaissance city of Florence, Italy as part of our Italian road trip.

The atmosphere in Florence still felt serene even with the hustle and bustle of the city. Italy as a whole is a very easy place to travel with toddlers and babies, and Florence is one of the most baby friendly city breaks in Italy. It isn’t too large which makes it easy to navigate even with a stroller though a carrier is needed inside some of the buildings. 

Make sure you visit the Florence Cathedral and Duomo and take a walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo for some great views of the city.  And let the little ones have some fun on the famous antique carousel in Piazza della Repubblica.

Haarlem with a baby


most baby friendly European cities.

If you are travelling to Europe with a baby then you really should consider stopping in Haarlem, in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a great place for a family vacation. And although most people tend to stick to Amsterdam, Haarlem is also a great place to visit. Haarlem is a great place to visit with children of all ages and really is of the most baby friendly European cities.

There are a lot of kid-friendly restaurants, nice petting farms and there are numerous museums that offer kids programs. Haarlem is easy to reach by train from Amsterdam, it has a good public transport network and the city center is compact enough to cover by foot.

Combine a visit to the impressive Grote or St. Bavo Church on the Grote Markt, the city’s main square, with lunch at Meneer Paprika (Koningstraat 19-21) or Pippa’s (Stationsplein 64) and then take your kids to playground Het Paradijsje (Witte Herenstraat 36, open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-17:00, entrance fee €1).

Haarlem has won awards for Netherland’s best shopping destination a number of times. Fun shops for kids stuff are Meneer Paprika(Koningstraat 19-21), Minimarkt (Kruisstraat 11), Krokodil (GedempteOude Gracht 84) and Tante Steef (Zijlstraat 66). It really is one of the best European Cities to visit with baby in tow.

You can read more about Haarlem here. 

Luxembourg City Break with baby 

Luxembourg is a popular European city break destination. Right in the heart of Europe with easy transport connections to other European capitals, visitors come here to soak up the culture and take in the views over the spectacular gorges and ancient fortifications.

It is also easy to navigate around the city itself with an amazing public transit network that is free for all. 

Fortunately for young families, Luxembourg is also home to the most colourful, imaginative and well-equipped public playgrounds in the local parks that we have ever seen.

Between visits to museums and forts, why not let the children play in a cartoon farmyard or a full-size pirate ship? Let them act as knights and princesses in a whimsical castle, or roar into the sky at their very own airport.

And if you want something quieter, take a guided nature trail into the nearby woods. There is surely something in Luxembourg for every family. 

This really is one of the most baby friendly destinations Europe has to offer!

Munich with a Baby 

How to take baby friendly city breaks in Munich

How to take baby friendly city breaks in Munich

Munich is one of the best places to travel in Europe with a baby because of the unique mix between intriguing glimpses of Bavarian culture and compelling modern attractions.

Munich in addition to these, also has exceptional green spaces, playgrounds and child friendly attractions. Amongst the attractions we particularly enjoyed the Deutsches Museum. The best thing you can do in Munich is just get out, walk around and explore. A Munich weekend break with baby is a sure fire hit with all the family!

You can read more about the Imps and Ramblers adventures in Munich here

Lisbon with a baby 

Lisbon - one of the best European cities to visit with babies

Lisbon – one of the best European cities to visit with babies

Who doesn’t love a Portuguese custard tart

If you looking for baby friendly Europe destinations then look no further than Lisbon! Aside from being delightfully pretty in a slightly dishevelled way, Lisbon offers great value, delicious food (Portugal’s custard desserts are one of my weaknesses) and a location within day trip distance of some beautiful sandy beaches.

Known as the “City of Seven Hills”, families shouldn’t be put off by Lisbon’s undulating terrain; pushing a buggy up to trendy Bairro Alto justifies indulging in a custard tart (pasteis de nata) in one of the many enticing cafes.

For our stay with our 18 month old son, we opted for an apartment in Lapa, one of the less hilly districts. If you have a tiny baby, Lisbon lends itself well to idle wandering along its famous crazy-paving avenues and picturesque lanes, and lazy lunches with a bottle of refreshing Vinho Verde.

For infants on the move, head to the brilliant, spacious and relatively crowd-free aquarium, located next to a pedestrianised waterfront, ideal for little people to explore. Despite not being one of the most stroller friendly places in Europe we think it really is one of the best places in Europe to travel with a baby or toddler. 

Just remember that Lisbon is an exceptionally hilly location, it is called the City of Seven Hills after all, so it is worth packing a baby carrier as well as a stroller with you no matter the time of year you visit this amazing city. 

It is also worth noting that a visit to Lisbon could also be combined with a visit to the Algarve region of Portugal. This area is full of beautiful beaches, and luxury family-friendly resorts many of which also have amazing kids clubs. 

