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Five Reasons why Suites are Good for Cruising Families! 

Five Reasons why Suites are Good for Cruising Families! 
 Our first cruise with a baby we were lucky enough to be booked into a suite. Despite being seasoned cruisers we had never actually been in a suite before. Most of our previous cruises were done slightly not the cheap – once we went on a week long cruise for less money than we would have spent eating takeaways and at restaurants in our home of London – but that is a story for another day! We keen to have a suite with a baby to have extra space as we knew we wouldn’t be travelling light and thought we would be spending  more time in it than usual – so was it worth it?

For us this was a big yes for several reasons

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More Room 

We could store the stroller, car seat, travel cot and luggage without a problem. I believe you can enjoy a cruise with any room size (See my Cruise Cabin Room Guide for Families) but it was certainly nice not to have to look at the baby clutter all the time.

It also meant that we had room to put the baby playmate out to give our little one chance to explore and play safely

Our suite


It has an amazing balcony with plenty of room for us to sit out while baby played in an inflatable bath as a paddling pool. It also meant we could enjoy the balcony easily while baby was enjoying a nap.


The Concierge Lounge 

a 24 hour lounge for suite guest use. We got a lot of use out of this one as it served coffee all day and snacks as well as a two hour cocktail hour. This was a great place to go with the baby as there were plenty of other families enjoying the space and wasn’t too loud. We got to have drinks in here while baby napped in the stroller. Perfection!

Enjoying an anniversary glass of champers in the concierge lounge – baby asleep in pram

The Concierge –

Lovely Ligia on Rhapsody of the Seas was there to see to any problems and reservations. She made sure the room was all set up for baby when we arrived and made our dinner reservations, massages bookings and took care of everything else we needed. This meant there was one less thing to think about which as parents is always a good thing!

Free tours

The suite guests can go on a variety of tours that other guests have to pay for including galley and bridge. We went on the bridge tour and got these adorable pictures with the Captain. It was a lovely experience and one we won’t forget. I bet Baby E is one of the youngest guests they have ever had on a bridge!

Have you been in a cruise suite? Did you think it was good value? What was your favourite bit?

For more information on different room types and their suitability for families check out my cruise cabin post here!