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Best Disneyland Paris Apps That You Shouldn’t Visit the Park Without!

Best Disneyland Paris Apps That You Shouldn’t Visit the Park Without!

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland Paris one of the biggest tips I have for you is to make sure you have your phone prepped as this will definitely help with your itinerary planning and save you time in the park. In this guide we round up all the best Disneyland Paris Apps that you shouldn’t visit the park without.

Disneyland Paris App Review

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Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris - Then you Need These Disneyland Paris Apps

Does Disneyland Paris have an app? Yes it absolutely does!  This is the official app of Disneyland Paris and probably the most important app you can download. The one thing I found interesting about this app is that it is an informational app only – you can’t book dining, character meet and greets or fast passes (unpaid) on this app. However it is very useful for itinerary planning at Disney as you can plan what rides or characters you are going to do next based on queue times and programmes for the day. 

This can be downloaded from the App Store and I would recommend doing before you go in case you have issues with wifi. Also I was watching average queue times in the week leading up to our visit and this really helped me plan my itinerary. 

The opening screen is the Welcome Page – shows show times and today’s programme. This will show the park hours but what I found interesting while we were there was that they tended to let people in 30 minutes before advertised time. It also has a feature to phone the reservations line to book a Table or to buy paid for fast passes (not the free fast passes for rides). 

After that the app is organised into a few categories that you find my clicking on the mouse head logo. 

  • Attractions – shows the queue times, if suitable if you are travelling to Disneyland Paris with toddlers and what is under refurbishment.
  • Characters – list of characters who will be available during your trip and the hours they are open. Please note if the characters are in Walt Disney Studios and you will require Lineberty. 
  • Shows –  Shows the list of shows available, where they are on at and the time. 
  • Events –  useful if you are planning to be there for a specific theming i..e Halloween or Christmas. 
  • Dining – Shows a list of restaurants with location, the costs and if character dining is there. 
  • Shops
  • Hotels

All these are viewable either in list view or in map view. I personally found list view much easier to navigate but the map is useful if you don’t know what is nearby. 

You can download the app for free here!


Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris - Then you Need These Disneyland Paris Apps

If you like character meetings then this app is absolutely essential for you to have downloaded on your phone before you go to Disneyland Paris. Currently the lineberty app is only used at Walt Disney Studios but I could see this being rolled out across the park. 

We managed to get two meets using the Lineberty app while on site (Woody and Daisy) but we missed out on seeing Buzz Lightyear so this is on our Disneyland Paris bucket list for our next trip. 

You need to be on the app at the exact time the slots open for character meetings (That isn’t an exaggeration – you literally need to be on as soon as the pass is open). This can only be done when you are in park proximity so make sure you have your geo locator on your phone approved for the app.

For a full how to use lineberty check out our post. 

You can download the app for free here!

Disneyland Paris Photo Pass App

This one is only essential if you are planning to get the Photo Pass Package. The photo pass package will show you all your photo pass photos. It will give you options for sharing the photos that are taken as well as adding them onto your camera roll. 

Photos that are taken on the rides are almost instantaneously uploaded however your meet or greet photos take 1-2 hours. 

You can download the app for free here!

Need helping deciding whether you get the photo pass? Why not check out our Disneyland Paris Budget Guide!


Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris - Then you Need These Disneyland Paris Apps

This app is somewhat similar to the official Disneyland Paris App and is quite accurate for queue times. Although it does a similar job t the official app I like this app as it has a traffic light system for queue times which makes it really easy to navigate. It also has a graph which shows the likely queue times so you can plan your day to try and avoid peak queues. I also love that this app has a notification system where it can tell you when a ride goes down or comes back online or will tell you if a wait time goes below a certain time set by you (i.e. tell me when Space Mountain queue is less than 40 minutes). 

The alert system is definitely my favourite reason why this app should be on your download list. 

You can download your app here!

Other Ways to Prepare your Phone for Disneyland Paris 

  • Crush Coaster App – The Crush Coaster ride usually has one of the longest lines in Walt Disney Studios and there isn’t a fast pass available. But you don’t need to be bored while waiting in the queue for this ride as the Crush coaster has a game app designed to be used in the queue. Connect to DLRPCRUSH and the app should work.
  • Download a Paris Transport App if you are planning to also go into Paris on your trip
  • Tripit – I absolutely love this app for all my travels. It is a great way to keep track of your flight times and delays etc. 
  • Twitter – I am not a Twitter fan but I love following the account ED92 for Disneyland as this will tell you about spontaneous meet and greets in the park. 


Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris - Then you Need These Disneyland Paris Apps