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BEST Cruise Ship Movies List for Cruise Fanatics

BEST Cruise Ship Movies List for Cruise Fanatics

Do you want to know what the best cruise ship movies are before you head off on your cruise vacation? In this guide we will round up our favorite movies about cruise ships, tell you which ships feature on them and where to watch them from Netflix to Apple TV to Prime and more. 

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BEST Cruise ship movies list

Like Father (2018)

What Cruise Ship is Like Father set on: Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

Like Father is one of the newest additions to the cruise ship movie genre. Starring two of Wandermust Family favourite actors in Kristin Bell and Kelsey Grammar. This movie is set almost entirely on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas. 

This cruise ship movie actually starts out on land where Kristen Bell is left at the alter who then proceeds to head out on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father – played by the great Kelsey Grammar of Frasier fame. 

Of all the movies filmed on cruise ships I think this one is my favourite as the ship really shines in this movie. 

Jack and Jill

Jack And Jill - cruise ship movies list 

Cruise Ship in Jack and Jill Movie: The Jack and Jill cruise ship is the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas!

I actually watched Jack and Jill on a cruise ship going round the Caribbean and I think watching it on a ship actually improved the experience

This Adam Sandler film where Adam Sandler plays both the lead roles of Jack and Jill, virtually estranged twins that go on a cruise together has been universally panned. And for its efforts won a record total of 10 Razzie Awards. For those that don’t know the Razzies are basically the polar opposite of the Oscars. They are handed out on the afternoon of Oscars night as a reward (if you can call it that) for the worst films of the year. 

Despite all of these accolades (?) it is still a fun film to watch especially for fans of cruise ships who don’t take things too seriously. 

Alvin and the chipmunks – Chipwrecked – one of the best kids movies set on cruise ships

Alvin and the chipmunks - one of the best kids movies set on cruise ships 

Cruise Ship in Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked Movie is set on: Carnival Dream

This is one of the more family friendly cruise ship movies. Alvin and chipmunks sequel called Chipwrecked is the second sequel to the 2007 Chipmunks movie. 

Whereas the first is set on land this film is set on the Carnival Dream cruise ship. In the movie the Chipmunks and Chipettes are heading to some music awards via cruise ship. As always with the chipmunk films they don’t listen to Dave and stay in the cabin and escape round the ship to cause mayhem which leads them to being shipwreck or as the film would tell you chipwrecked on an island awaiting rescue. 

Parent trap

movies about cruise ships - the parent trap 

This film from 1998 is actually a remake of the Hayley Mills classic from the 60s. When parents Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson split up they each decide to take one twin to raise each – what a great idea. 

Years later siblings reconnect at summer camp and switch places until the parents are reunited onboard a cruise ship. 

The ship isn’t specified however we know it was a Cunard ship that the finale was shot on. 

Hotel Transylvania 3

My daughter is a huge fan of the Hotel Transylvania franchise which stars Adam Sandler, Andy Sandberg and Selena Gomez about vampires who run a hotel for monsters.

The third instalment in the franchise sees them joined by Kathryn Hahn, of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and WandaVision fame as the captain of a cruise ship for Monsters. 

The ship sets sail to some great mythical locations such as the Lost Island of Atlantis and is a lot of fun for the whole family. 

An affair to remember 1957

An Affair to Remember - one of the best cruise ship films/ romance cruise ship movies 

This has to be one of the best romantic cruise ship films around dating from the romantic cruising age!

Although this film is more commonly associated with New York and the Empire State building as that is where the meeting at the end of the movie takes place, many people forget that the lovers meteor a cruise ship crossing to New York. 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953

This is another one of the classic films that features on this list. Gentleman prefers blondes stars the fabulous Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as they cross the ocean on a luxury liner.

Monroe’s characters is newly engaged and is secretly being investigated by her soon to be father in law who suspects her of marrying for money. 

There is a reason this film always features on the top 100 films of all time and as far as I am aware is the only film that makes it into these lists that features a cruise ship. 

Royal Wedding 1951

A Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers classic set on board a ship. Expect big musical numbers, great dancing and fabulous costumes. 

Shall We Dance? (1937)

The second film set on a cruise ship starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire that makes it into our list. 

Death on the Nile – one of the best detective movies with cruise ships

Death on the Nile - one of the best detective movies with cruise ships 

I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and my absolute favorite film based on her books is Death on the Nile. 

It has a book that has warranted many adaptions including the recent 2020 version with Gal Godot and Kenneth Branagh. Personally I prefer the older versions but any of the films will delight any murder mystery fan.

Romance on the High Seas (1948)

This was Doris Day’s first ever movie and is set on a cruise that is headed to Rio. 

Speed 2 cruise control – one of the best movies about cruise ships


When I was growing up Speed was one of my favorite films. Starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves this film set on a bus  quickly became a modern classic.

The sequel, Speed 2 Cruise Control did not receive such rave reviews but it still a fun watch. Sandra Bullock returned for this sequel set on a cruise ship but Keanu did not. 

I would say that this film is not one to be watched if you are taking your first cruise and are a bit anxious but will be a lot of fun for seasoned cruises. In my opinion this is one of the best action packed movies that take place on a cruise ship. 

Assault on a Queen

Assault on a Queen is a heist film set on a cruise ship starring the great Frank Sinatra. The film was made in the 60s so is one of the older films on the list but it is still well worth a watch. 

The Poseidon Adventure 2006

This 2006 remake is another that isn’t for those that are anxious about cruising but is a great action packed film. A New Years Eve Party goes awry when a rogue wave hits a cruise ship on a transatlantic crossing.


Everyone knows what happened to this famous ocean liner but may not be the best film to watch if you are a new or anxious cruiser. 

Table for Five

This 1983 comedy starring Jon Voight is another cruise film about an estranged father. This time Voight is estranged from three children and takes them on a cruise around the Med in an effort to reconnect. 

Out To Sea 1997

This Walter Mathieu and Jack Lemmon vehicle sees the two posing as dance instructors on a cruise ship. 

The film was filmed on an actual Holland America sailing, on a ship that was then called the Westerdam (another ship holds this name currently). 

Carry on Cruising

I must admit to not being a fan of the Carry on films despite being British and brought up on these films. I personally find the humour very outdated. However if you like the Carry On series you will love Carry on cruising which has all the classic hallmarks of a carry on movie with the added bonus of being set onboard a cruise ship. 

Boat Trip

This 2002 Cuba Gooding Junior film was a critical and commercial flop and winner of several Razzies. Cuba Gooding Junior accidentally ends up on a gay cruise. 

Unless you are desperate for a cruise ship movie I would personally give this one a pass. 

Monkey Business (1931)

An early Marx brother film where stowaways have to avoid staff and being caught on a transatlantic voyage.

TV Shows Set on Cruise Ships


I know this isn’t a film but Frasier is one of my all time favorite sitcoms and one of my favorite episodes is The Voyage of the Damned episode taps into many peoples worst fears about what a cruise is like. It is hilarious and is a much watch for cruise fans.

 Movies about cruise ships FAQS

What movie was filmed on Royal Caribbean?

The films that we are aware of being set on Royal Caribbean ships are:

  • Like FAther
  • Jack and Jill

What is your favorite film set on a cruise ship?

Musick Harris

Friday 6th of September 2019

I loved the movie 2024 and have not been able to get it on the movie check lists. It was sired in 2015. On the ship at that time.