Best movies about cruise ships

Best movies about cruise ships

Being a fan of travel, my Netflix recommendations always seem to have some travel related content so when the new movie Like Father was recommended we grabbed a glass of wine and sat down to watch. We were happily surprised to find out it was set on a cruise ships and it got us thinking about our favorite movies about cruise ships. 

Best Movies about cruise ships

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Like Father

The newest addition to the cruise ship movie genre. Starring two Wandermust Family faves Kristin Bell and Kelsey Grammar this movie is set almost entirely on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas!

Jack and jill

A film which has been universally panned and won a total of 10 Razzies! However the presence of a cruise ship and the fat I was watching on a cruise ship means that I have happy memories of this slapstick comedy! Set aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas!

Alvin and the chipmunks

A family friendly cruise film – the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise is set aboard the Carnival Dream!

Parent trap

Another one for the whole family to watch! Though not entirely set on a cruise ships the film culminates aboard a Cunard ship!

An affair to remember 1957

A romantic film from a romantic cruising age!

Death on the Nile

I couldn’t help but add this Poirot to the list! One of my favorite literature characters on a cruise route I’d love to do!

Speed 2 cruise control

Not one to be watched if you are taking your first cruise and are a bit anxious! An action packed yarn on a cruise ship in the Caribbean!

The Poseidon Adventure 2006

This 2006 remake is another that isn’t for those that are anxious about cruising but is a great action packed film. A New Years Eve Party goes awry when a rogue wave hits a cruise ship on a transatlantic crossing!

And although not a film I couldn’t not mention one of my favorite episodes of my all time favorite TV show – Frasier! The Voyage of the Damned episode taps into many peoples worst fears about what a cruise is like!

What is your favorite film set on a cruise ship?



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