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Bandos Resort Maldives – a perfect Maldives family friendly resort? 

Bandos Resort Maldives – a perfect Maldives family friendly resort? 

When the Maldives springs to mind you can’t help but think honeymooners. Therefore when we were looking to book a family friendly Maldives trip we knew we needed to find the perfect family friendly accommodation. We decided to try Bandos island Maldives Resort because it looked like a family friendly Maldives experience but did it meet our expectations?

Is Bandos Resort Maldives Family Friendly?

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We booked Bandos as we thought compared to other resorts it would be more family friendly! We weren’t disappointed. There is an active kids club which when travelling with six kids we were sure to test out. They had a good range of activities for a range of ages. Looking at the kids we were with I think 5-10 is probably the age that would get the most out of it. Teenagers however I think would enjoy excursions onto the reef! There were facilities for the under twos but this either had to be supervised by parents or paid for babysitting. We didn’t use this but it is nice to know facilities are there if required.

We were worried that we might be the only family surrounded by lovey dovey couples which couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether it was because we were travelling at Easter I don’t know but I would say 90% of the guests were families or large family groups. Because of this we all felt very comfortable and relaxed very quickly!  In fact it was one of the best toddler friendly vacations I have ever seen.

Should you go all inclusive at Bandos Resort Maldives?

One of the biggest considerations for any family travelling to the Maldives is if you want to visit an all inclusive Maldives resort. We opted for the all inclusive package and to be honest didn’t have high hopes based on some tripadvisor comments.  We were, however pleasantly surprised with the food on offer. The kids corner had some staples that all children would love. A favourite with our group had to be the breakfast pancakes. Children could request for pancakes to be made into any marine animal shape! For the adults, I would definitely recommend the curries. The biggest surprise for us  had to be the drinks package. We thought that the drinks package would be restrictive but each bar had its own cocktail menu. Each menu was quite varied and the house wines were very drinkable. I had almost expected some bars to be off limits but the beautiful Huvan which sits over the sea  was perfect for sundowners was even included in the inclusive package!

Location, Location, Location! Where is Bandos Resort Maldives located?

One of the reasons we booked Bandos was because of its proximity to Male given the number of children we were travelling with however we obviously had concerns about airplane noise which would ruin the tranquility of the break. Luckily our concerns were unfounded, the resort is cleverly laid out so the accommodations face the other direction which means we never heard a plane.

When booking somewhere like Bandos you hope for really well prepared family rooms. In this respect Bandos did not disappoint. The room was highly practical and the room was ready on our arrival early in the morning with cot already prepared which is always highly appreciated. The bathroom was perhaps the only disappointment and a little more utilitarian than luxurious. The standard room we had only had a shower as well which is something that families may want to consider especially as you will be using it a lot after a day in the ocean.

Bandos Accomodation

Bandos Accomodation


If I had to find fault with the resort it might be that it was not the traditional Maldives experience in the way of over water villas and remote long beaches. In fairness, Bandos never claims to be this and it actually does a fantastic job of making the beaches it has feel remote. Rather than long stretches of beach it has isolated areas of beaches which makes it feel very secluded even when busy. I would love to return to the Maldives to try a more remote and seaplane experience but I think overall that Bandos Maldives is the perfect resort for young families visiting The Maldives.

Is Bandos Island Resort a family friendly Maldives experience?

Overall we felt The Maldives was a top family travel destination and Bandos Resort The Maldives was a perfect all-inclusive resort for all the family!

Things to consider when travelling as a family to the Maldives: 

  • Whether or not you want all inclusive
  • That the transfers are by boat but there is no private lounge – we only waited for 15 minutes however for our transfer. Our little one was dressed in a  sleep suit which was a little hot and there was not a obvious place to change her. There is only a toilet before you pass immigration  rather than in the luggage area.
  • Whether the lack of over the sea villa would be a detriment to your vacation. If this is a big part of why you want to visit the Maldives it might be worth waiting to children are a little older before you visit the Maldives

Interested in staying at Bandos Maldives?

You can compare prices and check availability HERE 

Have you ever visited Bandos Resort – what did you think?


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Somehow when I think of the Maldives I just think 'future honeymoon destination'. Never thought it would be perfect for families but then again it would be if its all about relaxing etc right? It looks amazing


Monday 20th of November 2017

This sounds and looks absolutely amazing!!! I would love to take the kids there one day......


Monday 20th of November 2017

This sounds amazing! We said we would go to the Maldives for our 10yr wedding anniversary.....not possible on our own with 3 kids......or I thought! Off to check this out

Deb Sharratt

Saturday 18th of November 2017

That looks amazing - would love to go.


Saturday 18th of November 2017

OMG< I need to go there now!! It looks stunning