Fo more suggestions on what to do in Lisbon check out this guide

London City Breaks with Baby

Traveling to London with a baby

Traveling to London with a baby

If you are looking for one of the best European cities with baby to visit then you really should be considering London. There are lots of bucket list sights that you are going to want to see such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Big Ben and are great places for family trip photos. 

There are also lots of activities aimed specially at toddlers and babies which means they will find plenty to amuse themselves. In our opinion one of the best things to do in the city with babies is visit one of the many free museums.  

Lots of the museums  in London are really toddler and baby friendly and have activities specifically designed for this age bracket. This is an especially great option if you are visiting London on a particularly rainy week! There also are loads of other kid friendly activities in the city. On top of that London is actually one of the more stroller friendly European cities and is very easy to navigate.

It is also a city that has plenty to do if you are traveling with older kids too as well as in proximity to amazing day trip locations such as Brighton with its beautiful beaches, the Cotswolds and theme parks such as Legoland Windsor

You can read more about things to do with toddlers and babies in London here as well as out kid friendly London itinerary!

Paris with a Baby

Using a stroller in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower

Using a Stroller in Paris

Paris does not immediately spring to mind as a family travel destination but we have found Paris great with toddlers or babies. 

It is a city that is full of amazing museums that parents will love but be sure to buy your tickets in advance so your aren’t stuck in the long lines that form especially at peak times.

Paris is a relatively easy city to navigate even with a stroller and it is a great walkable city. On top of that kids of all ages will enjoy the beautiful Paris parks and the carousels that are dotted all across the city. 

You can also get some amazing family photos in front of the Eiffel Tower and visit some other beautiful historical sites. On top of that Disneyland Paris with a baby is a great day trip to take and is a great place to make some family travel memories. 

Reykjavik with a baby

Iceland Church - one of the best things to do in reykjavik with kids

Iceland Church – one of the best things to do in reykjavik with kids

Iceland is a great country to visit with toddlers and babies and Reykjavik in particular is a great travel destinations for families. 

The city is very walkable with a stroller and has lots of family friendly attractions. However the real joy in Iceland is taking a day trip out to the Golden Circle and seeing the natural beauty such as waterfalls, beaches, the northern lights and more. 

Rome with a baby

FAmily in Rome with baby - Best European Cities to Visit with Babies

FAmily in Rome with baby – Best European Cities to Visit with Babies

As a couple Rome was our favourite city in the world so knew we wanted to take our baby as soon as possible. She was six months on our first trip and we loved every second of our time there, despite the earthquakes and biblical rain. 

I know it’s a cliche but it is so true that Italians love children which makes it so much easier to visit as you are welcomed literally everywhere.

Before we went we heard that Rome was difficult as you couldn’t use a stroller and there were few places to change baby so when we saw the rain and knew we had to use the stroller we were worried. We shouldn’t have been! We walked all over there city seeing all the main landmarks without problem.

People were right about lack of baby change facilities though so we have compiled this guide to make life easier for parents wanting to visit Rome!

 Another great thing about Rome is that the food is amazing – I mean who doesn’t love pizza, pasta and gelato! Probably the most family friendly foodie destination I have been too. 

My top tip visiting Rome would be to walk as much as possible – and who wouldn’t want to walk a city such as Rome. We managed to take in all the sites from the Colosseum and Forum to the Vatican and Pantheon in one day.

Also, we used the stroller and found it really easy but if you are going to go inside the forum or the museums be aware that you will need a carrier!

One of the best places to visit for families of any age are Borghese Gardens! I think great cities have great parks and this is definitely Rome’s. It offers peace and tranquility away from all the hustle and bustle of the city!

Stockholm with a baby

We went to Stockholm before Christmas to get in the festive spirit and it was magical. We have also visited during the summer and had an equally albeit busier time. It is great to visit in winter as you are away from the crowds but you just have to prepare for the cold and deal with a baby who refuses to keep her mittens on!

We loved walking around Gamla Stan and eating meatballs at Tradition – our favourite restaurant in Stockholm! You won’t be able to eat Ikea meatballs again after tasting their yummy version! It is also one of the few restaurants we found that had highchairs available so this should be on any families radar for Stockholm!

Our favourite thing about Stockholm is all the green spaces. We loved the botanic gardens but our top thing to do in Stockholm is visit Skansen the living history museum! It is fab and a great day our for families of any age. We also really enjoyed the Vasa Museum. 

Our top tip for Stockholm would be to prepare for the weather and know where you want to eat as finding baby friendly restaurants was the most difficult thing we found there.

If you are looking for the baby travel essentials you will need to do this weekend breaks with baby check out our guide! 

Have you done any European City Breaks with baby? What do you think are the most baby friendly European cities? 

 If you think we missed a city out and would like to share your baby travel experiences send me an email or comment below to take part.

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So many great places to take baby on a holiday. All it takes is a little research to ensure it is easy enough to get about with a stroller and there are baby facilities about. We have found Singapore to be one of the best destinations that meet these criteria along with hotel options that accommodate babies and toddlers.

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